Moving House During The Pandemic? Here Are 5 Tips To Make It Safer And Easier

Life has changed for everyone after the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world, beyond doubt. The deadly virus does not spare anyone, including the celebrities, political icons and the lady next door. It has also disrupted economy and wrecked havoc with careers of millions of people, globally. As the medical community strives hard to develop a vaccine for the killer virus and the countries try to return to normalcy, people are finding it hard to accomplish regular tasks. Even before you dine out- you have to analyze so many things. Same can be said about holding events and meeting friends and relatives staying far. The homeowners planning for relocation are also facing the hassles.


The usual challenges of relocation

There is no denying the reality that relocating to a new place is not a butter smooth experience- at least for a majority of people. You need to look after so many aspects and multitask a lot. Even if you take help of the packers and movers, there are still so many things that you have to handle. If there are pets and playful kids, managing them can be quite taxing too. Relocating with aged people can prove to be tough as well. Above all these, now you have to think about staying safe and keeping everyone safe from the killer virus during the relocation!

How to relocate amidst the ongoing pandemic safely

If the thought of safety while relocating to a new place bogs you down, stop worrying. Yes, it can be more tedious owing to the prevailing situation and lockdown but you can manage everything with proper planning.

Things to consider

Before you decide to relocate to a new place, a few aspects have to be analyzed well.

  • First of all, think of the timing. Ask yourself, is it absolutely necessary to relocate now or you can wait for a few months? This is more applicable when you have elderly people at home or kids below 5 years. If any family member has weak immunity or chronic respiratory ailment, it is better if you wait for the overall situation to improve.
  • You also need to think of the place where you are planning to relocate. In a handful of countries, including New Zealand, the situation is better. There are places where the govt has succeeded in containing the virus spread. On the contrary, there are places where the situation is worrisome. Are you sure that relocating to a new place will not expose you and the family to greater risk of infection! Try to get updates on the Covid 19 situation in the destination.
  • Think of the things that have to be arranged and bought at the new place. If you are moving to a pre furnished setup with internet, water, electricity and such services in place- that is great. If not, ensure you can get things done online. If you need to go out a lot after relocating to the place, that is not a good idea.
  • If anyone in your family or neighborhood is in isolation period after coming in contact with a positive person, defer the journey. Let the isolation period get over. If the person put in isolation tests negative, you can plan for the relocation. This is the best option for everyone concerned.

Preparing for the relocation

To ensure you and any of the family members do not face health risks and other hassles during the actual relocation, proper preparation and planning is required.

  • Getting medication and vaccination– If you have kids in the family whose vaccination dates are due keep that in mind. If any elderly family member is also relocating, ensure his/her regular medication is in stock. The reality is the virus attacks people with weaker immunity harder.
  • Stocking safety gears– The relocation may take a few hours or more than a day, depending on the mode of transport chosen and the destination. So, it is prudent that you stock enough safety gears. These include masks for everyone involved, sanitizers and gloves.
  • Stocking foods– Before a few days of the relocation, stock up some foods. Of course, you should procure foods that have long shelf life and boost immunity. Stocking up dry fruits is a good idea. You should also stock up on beverages like water, fruit or vegetable juice. Ensure you get them from a place or shop that is well sanitized and safe.
  • Getting necessary permits– The lockdown is slowly being lifted in many areas. However, depending on where you are and where you will be going, you may have to pass through some zones with restricted vehicular movement. So, make sure you obtain the necessary permits to evade any hassle during the actual journey.
  • Try staying at home– Before a few days of the journey, reduce going out. In fact, do not go out unless it is absolutely necessary. It is applicable for everyone who will be relocating, actually. This will ensure you face reduced risk of contracting the infection prior to the journey.

Safety tips during the relocation

The actual ordeal is the journey period, for sure. Listed here are some handy tips that will help you stay on the safer side during that time:

  • Sanitizing the vehicle– If you are traveling on road and planning to use your own vehicle, ensure it is sanitized thoroughly before the journey. If you are hiring a car for the relocation, that has to be sanitized as well. However, it is better if you can evade hiring a vehicle. From the seats to the luggage compartment everything should be sprayed.
  • Donning safety gears– Before the journey begins, make sure everyone-including the kids is wearing safety mask and hand gloves. If you have hired a car, the driver must wear these gears too. Ideally, hire a car from an agency that gets its drivers tested periodically. During the journey keep a watch on the kids to check if they are wearing the masks and gloves as they should. If the journey is a long one, ensure all of you sanitize the hands periodically.
  • Using household boxes and stuffs for packing– If you have not hired any packers and movers, ensure you pack the belongings with cardboards and boxes available at home. Once they are packed, sanitize the box and bag exteriors well.
  • Evading eating out on the journey– Carry a decent amount of food, water and beverage that you had stocked earlier at home. Evade the urge to eat at roadside eateries or fast food joints during the journey. It will surely increase the risk of contracting the virus.
  • Limiting contact– Try to limit contact as far as possible during the journey. This is applicable for everyone involved. If you need to pay anyone on the way, use digital payment options. Discourage the kids to touch surfaces and their faces with hands. You can give them well sanitized small toys or handheld gaming devices so that they stay occupied.

Summing it all up

Relocation during the pandemic is definitely not a cakewalk but you can accomplish it with proper preparation. It is important that you adhere to all safety protocols both before and during the journey.

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