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Gone are those days when people used watches and clocks just for seeing time! Presently, watches are known to perform a plethora of functions that you wouldn’t even imagine. They hail with the commendable functions such as tracking your exercise, calculating the calories burnt, speed of your walk and many others! The majority of the people think the purchase of a smartwatch as a wastage of money, but they should know that it isn’t true. Maybe, they have such thinking because they have never purchased a smartwatch before due to its price. Well, undoubtedly smartwatches are a bit costly than normal watches, but undoubtedly the amount’s worth it.

So, our readers are going to be of two types! Those who hail with a thought that buying a smartwatch is a money wastage. The other ones would be those who are just striving to know about the pros and cons of buying a smartwatch. There are plenty of reasons which are responsible for making it a worthwhile investment while spending on smartwatches. These would help you in deciding whether you should buy a smartwatch or not!

techwatch review

While searching for the best smartwatches online or offline, you are going to come across a huge range of watches. Each one of them would be entailing about its features as well as proving itself at best. Well, how are you going to make a smart choice with so many options available? Let’s wipe off your query! Do nothing else, but just search for ‘TechWatch’. It’s undoubtedly the perfect smartwatch that you would have ever used before. It’s because this device is accompanied with a plethora of features that would persuade you to buy it, no matter what!

Now that you have read so much about the benefits of smartwatch, especially the TechWatch, you would have by now intending to buy it. But stop! Before making a purchase, we would recommend you to go through this review about TechWatch. It’s going to take you to the world of TechWatch and introduce you with its in-depth information, pros & cons, etc. Have a look at the information mentioned below:

About TechWatch

Mentioning about the smartest introduction of a device in the world of smartwatches, it would be none other than TechWatch. It has always promised to facilitate the users with an array of top-notch features just like those in other watches of big brands! The sole difference between the smartwatches of big brands and TechWatch is the price. Unlike those high-priced smartwatches in the market, TechWatch is available at a reasonable price.

If you are a person who is always intended to maintaining your health and ultimately lead a healthier life, you should use TechWatch. It’s because this watch is known to take care of your health vitals by constantly monitoring them. While being indulged in a journey towards the betterment of your health and lifestyle, TechWatch is going to be your best companion. Its cutting-edge features shall work in a detailed manner and would dissatisfy you. You shall also be able to remember each and every task of yours since TechWatch is going to remind you about the same. It has a countless number of features, and each one of them is highly useful.

techwatch back

Features of TechWatch

TechWatch is a commendable smartwatch that has a good number of features in it. Each one of them is known to use the latest technology. Also, its characteristics are quite unique when it comes to its functioning. Get to know more about the various features associated with TechWatch below:

  • Alarms: It’s quite notable that TechWatch allows the user to set up alarms. It shall help you in waking as well as sleeping well on time.
  • Fitness assistant: TechWatch is undoubtedly the perfect assistance when it comes to maintaining fitness. It has several health monitoring functions that help to keep a count of what all fitness exercises you are taking. It has a heart rate indicator, Calorie follower and many other trackers.
  • Bluetooth Dialer: There are many smartwatches, even those with big brands, which are not supported by a Bluetooth dialer. But, that’s not the case with TechWatch. It’s because this watch has Bluetooth Dialer which can be connected to the smartphone. Once done, you can listen to the MP3 songs, without even having a look at your cell phone.
  • Reminder: TechWatch hails with reminder support that is helpful in helping you remember important events. It would set reminders for meetings, office conferences, anniversaries and birthdays too.
  • Android and iOS features: You are going to get various notifications based on your incoming calls, general text messages, Facebook updates, and many others. These features make it compatible enough!
  • Sleep Monitor: With the help of the sleep monitor feature of TechWatch, it’s going to calculate the intensity of your deep sleep.

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Working of TechWatch

Since the day of its invention, TechWatch is continually winning hearts all across the globe. Whether they are businessmen, athletes or even housewives, everyone has started using TechWatch. Your busiest days are going to convert into the ones with no or minimal hassle if you have the TechWatch by your side. Having it on your wrist shall be no less than having a helping hand for wiping off the messy schedules from your life.

The front, as well as the back of this smartwatch, is made out of glass. Thus, it is considered to be quite strenuous while being a part of your daily activities. Its strap is very comfortable because it’s made of silicone strap. Thus, you can wear it 24×7 with not even a single shortcoming. You can wear it all the time, and it will keep on providing you with the data for your activities during the whole day. Whether it’s a training purpose or even a casual purpose, TechWatch is going to suit the entire scene.

Technical specifications of TechWatch

TechWatch has a good number of technical specifications, and before buying it, you should be aware of the same. Here are the technical features of TechWatch:

  • Silicon Band
  • 00,1×30,5×30,5cm size
  • Touch screen accompanied by a retina HD.
  • It’s highly compatible with iOS and Android
  • The user can get the message as well as call notifications via TechWatch.
  • It has an ultra-resistant aluminium case
  • It comprises of Bluetooth
  • Weight is 99.8g
  • It has an I lithium-polymer battery

techwatch battery

Method of using TechWatch

TechWatch is highly unique, and also, it hails with an easy to use. You just need to follow some very simple steps, and you may use it later on. Setting it up and using it is quite easy. Do you intend to know more about the method of using TechWatch? If that’s the case, read the below-mentioned methods to use.

  • For starting the functioning of this watch, you need to press the button on it.
  • Once done, connect your TechWatch to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.
  • You would spot a health tracker button on the screen of your watch. Touch it, and there you may read your heart condition, steps taken, calorie rate etc.
  • If you want to reject the calls or even read the messages, you need to long-press its buttons.
  • It’s preferable for the user to recharge the battery for a period of over an hour.
  • The users may wear it during the activities of walking and running.

Pricing and availability of TechWatch

For those who want to purchase this product should buy it from its official website. It’s because purchasing from the official manufacturer increases authenticity and credibility too. On the official website, you are going to get a good number of limited period offers. Not only this, if you are going to buy them in a larger quantity, you shall be facilitated with a notable discount. Once you have successfully placed your order, you are surely going to get it within a span of 20 days.

Pros of TechWatch

TechWatch is such a fantastic product, and also, it has always managed to leave its users awestruck with the perfection that lies in it. You might be thinking about the various benefits associated with TechWatch. If yes, then have a look below. We have mentioned its most important and best pros. Read on further!

  • Perfectly suited for an active lifestyle: Due to the prevalence of ECG, i.e. electrocardiograms, TechWatch is going to pave your way towards a healthy living. The ECG is quite helpful in analyzing your whole health and heart.
  • User-friendly interface: Using this smartwatch is not so difficult, and thus, you can operate it with no hassle. Also, this watch is perfect for being a participant in every kind of activity.
  • Top-notch HD Display: The display of TechWatch is quite clear, and you would love using it since it’s colourful too. You would be able to read each and every information on the screen without giving strain to the eyes.
  • Notable compatibility: Whether yours is an Android or iOS operating system, TechWatch has the ability to stay compatible enough with it. You can easily connect your smartwatch with your mobile phones and use it further.
  • Long-Lasting Battery life: While searching for the best smartwatch in the market, there is a need for you to look out for its battery life. TechWatch has a long-lasting battery that is not at all going to discharge in the midway.

Cons of TechWatch

Not many, but there are two disadvantages of TechWatch. Get to see them below:

  • You cannot take a bath while wearing TechWatch on your wrist.
  • It’s highly recommended for the user to avoid the overcharging of the battery.

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Customer recommendations and reviews

Since the day people have started using TechWatch, they have loved it! This watch has a lot of positive reviews which we are going to enlist below:

Harry: Being a software engineer, I used to stay indulged in my monotonous professional life. I hardly got time to take care of my health. Thanks to TechWatch for saving me during the hustle. It has always helped me in keeping track of my health. Also, it told me about where should I walk more and when should I eat more or less. Everything’s perfect and healthy since the day I got introduced to TechWatch.

Iza: I am a runner and thus, it stands quite important for me to keep a notable track of my activities. These include my calorie intake, heart rate, and steps walked too! After such an extensive practice and running for the whole day, it feels so motivated on seeing the data that TechWatch is ready with.

techwatch reviews

Jeena: I always avoided purchasing any kind of smartwatch since they always proved to be an expensive affair for me. Since I always found them expensive, I never got a chance and even a desire to use them until I saw an advertisement. The ad showed everything about TechWatch, and also, it showcased the features! Not to forget about the price that was affordable for me. Thought to try it out and thankfully, that was the best decision of my life!

Henry: I am a heart patient. Thus, I need to walk more and more so that I am always healthy! But I never knew about the results that these extensive walks were providing to my body. One of my friends told me about the TechWatch. He also used that and gained many benefits. I started using it, and with that, I am now able to see my heart rate. Thanks for being such a great help!

Katherine: Never knew a smartwatch would be so affordable! Till now, I always got to see a good number of smartwatches with a very expensive cost. Even if I got to see any smartwatch with a lesser price, it would have one or the other thing missing! However, on seeing the TechWatch, I completely got to know that my search for the best smartwatch ends here since it had everything.

Final Verdict

Majority of the people are nowadays relying on smartwatches for preventing their time in hassle. They also think that their life is incomplete if they don’t have such gadgets by their side. If you are using TechWatch, you are undoubtedly using the best gadget of your life. It has so many functions, and each one of them shall totally leave you spellbound! Are you interested in trying it out? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Purchase the TechWatch now!

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