Life Trex Smartwatch Review

Life Trex Smartwatch

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle can lift your frame of mind and help you feel amazing? It also means a lesser risk of developing many chronic diseases. To increase your self-esteem, you should also feel good about yourself, and for that you need to be healthy. Most of us are in a dilemma … Read more

Blaux Portable AC Review

Blaux Portable AC

Since summers are going on, we all are tired of outside heat and intense sun rays. As every day the temperature is getting higher, it is becoming tough without a fan or air conditioner. Even these days, fans are also not coming due to high temperatures. We all wait for summers to come to sit … Read more

Glacier Portable AC Review

Glacier Portable AC

As a child, summer meant shorts, ice cream, and picnics on the beach. However, as an adult, summer also spells constant sweating, dry air, and skyrocketing electricity bills because of air conditioners. It is the last one that steals most of the joy out of summers. ACs are usually bulky, take ages to install, and … Read more

Super Smartwave Antenna Review

Super Smartwave Anntenna

Television has a significant role in everyone’s life, and it has been an integral part of every family. Since its invention, TV has played a critical role in the development and change of society. TV is one of the most reachable and best media devices. We just can’t ignore its importance. Because in the modern … Read more

ThermoSense Thermometer Review

Thermosense Thermometer review

When there is a situation of your known getting sick, the first thing which is checked is the fever. In the current pandemic of coronavirus, it has become crucial to keep an eye on the temperature. In your medical box, you need to ensure that you have a thermometer to check the temperature. When your … Read more

smartDOT Review


I am a home-based content writer. I write blogs, articles, web content, and promotional ads for different companies. I have converted my home into an office. My work desk is situated on the first floor and my residential setup is on the ground floor. During my pregnancy, I was avoiding stairs as I was diagnosed … Read more

CleaniX Review  


  Do you even notice how many times you touch your face in an hour? This is a difficult task, no matter how mindfully, you may be living. You keep touching your face multiple times unconsciously and transferring disease-causing germs. Where do you get these germs from? Touching your computer, keys, mobile and sundry items … Read more

LingoGet Review

lingoget reviews

Language is a system that is used by a group of people, communities, and even countries to communicate with each other effectively. Parents start to teach their languages to their kids as soon as they have some understanding. It is usually words such as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ that a child starts to learn very soon … Read more

PlayBeatz Review


Headphones have become one of the unavoidable things that one carries with him/her wherever they go. The typical, wired headphones do have many drawbacks. It was then that the demand for an alternative boomed up. Soon came the inventory of wireless earbuds, and PlayBeatz is one among them which you can rely upon. The exceptional … Read more

Self Defense Siren Review

Self Defense Siren

Crimes are increasing and we all want to feel safe while walking or driving alone on the roads. I would like to share an incident when I was returning home after attending a late-night meeting with my clients. I was in a hurry and I avoided the route from which I was used to traveling. … Read more