XWatch Review

What Is XWatch?

Gone are the days when people used to wear a watch to check timings. Now people want to stay up to date and everyone prefers a smartwatch. There are multiple types of smartwatches available in the market but XWatch is entirely different.

It has a brilliant interface and a robust body. It is packed with Bluetooth connectivity to work along with your phone. And it also has health tracking apps that support you in your health journey.


These are the basic features that every smartwatch supports but XWatch can surpass your expectations. By using this smartwatch, you can check your blood pressure and it can also be connected to a headset for a hand-free experience.

You would be glad to know that this smartwatch is the only one of its kind that has a built-in camera. You can also use its camera to control your phone’s camera for an effortless selfie clicking experience.

Amazing Features of XWatch

Apart from the basic smartwatch experience, XWatch also offers additional functionalities to its users. Let’s know about its features one by one:

  • Vivid Display – The high-quality retina display sets it apart from its competitors. Every app and icon can be clearly seen on its small but powerful screen. Your friends will be shocked to see the vibrant screen of your smartwatch.
  • Long-Lasting Battery – You just have to charge the smartwatch once every 3-5 days. It can easily last up to 5 days with moderate use. You can take it along with you anywhere without worrying about charging it again and again.
  • Pedometer – Do you need a pedometer setting swiftly on your arm? This smartwatch is all you need. It serves the purpose of your health guide while you are sweating hard to achieve the body of your dreams. You can track your steps without any break. It motivates you to beat your previous day’s record and complete even more steps the next day. You can even track how many calories you burn with every step you take.
  • Sleep Monitor – Nobody will stay awake to check how do you sleep at night. That’s why this smartwatch has a sleep tracker. It tracks when and how you sleep and show you the result the subsequent day.
  • Music Player – This smartwatch lets you listen to your favorite tracks while working out. Simply connect your XWatch with a Bluetooth headphone and you are ready to go. Now you don’t need to carry your phone everywhere.
  • Heart Rate And ECG – Do you want to see your heart rate ECG? Now you don’t need to see a doctor check how your heart is working. Just click on the app in this smartwatch and check your pulse rate along with the graphs.
  • Bluetooth Camera – This feature is not available in every smartwatch. You can easily operate the camera on your smartphone by using this device. Or you can also click pictures or record videos by using your smartwatch.
  • Bluetooth Call & Phonebook – Can’t reach your phone every time? No issues. Your smartwatch will do it for you. Simply attach it to your phone and access your phonebook anytime. You can answer calls right at your wrist through this smartwatch.
  • Alarm, Reminders, Calculator, and More – You will never forget to attend a meeting or wish someone’s birthday because you will always be reminded of important tasks through this smartwatch. You can even use the calculator and stopwatch in this smartwatch. Isn’t it amazing?

xWatch reviews

Reason To Choose XWatch

If you are way too excited to try an Apple watch but your budget is low then XWatch is the right choice for you. Although you should not take its price for granted. It comes all the premium features that even Apple watch has missed.

Due to the hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle, your waistline keeps on increasing. And you don’t even realize when you become obese. This is not what XWatch wants you to face.

When you buy a smartwatch, the main purpose is to track health activities and get notifications that you might miss on your phone. But XWatch lets you do even more than that.

You’ll love the way it performs multiple functions and doesn’t even make you feel uncomfortable with prolonged use. This is what you want from your smartwatch, right?

Specifications of XWatch

The XWatch is made up of high-quality and light material. It is probably the most comfortable smartwatch to wear for everyday purposes. It weighs less than any other smartwatch in the market. You would be surprised to know that it has only 50g of weight.

It looks modern and has a coating of scratch-resistant glass so that it can be easily wiped clean. The HD LCD screen looks vibrant and shows every app clearly. The size of the screen is 240×240.

The silicone strap stays in its place at your wrist for the comfortable experience you are looking for. It is durable because of the alloy casing. Thus, it can withstand any activity that you might go through during the day.

If you are worried about accidentally spilling any liquid on your smartwatch, then you’d be happy to know that it is waterproof. You can charge it with a USB port easily. The inbuilt battery has 380 MAH capacity.

The device supports Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect it to your smartphone without any hassle. The most phenomenal feature of this smartwatch is the ability to insert sim inside it. Simply insert your sim into the XWatch and no need to carry your phone everywhere.

Xwatch reviews

The Working of XWatch

From celebrities to a school going teenager, this smartwatch has become everyone’s favorite. It lets you record your health activities like a professional health consultant.

You can pair it with any OS, whether it is Android or iOS. The latest Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible for you to receive calls and play music without a break.

Start a music player on your phone and switch between the tracks from your wrist. It can also work as a remote for your smartphone while you are taking selfies. Or you can even record videos by using this smartwatch.

Your heart rate keeps reflecting on its crystal-clear screen every time. You can even check your pulses on the ECG app of this device. Isn’t that such a perfect use of a smartwatch?

You can easily calculate the number of calories you burn during each fitness activity. It leads you to a better and healthy lifestyle. You will be amazed to see the results of your sleep activity tracker. It shows when did you fell asleep and how many times you wake up in the middle of the night.

Other amazing processes of this smartwatch are the reminder, alarm, calculator, calendar, stopwatch and more! This smartwatch surely adds value to your life by doing so many tasks.

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Benefits of XWatch

The XWatch has multiple uses and it can benefit you in many ways. Take a look at all the benefits below:

  1. Amazing User Experience – The way it responds to your taps will make you fall in love with it. It can be used even by kids. The apps are simple to use and you don’t need much effort to learn using it.
  2. Supports Android And iOS Both – There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on two separate smartwatches for both your android and iOS devices. Just buy this device and connect with every phone you have.
  3. Powerful Battery – The XWatch comes with a powerful battery that easily lasts for more than 3 days at moderate usage. The charging of this watch doesn’t take much time out of your busy schedule.
  4. Inexpensive Pricing – A smartwatch of an expensive brand like Apple or Samsung can cost you a lot of money. But not XWatch. It has all the premium features at a fraction of cost.
  5. Health Tracking – This smartwatch makes your life healthier and fitter. You can use it to track your steps, heartbeat, and sleeping timings.

How To Get The XWatch?

There are no outlets or online platforms that sell this smartwatch except the official website of the manufacturer. You can visit the website now to avail multiple of offers on your purchase.

The website is offering a 50% discount on your first purchase. However, the offer is only available for 30 minutes when you visit the website. You might have to become quick to place the order to get the discount.

If you want to buy one XWatch, you would have to spend a mere $99. Yes, you heard that right. This is the amount you will have to pay after the added discount.

If you are interested to buy two or more smartwatches for you and your friends or family, then you can get a quite decent discount on the price. The amount keeps on decreasing for each added smartwatch in your package.

You can get the most lucrative offer when you buy a pack of five. You will buy three smartwatches and get two absolutely free. If you want to get a pack of three then you’ll get one for free on purchasing two smartwatches. There are no shipping charges to place the order whatsoever.

If you need to know anything before placing the order, contact the company at +44 20 3808 9234. Or you can also send them an email at [email protected].

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Customer Reviews

By Jack A.

I am in love with its camera remote! It works so effortlessly with my mobile when I have to click some pictures. Going to order one more for my brother soon.

By Pamela S.

I work in the IT industry. And it was really taking a toll on my health. I started to become fat in just six months. I wanted to buy a smartwatch that has all the essential features but doesn’t costs much. I researched a lot on the internet about the smartwatches and found this one to be the most affordable yet amazing. Now I track my steps and heart rate every hour and looking forward to losing weight without going to the gym. AMAZING!

By Joe K.

I owe a lot to the XWatch. I was diagnosed with diabetes and could not join the gym due to my strict schedule. I started jogging but could not measure how many steps I am completing every day. But since then I have ordered this smartwatch, I am happy that I can track my activities at an accurate rate. My blood sugar is reducing and I am feeling healthier than ever before!

By Henry J.

The 50% discount offer is amazing! I placed my order within 30 minutes of visiting the website and Boom! The shipping took a little longer than expected but that’s okay. I understand the demand is huge for this smartwatch. It came in a decent package and I immediately started using it. The pedometer and ECG apps work great. I am happy with my purchase!

By Taylor J.

I ordered it last month and I have been using it for more than 20 days. My XWatch is working seamlessly to date. I use it mainly for step and calorie tracking purposes. But other features are quite awesome. I can click pictures on my phone and answer calls no matter where my phone is. I even have a separate sim card to be used in this smartwatch. Life has become pretty awesome now. Kudos to the creators!

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Is It Worth Buying The XWatch?

Having this smartwatch is like having a guide that suggests to you how your health and professional aspects are moving along. It reduces the weight of a heavy smartphone you have to carry along with you.

It works as a phone and as a health tracker in a single unit. You never have to worry about when you have the next meeting or when you need to wish your loved one a happy birthday. It can be a savior in this situation.

Everyone knows how important it is to have a sound sleep during the night. If you invest in this smartwatch, your sleep cycle is measured. All in all, the XWatch is the coolest smartwatch.

It has made possible for everyone to afford a smartwatch without spending thousands of dollars. If you think you need to track your health and do other tasks that are not possible in other smartwatches, then order XWatch right now!

xWatch SmartWatch

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