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Are you also among those who are not being able to hold it up when required? We know that this is frustrating, and it adds a lot of stress in your life. People start feeling bad that why every time they face this problem and what their partner thinks about them. But they need to understand that erectile dysfunction doesn’t mean that they have no rights left to perform sex. Instead, as an individual need to understand that this can happen with anyone, and there are a lot of people out there who suffer from this problem. Many of them are doing great these days, and it is all because of the right medical support they have got.

We have also discovered a perfect solution to this problem, and it is “Bluechew.” Believe it or not, but this chewing tablet has really helped a lot of men in recovering from this problem. After reading this Bluechew Review here, we are sure that you would also love to give it a try once. We are pretty sure that this chewing tablet is the answer to your erectile dysfunction problem.


What is BlueChew?

Bluechew is a kind of chewing tablet that has been introduced to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. There is not just one reason behind erectile dysfunction; there are many. It can be because of drugs and alcohol consumption, or it can be because of stress and depression. There are many medical reasons, as well. However, Bluechew will work for all these reasons, and it helps men in recovering soon from this problem.

At present, Bluechew Tablet is available in 2 different forms. One is the Sildenafil, and the other one is the Tadalafil. It is entirely up to you which one you want to take or as prescribed by your physician. It is also suggested that one should take this tablet on the recommendation of a physician only.

BlueChew Ingredients

We already told you above that Bluechew is available in 2 different forms Sildenafil and Tadalafil. If talking about the ingredients present in both of them, they contain phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5). The presence of this substance in these tablets helps in regulating the flow of blood. They also contain some flavoring and sugar in them, as it makes the tablet chewable. But despite the fact that both these forms of Bluechew tablets are phosphodiesterase inhibitor, there are differences between them. If we talk about Sildenafil, it remains in the body for around 4 to 6 hours. But if we go for Tadalafil, it remains in the body for approximately 24 hours to 36 hours. But if we talk about the effect of the tablets, Sildenafil starts working and showing results very soon in comparison to Tadalafil. However, due to the amount of the active ingredients added in them, their uses also vary.

How does it work?

There is an official website of Bluechew, from where you can easily order your chewable tablets, and they are available on the monthly subscription basis. There are different subscription plans available, so you can choose the one which you need. These tablets are chewable only, and two forms of them are available on the website – Sildenafil, and Tadalafil. These tablets are not like the other sex enhancement pills, but they do have Viagra present in them. The licensed physicians prescribe these tablets according to your medical condition and report. Now, if we talk about the effect of these tablets, so the chemical ingredients present in these tablets are helpful in relaxing the blood vessels of your penis. Once they are relaxed, the blood flow increases inside the penis. This helps in getting a better erection.


Bluechew Benefits

There are numerous benefits of Bluechew Tablets, which people are not aware of, let’s know them here.

  • Men feel shy and embarrassed, knowing that they are facing this problem. And that is why they are afraid of seeing a physician for this problem. But with Bluechew, you will not have to meet the doctor in person, and all the details will be confidential only. So, this makes it possible for more and more men to come forward and get rid of this problem.
  • You will not just be ordering these tablets from the website, but you also get the medical support from there, which is quite helpful.
  • You do not have to consume this tablet using water, as it is chewable. And do not worry about the taste, as it is sweet, and many even found it taste like candy.
  • These tablets are not at all costlier if compared to those sex enhancement pills, so they will not hit your pocket.
  • You have access to your Bluechew account, which makes it possible for you to subscribe to different monthly plans of Bluechew according to your requirements.
  • There are no such severe side effects of consuming these tablets. They are safe and are good to consume.
  • Both forms of tablets can be used for different benefits. Sildenafil is suitable for those who want some fast action, as it starts showing the result very quickly. Tadalafil is ideal for those who want to last for more than one sex session, as it remains in your body for a long time.
  • Most of the people are afraid of making online payments when purchasing such tablets, but you should know that it is quite safe to pay for Bluechew tablets online as they use a secure payment gateway.

Bluechew Price

The Bluechew Tablets are not like those costly sex pills, and that is why its pricing is also done in a better manner. When we say a better manner, we simply mean that they are affordable and flexible. There are different subscription plans for the customers, out of which they have to choose which one they need. The starting price of these tablets is – for 6 Sildenafil Tablets or 4 Tadalafil Tablets, the cost is $20 per month. For 10 Sildenafil tablets or 7 Tadalafil Tablets, the cost is $30 per month. For 17 Sildenafil tablets or 14 Tadalafil tablets, the cost is $50 per month. And the last one is the Pro+ Plan, for 34 Sildenafil tablets or 28 Tadalafil tablets, the cost is $90 per month. You should also know that all these tablets are available on a monthly plan basis only at the official website. But one can easily cancel or can change their monthly plan subscription any time without any problem.

bluechew review

Blue Chew Refund Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the result of Bluechew Tablets, or if you do not find them effective, you can ask for a refund. Under the Bluechew Refund Policy, they offer a complete money-back guarantee, but only within the 30 days of purchase. So, if you are planning to get a refund, make sure that you request a refund within 30 days of the purchase only. Also, you should know that the shipping amount will get deducted from the refund amount. In case you want to return the tablets, you should even know that does not take any returns, but they do provide a refund.

What if the Bluechew tablets do not work?

As we have mentioned above, there are two forms of Bluechew tablets that can be taken for this problem. So, in case if you are taking Sildenafil tablets and they are not working for you or are not effective at all, do not worry. In that case, you can start using Tadalafil tablets. Switching to Tadalafil Tablets from Sildenafil Tablets is quite easy. All you will have to do is to open your Bluechew account on its official website. And under the My Account Tab, you will find the Switch Plans Tab, just click on it.

However, in case none of the two tablets works for you, then you can call for a refund, as we have mentioned above.

Side Effects

As far as now, no such severe side effects of these tablets have been reported. But in case if you face any allergic reaction due to any of the bluechew tablets, we suggest you report it to your doctor immediately or call 911. As one may have an allergy to any of the key ingredients present in the tablets. Both Sildenafil and Tadanafil have different side

Side effects of Sildenafil Tablets – If not taken proper care, Sildenafil can have significant side effects. Some of the side effects of Sildenafil are mentioned

  • One may experience dizziness and headache due to the strong formula of Sildenafil tablets.
  • Nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea are some other side effects which one may face after using Sildenafil Tablets. These side effects are also because of the composition of the Sildenafil Tablets.
  • One of the major side effects of Sildenafil Tablets is that it may affect one’s memory also. But to date, only a few cases with memory issues have been reported.
  • You may also face the problem of a stuffy nose or nasal congestion, but that is not something severe.
  • Some people have also reported the problem of back pain after using Sildenafil Tablets.

Side effects of Tadanafil Tablets – Tadalafil Tablets have minor side effects like:

  • Indigestion can be one of the side effects due to the complete formula of this tablet. As it may affect your digestion system.
  • Prolonged erection is another side effect that one may face due to Tadalafil tablets.
  • There are a few cases where people have reported vomiting and nausea as a problem.
  • Coughing was also reported by a smaller number of people.

The only con which I found with these tablets is that they are not being approved by the FDA. However, it can be neglected because the ingredients used in making these tablets are approved by the FDA, and this somehow makes it safe to consume.

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Customer Reviews

Whether you visit the official website of these tablets, that is Or, whether you look for the individual reviews of different customers, you will notice that Bluechew has become quite popular among all. People from different places are sending positive testimonials about these tablets. They are happy about the fact that sildenafil and tadalafil tablets are effective and are helping them in overcoming this situation. Some people are amazed to see how quickly the Sildenafil tablets start showing their effect. As they are also being recommended by doctors, this proves that Bluechew tablets are not a part of any scam. Here are the feedbacks provided by some of the Bluechew users.

Dan – I am quite happy to find Bluechew. I have been using it for a while now. Earlier I was on Viagra and Cialis. But Bluechew is quite cheaper in comparison to the two and is more effective also. Despite some of the side effects which I faced, I would still like to recommend Bluechew. I only faced little side effects like flushing and headache but had the overall satisfaction using Bluechew. In terms of effectiveness and low price both, I would suggest one use Bluechew only.

Zack – Unlike ordering other such pills, ordering Bluechew was not at all a brainer for me. I was always kind of afraid of using such tablets for my erectile dysfunction problem. I was embarrassed even to share it with doctors also. But thanks to the, from where I can easily order these tablets without even sharing my identity. And so far, the Bluechew tablets are doing wonder for me. I would just say one thing that if you are also afraid to share this problem with anyone, just visit Bluechew tablet’s official website.

Daniel – Bluechew tablets are good to go for me. I like them in terms of everything. Be it the effectiveness, the price, taste, or the monthly ordering; they are all quite perfect. It starts working very quickly and is effective for a long time. I did not even have to call for my monthly subscription of Bluechew tablets. All that can be done with the help of the Bluechew Account only. I would like to thank my friend, who recommended these tablets and saved me from embarrassment.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

If you have the same problem that is erectile dysfunction or the problem with your boner, then, in that case, Bluechew tablets are effective. But in case, if you have some other issue related to it, then these tablets might not work. That is why we have mentioned above that take the recommendation from your physician. Your physician will read your reports and will suggest you take the Bluechew tablets accordingly. But those who doubt that these tablets do not work at all should go through this complete review. And they should also read the reviews by other people who are quite happy to use these tablets.

Stop taking stress, as this happens with 4 out of 10 men. However, not everyone is open about it, and they feel ashamed about this problem. But with, you will not face any such issues, as your details will be confidential only. You will have your account, and you will be able to subscribe to the Bluechew tablets from there only. Now, what else do you need, you are getting treatment without disclosing your identity, ordering these tablets is also quite easy, packaging of these tablets is also done in an unnoticeable manner, and they are quite easy to consume as they are chewable tablets. Most importantly, you have two types of tablets, and they can be used according to your condition, and both are super effective, and they start showing the result very soon. You will not have to order those sex tablets anymore, which were costlier than this and were not that effective also.

So, what are you waiting for now? Just get your sex life back by making use of these Bluechew tablets. You will not only get the happiness back in your sex life, but you will also get that confidence back. Your partner will be happy to see the confident and active you.

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