ThePhotoStick Mobile: Is It Worth Buying?

Are you a guy who is fond of capturing a lot of pictures? If yes, then once in life, you must have seen a storage warning on your device. This kind of signs are frustrating, and most of the time, spoil the mood. Everyone loves capturing the photos without any tension of memory.

If you keep all your photos or videos on your mobile, then it causes several issues on your phone like unusual hangs or lags. So it is essential to store all your memories of any vacation or function on a separate platform.

There are many occasions like your birthday, any festival or moments spent with your loved once where you capture some photos. But due to lack of storage and memory in your device, sometimes you are forced to delete these pictures. Removing these awesome moments is a painful task.

Reports say many users lost all their content stored on the phone due to water accidents. A few drops of water sometimes damage your phone. You can purchase a new device but not the moments you captured to see them again. To eliminate all these things, we will suggest you a tool that will be very helpful for you to gather all your memories together. The device is PhotoStick Mobile. So we here review the amazing tool named PhotoStick Mobile.

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What is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

From above you inevitably get a hint about the product. PhotoStick Mobile is a device used to back up your photos and videos from your device and keep them safe. This is a small device that resembles a pen or thumb drive, which is used for storing data.

One of the great inventions of this generation. PhotoStick Mobile is a small device that can be carried anywhere. The tool is very fast in usage and back up all your pictures and videos from your phone in a fraction of seconds. The device is convenient to use.

The device is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. It is an efficient and must-have tool for every user to back up a vast amount of pictures and video clips at high speed. To use this device, you have to download an app from the app store of your mobile. For Android phones visit google play store. And for Apple, go to the apple app store. Connect the device, and your device will be ready for backup.

The PhotoStick Mobile is designed to hold up to 60,000 videos and photos. These large capacity make it useful for every guy or girl who loves to click pictures of every instant. Backing up all your photos is not only the major work of PhotoStick, but it also can organize all your images more straightforwardly.


Willing to know how this device works? The operation of this device is effortless. Any person who doesn’t have any previous knowledge about it can use PhotoStick Mobile without anyone’s help. For more convenience follow the below steps carefully:-

Step 1: Download and install the PhotoStick mobile app from your device’s app store.

Step 2: Run the application.

Step 3: Now, plugin your PhotoStick mobile toll into your smartphone through the USB port.

Step 4: Now choose the option “Backup Now.” from the app.

Step 5: Now, the PhotoStick start scanning your device and check every corner of your Mobile phone.

Step 6: It will backup all your photos and videos. Also, it will automatically skip the duplicate images.

Step7: After the completion of Backup into PhotoStick Mobile device, delete the photos from your phone. Free up all the space and remove all restored files.

Note: There are two separate PhotoStick Mobile tools available on the internet for iOS and Android. Select the one according to your device carefully.

thephotostick mobile review

Main Features

The PhotoStick mobile is packed with a lot of useful things. Below we will list some of it’s an essential feature.

Large Memory In Small Drive

The device is very lightweight and small, and its storage capacity is enormous. The device can hold up to 60,000 photos in it. The PhotoStick Mobile comes in a storage variant from 32GB to 128GB. So you can select the one based on your usage and needs.

The device does not only store all your photos, but you can backup the pictures at any time with it. PhotoStick Mobile is convenient to use for every individual.

Accepts All Image Formats

The other good thing about PhotoStick Mobile is that it stores almost all kinds of image formats including, png, jpg me tif. Also, it does not create any errors with any phone model, whether it is new or old.

Easy To Use

The device is straightforward to use. It doesn’t use any sophisticated application for its usage. You have to download only one app from the app store. In this device, you don’t need to select the files manually for backup.

It supports both Android and iOS. Also, you don’t need to create an account before using it. It is a time saving and productive method. The functioning is as simple as a non-technical person can also easily use it.

Backup In Few Minutes

Backup by PhotoStick Mobile does not take more time than any other method. All your pictures will be restored in a fraction of minutes. Just a single plugin of this tool can backup all your images safely.

No Need for Subscription

Any other services for your Images backup can charge you more than $10 per month. Also, your content is not categorised automatically. You have to back up your photos by selecting them separately.

The other services will not allow your access to the images if you deny paying them. Also, uploading photos with any other service sometimes results in loss of your data. They have no trait to remove duplicate images.

PhotoStick Mobile, on the other hand, is a one-time investment. You have to pay for the device only once. And you can use this device for a lifetime without paying anything. It is an excellent gift for your photographer friend.

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Internet Not Required

For back up using PhotoStick Mobile, you don’t require any internet connection. All your images will be stored in the PhotoStick Mobile device offline. You only need to connect the device with mobile by USB. There is no need for wifi connection or any other source.

These are some of the best features available in PhotoStick Mobile. Below we will make a list containing all its functionality.

  • It will automatically scan your device thoroughly, identify and filter all the images and remove the duplicate if any.
  • It can systematically organise all your photos.
  • All your photos can also be accessed on your laptop or PC by using this USB Drive.
  • You don’t need to remember about file locations for access.
  • High-speed backup. Thousands of images can be backed up in minutes.
  • Any time, Anywhere backup system. By using PhotoStick Mobile, you can backup your pictures any time you want.
  • There are no passwords or cloud storage system on this tool.
  • Do everything automatically.
  • One time payment and lifetime validity.
  • Saves your money and a budget-friendly option.
  • It also supports Mac devices.
  • Huge storage space in your pocket.
  • It will help you to utilise your time in other tasks.
  • No monthly charges or subscription plan.
  • Get rid of all the same photos.
  • Worth the price.

Difference Between The PhotoStick And PhotoStick Mobile

If you are confused between PhotoStick and PhotoStick Mobile, or you think that both are identical? No, they are not the same. PhotoStick is used to back up your photos and other documents from Windows and Mac. Whereas, PhotoStick Mobile is used for backup from Android and iOS.

As the name makes all the ambiguity clears. PhotoStick Mobile is used for mobile devices like Android and iPhones, whereas only “ThePhotoStick” named method is used for PC and Laptops. So the purpose of both tools is the same, but their operating devices are different. So it is necessary to choose the one according to your needs and convenience.

Benefits of Using ThePhotoStick Mobile

The product is an excellent work by its manufacturers. This quality product worth its price and it has a lot of benefits and advantages to your livings. It is a device made to use for every person, even illiterate ones. The product is easy to access. It has a simple and attractive design.

If you are in a dilemma that storage provided by this device is less. This is not needed to worry at all because its smaller variant (32GB) can hold up to many thousands of photos without any error. If you are still confused, then you can buy other options for 64GB and 128GB.

Where To Buy?

  • Click on the buy now
  • Choose the number of PhotoStick Mobile device you wish to purchase.
  • Now choose the size of PhotoStick Mobile.
  • Add your shipping details. It is only available in selected countries. You can check for your country in buying option.
  • Then process to pay and confirm the order.

Price Range

The device is very economical and pocket-friendly. If you purchase from the above, link then you can get 32 GB storage PhotoStick Mobile in $67. You will save almost $36 per piece.

Also, you will get 40% additional discount if you buy more than one. This price is very less in front of those precious memories. The device is convenient and useful for you if you purchase it. This small amount can save you lots of time, money and those invaluable memories.

There are almost 1 million users of the PhotoStick mobile. So buy the device today and backup all your photos and memories securely.

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Disadvantages of PhotoStick Mobile

As we don’t want to provide you with the wrong information. This is an honest review, and we all know that there are always some shortcomings in every electrical device. Customers who bought the product have reported some problems regarding it. We will discuss these errors one by one below.

The one problem that most of the users are facing is the wrong organisation of photos. Users reported that it could not organise photos in proper ways. They say every time it mixes the old pictures with the new one. Some users stated that even their device did nothing after the plugin. If you find this kind of problem, then you can replace the item from the manufacturer.

Buying Guide

There are some factors that you must consider while purchasing this type of item. So if you are thinking to buy a PhotoStick mobile then, please find and check for these characteristics.


This is the most crucial point you must consider while choosing the right storage device. This is because the usage of the flash drive is not limited to the home. You have to use the tool in rough weather and different conditions. So it is essential to choose a good quality durable flash drive for you.

Check the case, chip and connector of the flash drive carefully before purchasing it. Some chips start coming out of their cases, and some connector doesn’t work after 2-3 months. First, check these things surely before buying.


Speed is another most important aspect you must keep in your mind while purchasing a flash drive. Back up using some cheap flash drives may take long hours for competition. This thing is very disappointing for everyone as in this era no one has extra time to waste.

Consider the flash drive, which comes with USB 3.0. As USB 3.0 can transfer your data up to a speed of 60 MB per second. Using another similar connector, you can transfer data with a max of 1-2 MB per second. So it is evident to purchase a fast speed flash drive.

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Storage Capacity

The main reason for which you are buying a flash drive is to extend the storage to keep more photos and videos with you. It is essential to choose size wisely. Because as the storage increases, the price increases with it. So select the variant according to your needs.

People usually purchase a small size to save money, but at the same time, they have to compromise with storage. So when you think of buying a flash drive, choose the right size.

These are the three main factors; everybody should check before purchasing a flash drive. Based on the above considerations, we came to the conclusion that PhotoStick mobile is best according to price, durability, speed and size availability. Experts also recommend PhotoStick Mobile for better results.

It is a trusted and most useful flash drive available in the market right now. There are many alternatives for the PhotoStick Mobile available in the market, but no one matches its usefulness. Buying any other flash drive is your own risk and wastages of money.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cost Of PhotoStick Mobile?

Cost of the per piece depends on the size variant. You can check the price list on clicking “list” button.

How Does It Work?

The working of the device is effortless. Plugin the device in your Phone. Now open PhotoStick Mobile app and start storing your files.

What Are Compatible Devices For The PhotoStick Mobile?

It is compatible with all kinds of Android and iPhone devices.

Who Can Use It?

Anybody who wants additional storage can use this tool. The device is straightforward to use. Any person who doesn’t have any knowledge about it can use it easily without any effort. Also, the app makes its usage more simple.

Can I Use It For iPhone?

Yes, of course. You can use it with iPhone. This device is specially designed to use for all iPhone and Android devices.

Can It Be Used For iPad?

Why Not, it can be used on iPad without any changes or upgrades.

How Much Discount Will I Get?

If you purchase through the above link, then you will get a significant discount. Buying two drives together will help you to get an additional 40% discount.

What If I Have More Than One Device?

There is no problem at all because you can use this tool on more than one device in a similar manner as for one device.

Final Words

ThePhotoStick Mobile provides you with an additional storage capacity. Your search for an excellent flash drive will end if you purchase this one. In the smartphone era, there are many risks of losing your favourite images and videos. To keep them safe the PhotoStick Mobile will be beneficial.

The drive is an excellent device with a lot of features and fast working. This device is compatible with all types of Android and iOS devices. From now, your device does not show you storage warnings.

This one-time investment device is handy and will be an excellent addition for you. This device is a perfect solution to every problem. PhotoStick Mobile is available at cheap rates if you follow the above link. We recommend you to consider and check it once.

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