Natural Ways To Boost Male Fertility

Fertility issues are not uncommon. Previously there was a notion that only women had such issues and hence had problems in child bearing. But later medical research has proved that both men and women can have fertility problems. Infact the problem in men is no lesser than that of women. Many couples cannot have a baby as the male partner is not fertile enough. Survey reports have shown that almost one in six couples face the problem of infertility. And one in every three cases has fertility problems in the male partner.

Problems of infertility are not always curable. But there are various ways in which fertility can be boosted in both men and women. It has been seen that fertility has been boosted when the couple makes various lifestyle changes, goes for a healthy diet and adds required supplements for compensating the deficiencies in the body. Sometimes, the problem gets little sorted with these steps. If the problems remain persistent with no changes, it is recommended to seek proper medical attention from a doctor.

Medical research has shown that infertility issues are on the rise now due to many factors, many of which can be handled successfully by couples. To help more in the process, various kinds of supplements are available, which help in boosting both male and female fertility to a great extent. Among many such supplements, Bluechew needs special mention. This is an absolutely natural supplements which has shown to have great results for boosting fertility in men. The best thing about the supplement is that it is completely natural and thus has no side effects.

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Natural ways of boosting fertility in males

Though supplements are available, it is always recommended to look for natural ways for boosting fertility in men. Mentioned below are some natural and effective ways in which you can boost male fertility easily:

  • Keep a watch on your soy intake

Medical reports have come up with a startling fact that consuming too much of soy products have negative effects on the sperm count of men. After looking at eating habits, it was observed that men who consumed higher quantities of soy and soy products had low sperm counts and low sperm concentration when compared to men who did not. Soy is used in various products nowadays – including health drinks, energy bars, fake meat patties etc. However soy has good effects on prostate health in men and helps in preventing prostate cancer. Obese and overweight men who consume soy in greater quantity have real fertility issues.

  • Adding antioxidants in diet is mandatory

We all know that antioxidants protect the body against cell damage and helps in building immunity. They also help in combating various kinds of ailments including heart diseases and cancer etc. Along with these, antioxidants have also shown to boost male fertility successfully. Antioxidants are obtained from various foods as well as available in supplement form. Men whose antioxidant consumption is good have less DNA damaged sperms. Different kinds of minerals and nutrients abound in antioxidants. Some of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • Vitamin E – eat leafy greens, nuts, oils and seeds
  • Zinc – abundant in red meat, beans, oysters, crab, poultry
  • Selenium – found in Brazil nuts, cod, tuna, chicken, beef, turkey
  • Vitamin C – abundant in citrus fruits, kiwi, red peppers
  • Lycopene – found in watermelon, pink grapefruit, tomatoes, apricots
  • Folic acid – present in leafy green vegetables, fortified grains, beans, beef liver
  • Quit smoking

Quitting smoking is highly recommended as it comes with many health benefits. However, one benefit about which you might not have known till date is that quitting smoking might increase fertility in men. In studies concerning smoking and quality of semen, it was found that smoking had adverse effects on sperm health. Some of the most common problems which were seen included decreased sperm motility, low sperm counts and problem in sperm shape. Infact men who smoke also affect their female partner’s fertility. Women who face lots of second hand smoke have increased risks of pregnancy loss and the success rates of IVFs are also less in such women.

  • Refrain from toxic chemicals in the workplace

This is an alarming finding by medical researchers that the occupation in which one is involved had direct impact on male fertility. Farmers, varnishers, painters, welders, metal workers etc. have higher chances of male infertility and extremely low sperm counts. Poor sperm motility is also another issue from which these workers might suffer. Though the actual reason for the problem is not exactly located, there are presumptions that the chemicals to which these workers are exposed might cause damage to sperms. Experiencing overheating is common for metal workers and this can lead to low sperm counts. Changing occupation is not always possible. Thus it is recommended to take proper precautions so that direct contact with toxic chemicals can be avoided as much as possible.

  • Having healthy weight is important

One of the best and highly recommended ways of boosting male fertility is by bringing the body weight to a healthy level. Whether you are underweight or overweight – both the conditions will cause hormonal dis-balance in the body and will lead to low sperm counts. Checking the body mass index (BMI) is the best way of ascertaining if you have healthy weight or not. When studies were done on thin men, it was found that men who had BMI less than 20 had lower concentration of sperm and low sperm count overall. Levels of FSH, a prominent hormone of the reproductive system, was more in slim men. However, obese and overweight men often have low testosterone levels. It is recommended to get in touch with a doctor and seek proper advice on proper weight and on BMI.

  • Include green and healthy foods in the diet

Men who are more into junk food often complain of fertility issues and low sperm count. There are clear indications that a healthy diet is directly related to good fertility in both men and women. Include as much as fresh foods in the diet so that the body gets proper nutrition. Refrain from gorging on junk foods and foods which contain refined grains, have high sugar content, sweetened drinks, processed foods etc. When you are looking to boost fertility, you must look for healthy proteins like chicken and fish, healthy fats like nuts and olive oil, lots of fruits and green vegetables and lots of whole grains.

  • Keep drinking habits under control

Too much of alcohol has negative impact on fertility of men. It has been seen that people who consume quite a considerable amount of alcohol have low sperm counts. Not only this, their sperm motility decreased and there were also changes in the shape of the sperms. In some studies it has been seen that moderate drinking is okay, but it is important to maintain limits to avoid fertility problems.

Along with following the above mentioned things, it is also important to treat any kind of underlying medical condition that you might have. There are many medical conditions which might hamper fertility in men. Diabetes, thyroid problems, anemia, urinary tract infections, problems in the reproductive system etc. are some common problems which might make way for infertility in men. Treat the problems before it is too late.

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