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Smartphones have established a firm rule in the world of tech since the last decade. With smartphones, we also saw the dawn of various tech accessories, the latest wireless Apple Earpods. A decade back, there was also a trend of wearing a Bluetooth headset, but it didn’t last long. It won’t be wrong to call the last decade as the golden decade for smartphones. Smart devices are slowly becoming the norm in our day-to-day lives. But there are some smart devices with fantastic features which are waiting to have their peak period in the market. One such smart device is the SmartWatch. What are the brands you think of when you come across the term ‘SmartWatch’? The answer would most likely be Apple and Samsung.


You might be craving for a smartwatch due to its stunning features and looks. But its huge price is one of the top things which makes us hesitate to go for it. How wonderful it would be if affordability won’t be an obstacle!

Well, it is not an obstacle anymore with the launch of eWatch – a high-quality smartwatch that you can easily afford!

After the launch of the first SmartWatch, many thought it to be an unnecessary device, which is just another gadget in the ever-expanding realm of tech. But slowly, people realized that a SmartWatch is a fantastic innovation for keeping track of their overall fitness. SmartWatches receive immense praise from health and fitness enthusiasts as they find it beneficial while training.

Good sleep is as crucial as proper training and diet. To maintain the body, one must monitor their sleeping pattern. eWatch helps you to track your sleep and ensures that you don’t ignore the necessary conditions for being healthy.

What exactly is the eWatch?

Created by a European startup, this flagship smartwatch is fierce competition for big brands. It costs 3x less than the smartwatches of popular brands. No wonder, eWatch is disrupting the smartwatch market to make smartwatch an affordable smart device. It is unbelievably similar to Apple’s smartwatch. You don’t need to pay a huge amount for a smartwatch anymore. The price tag of eWatch has attracted an enormous number of customers, proving that amazing things don’t always come at expensive rates.

The production of eWatch occurs in the same Chinese factories which manufacture the smartwatches of giant companies such as Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung. Thus, the build quality of eWatch is excellent, just like its big competitors. The manufacturers use the best software, technology, and parts to produce this smartwatch. As a result, it works smoother and faster. You won’t notice any lag due to its wholly optimized Android OS.

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Features of eWatch

eWatch is becoming quite popular among the masses as it has focused on features that would help us to keep track of our well-being. It acts as a brilliant fitness and sleep tracker. The easy-to-read display is helpful in all lighting conditions. eWatch enables you to track your heart rhythm and heart rate accurately. People with anxiety or heart conditions are alarmed due to heart sensors when they need to relax and keep calm. Women will find eWatch quite helpful for keeping track of their Menstrual Cycle Tracker. This smartwatch has a personal voice assistant function for arranging appointments, dialing and picking up calls, etc.

One can also enable advanced location tracking on this smartwatch through WiFi and GPS positioning. You can set reminders for attending important events or for carrying out necessary tasks. eWatch’s Bluetooth 4.0 protocol is quite helpful for the owners to maintain a constant connection with their smartphones. The weather forecast app in the smartwatch acts as a cherry on the top! With eWatch, you get several benefits at a reasonable price.

The following are the features of eWatch, which are a treat to tech admirers.

  1. Activity Tracker including
  • Time Display
  • Step Display
  • Calorie Consumption
  • Distance Display
  1. Ultra-resistant aluminum case with double-sided glass
  2. Retina HD touch screen
  3. Remote camera
  4. Lithium polymer battery for extended battery life
  5. Automatic sleep monitoring and silent alarm including
  • Awake State
  • Light Sleep
  • Deep Sleep

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  1. Reminder to prevent you from sitting for too long
  2. Water-resistant
  3. Compatible with Android and IOS smartphones
  4. Call and message notification
  5. Bluetooth for phone calls and music
  6. Ability to find your smartphone within a specific range through Bluetooth

How much does eWatch cost?

With so many features and benefits, eWatch sounds like an expensive smart device. But that’s not the case! This incredible smartwatch costs just $79. The features of eWatch are similar to the latest models of Fitbits and Apple Watches. However, the latter costs much more.

One might be astonished by the comparatively lower price of eWatch compared to other brands, in spite of having almost the same features?

Samsung and Apple spend billions of dollars on advertising their products, including smartwatches. A considerable amount gets added on to the costs of the smartwatches, which is eventually paid by the customers when they get sold. However, eWatch doesn’t advertise on the scale Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit do. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth publicity makes eWatch popular. Thus, the company of eWatch can easily manage to sell out their smartwatches at a price tag of just $79.

eWatch also offers good discounts on ordering more than 1 unit. You will just have to pay $146 if you order two eWatches and $191 if you order three eWatches. The discount offer on three eWatches is merely fantastic! You can avail of a warranty of 2 years on eWatch with an additional payment of $12.

ewatch reviews

Does the eWatch offer any refund?

If you suspect any manufacturing fault in your eWatch, you can return it within 14 days from the day it was delivered. It must arrive back to the return address within the said-period. Failing to do so will result in no refund. Before returning the eWatch, make sure it has a manufacturing default or else a refund will not get granted. You will also have to bear the delivery costs for returns.



Why should I buy eWatch if my smartphone has more features?

We agree that smartphones have more functionality than the eWatch, but it’s not about the number of functions here. eWatch specializes for usage by fitness enthusiasts who wish to track their progress. It has several features that will ensure that you prioritize fitness. Unlike smartphones, eWatch will encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How will my smartphone and eWatch go hand-in-hand?

eWatch can pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth to give you notifications, alerts, and messages on a smaller display. You won’t have to pick up your smartphone again and again from your pocket to dial or receive calls. eWatch makes it convenient for you to access the important functions of your smartphone.

Will my iPhone 8 Plus be compatible with the eWatch?

eWatch is compatible with both Android and IOS devices, including iPhone 8 Plus.

What should I do to receive my smartphone’s notifications on eWatch?

When you connect eWatch with your smartphone, you will automatically receive your SMS, emails, etc. on eWatch. You can also allow only specific notifications to get displayed on your eWatch.

How long will eWatch’s battery last on a single charge?

The battery life of eWatch depends on its usage. It can last for a maximum of 24 hours on a single charge.

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Customer reviews

By Andrew J.

As a gym owner, I would like to say that training too much, or training wrong won’t help you to achieve the desired results for being fit. If you have a proper diet and train correctly but sleep too little, you shouldn’t expect your body to be healthy. Sleep plays an essential role in muscle-building. eWatch will help you to monitor your sleep. If your sleep levels are proper, then you will achieve better results in training. The price of the eWatch is unbelievable. I have recommended eWatch to all the members of my gym.

By Jason L.

Just consider $79 as a small investment for keeping track of your fitness, and you will be surprised by the long-term returns. This smartwatch motivated me to stay disciplined regarding my workouts. Not having enough sleep affects our health in a lot of ways. All these years, I gave less priority to sleep. But after reading about the devastating effects of not having enough sleep, I decided to sleep for the recommended number of hours. eWatch helps me to monitor sleep. I’m glad that I bought this smartwatch, and I highly recommend it to all the fitness enthusiasts who want to stay disciplined in their training.

By Tony D.

I saved some amount from my pocket money for two months to buy eWatch, and I feel so good to make this decision! Retina HD touch screen works like a charm. Being a hardcore gamer, I sit continuously for hours and hours. Sitting for too long is not said to be good for the body. This smartwatch reminds me to stand up and take a break when I sit for too long while immersing myself in the gaming world.

By Jamie F.

I brought my eWatch a week back. The features of this eWatch at $79 makes it seem too good to be true. In the era of scams, my friend took a ‘brave’ decision to go for this smartwatch. Every claim by the company regarding the features turned out to be exact! But I was still skeptical about its durability and performance. So I waited for almost seven months to check if there’s anything wrong with my friend’s eWatch. I can now conclude that not all good things come at a high price!

By Jack H.

When I unpacked eWatch, I was surprised to see it with a 100% battery. So I used it directly without the need to charge it. I also got a USB cable with eWatch and connected it to my smartphone to download some apps from the Play Store. The Fun Run app sets the clock well. On eWatch, I get my Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook notifications. This eWatch also allows me to attend my calls without lifting my phone. I no longer peep into my smartphone all the time. eWatch also will enable me to change songs via Bluetooth while playing my playlist.

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The final verdict

eWatch is an outstanding smartwatch of premium quality. It works smoothly and doesn’t lag at all. The battery life lasts a whole day with heavy usage. The price of eWatch makes it a good deal. If you check out all the essential features of smartwatches by big brands, you will find all those features in eWatch. You should go for it if you wish to have a smartwatch with excellent performance at a reasonable price.

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