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About ‘Silent Snore’

If you are among those who are tired of being blamed for disturbing the night sleeps of your partner by snoring, which is, of course, something that you do not do intentionally and cannot manage or stop it how far you want to, then you must be looking for a really effective way to get rid of it.


Although there are some ways that are claimed to be effective remedies for the treatment of snoring like- surgical intervention or CAP machines. Still, these can be expensive and do not even guarantees a 100% safe and adequate solution for your snoring problem. At this point, Silent Snore can be one such product that may provide you with an effective solution to snoring.

Basically, Silent Snore is a small, anti-snoring device that is to be inserted into your nostrils, simply like a nose pin, for effective relief from snoring. It is made up of Silicone and consists magnets that help in efficiently opening nasal cavities of your nose that facilitate easy passage of air through it and thus, prevent snoring and gives you a better and quality sleep.

 What does it consist of?

Silent Snore is a small device made up of silicone gel and magnets, that is to be inserted in the nostrils which widens the narrowed air passage. The magnets, which remains attached to the device, gently opens or widens the nasal cavity by which air blockage is removed.

Thus, you feel comfortable in the breathing process. Also, these magnets are claimed to be helpful in terms of providing a therapeutic remedy to nasal problems (as it is believed in Tibetian treatment procedure).

The greater part of the product is made of a kind of flexible plastic which is eco- friendly at the same time. This is an additional good point in it.

To be more clear, SilentSnore device is a product made with silicone gel and largely structured or formed with a flexible, eco-friendly plastic that makes it skin-friendly. Also, it contains two therapeutic magnets that are beneficial in terms of providing additional therapy to give relief from nasal congestion and other such problems.

These magnets are also helpful in keeping the device in its place with a soft but right grip. This keeps the device well fitted to your nostrils. Also, the whole product is of high quality. Silicone, used in the product is completely non-toxic.

The material by which the device is made up of is soft, which ensures that the overall product is unintrusive and with very light grip makes you feel perfectly normal and comfortable.

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How does SilentSnore work?

As the causes of snoring can be various, like, obesity, sleeping disorders, nasal problems, etc., all of these can result in the vibration of the tissues in the air passage of the nose and throat. As because of certain reasons, the airways of the breathing cycle gets blocked, and thus, easy flow of air is restricted via these narrowed air passage.

These blockages in breathing passage can be influenced by various stages of sleep, like sleeping positions, postures, time, consumption of certain medications or alcohol. Silent Snore is an anti-snoring device that can be effectively used in getting rid of these snoring problems.

As it is simply put into your nostrils, it widens the air passage of the nostrils which get blocked because of certain reasons and allows easy flow of air thus, providing a better, comfortable and efficient breathing cycle. It basically works in removing nasal congestion and thus, open nasal passages that allow better airflow.

Also, as the ring-like device is inserted in the nasal cavity and widens the narrow nasal airways, the breathing cycle becomes easier. Thus, snoring is reduced up to a large extent or is alleviated completely.

The magnets attached in it are claimed to be helpful in the stimulation of nerves (by Tibetian therapeutic practice).

The overall product is lightweight, soft, well fitted, safe and effective up to a certain extent. Its main focus is on clearing the breathing tract. But the manufacturers also claim it to be helpful in other ways.

silentsnore review

What is it’s Benefits?

1) silent snore helps you to get snore-free, quality sleep throughout the night

As it is effective in reducing your snoring habit, it provides you with a better sleep cycle.

2) it improves your sleep cycle, thus helps in preventing problems associated with it like- low energy level, fatigue, day- naps, etc.

With comfortable and enough sleep, you can get rid of other problems associated with the wrong sleep cycle like low energy level, untimely naps, fatigue, etc.

3) it helps insufficient oxygen supply to the bloodstream by providing easy air passage via your nostrils.

As claimed by the manufacturer, the right breathing cycle gives ways to proper inhalation of oxygen.

4) sufficient oxygen supply can be effective with other treatments in major nastral problems like sleep apnea

As the manufacturer claims, the device can be effectively helpful as an additional remedy along with the right treatment for problems like sleep apnea

5) silent snore helps you in having easy and adequate breathing during sleep and other physical activities

Abnormal breathing during sleep or other heavy physical activities like exercise can be managed by this device.

6) the device is user-friendly in terms of ease in its use, as compared to other remedies like cap machines

This device is really easy to use; all you have to do is insert or pinch it into your nostrils.

7) it is quite easy to clean and does not require high maintenance

The product is really easy in the way of its maintenance. All one has to do is keeping it into the given hygienic box after it’s used.

8) it is compact in size thus, can be easily carried anywhere

Its size is really compact and easy to be nicely stored or carried.

9) it is comfortable in use up to a certain extent with a soft body and small size along with being odorless

The product is really comfortable, skin-friendly and soft.

10) silent snore is safe for use as it is made up of high-quality silicone which is also environment-friendly, chemical-free and odorless

It is not at all toxic and safe for use by everyone.

11) it is a natural remedy for snoring, thus, free from any chemical such as BPA and thus, more durable and effective in daily activities for better breathing

As it is a chemical-free, non-toxic product, can be effectively used during daily activities without any side effects.

12) it also helps in nasal congestion, breathing issues and protects the upper respiratory tract from infections

As the manufacturer claims, it can be helpful in protecting the upper respiratory tract from infections.

13) silent snore is equally sustainable for both all

The product can be used by both men and women and can be equally beneficial for all.

14) it is really cost-effective as compared to other remedies in this regard, like cap machines or nasal surgery which are highly expensive

It is really cost-effective, and the price is reasonable as an overall product.

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Are there any Cons or Side Effects of using Silent Snore?

Although Silent Snore is safe, user-friendly and almost effective in providing you with an efficient remedy from your snoring problem, the product may have some drawbacks or cons which are to be mentioned here-

1) Some people may find it uncomfortable at first because for some, trying a new device, that is to be inserted in one’s nostrils can take time in getting used to with it.

2) In some cases, where the user is already struggling from a sleep issue or having some sleeping problems may find it distracting from sleep.

3) Although it is effective in most cases, some of the patients with some serious snoring issues may find it ineffective and inefficient.

4) The product is available only in online mode, via the official website of the product or some other digital platforms. Thus, it cannot be bought in offline mode or without internet access.

Price and Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The price is available at a reasonable rate of $49 only. Although multiple purchases can lower, it’s price further like- two units at $69 and four units at $123.

Also, there may be some offers for some time that constitutes two units plus one unit free for $49 and four units plus one unit free for $135. You can buy 3 years of warranty at just $9, this offer can be available while you are purchasing the product only at the official website.

silentsnore reviews

Customer Reviews

1) Kelly Johnson-

Although I wasn’t confident regarding this product from the reviews but decided to try it anyhow and the thing is it works quite well and worth to be tried. Although it is a bit uncomfortable while inserting into the nostrils but after it, it is fine and comfortable.

Even I must touch the ring at night to make sure it is there. I found the fitting good, but it might vary according to your nostrils size. Also, I was suffering from Sleep Apnea after gaining weight and avoided using a CPAP machine. Now, I barely snore and don’t apnea at all because of this.

2) Dawna C

The product didn’t work well for me. I was already expecting this because I’ve snored horribly for decades.

3) Jacqueline Ruhl

The product Silent Snore really works well. I have had snoring and nasal problems for years. As I used to lay down at night to sleep, my nose used to clog up. As I have got this product, it opens my nasal passages, and I can sleep without any breathing troubles at all at night.

4) Bonnie Jo Davis

The thing is, I can’t sleep with anything in my nose. I came to know it when I got this product, but I know now. I just found it irritating or uncomfortable, to put it, and had to wake up in the night to remove it even when I used to anyhow fall in sleep wearing it.

5) Tony

It completely stopped my snoring. I use the product silent snore instead of right breath strips at night, as the strips never stay all night and the adhesive is too harsh for my skin. I was looking for the lavender scent in it and was not able to find it anywhere but found it online. It is exactly up to my expectations. Although it is not available in local stores which creates some problems.

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Final Words on it

After all the above discussion, the question should be raised that is the product Silent Snore worth buying? As understanding the effectiveness of the product, the following points can be seen:

First, it can help in solving a major problem in terms of your relationship matter. As you know, disturb free sleep is important for you and your partner; it can help you both at the same time. Secondly, the product has a simple working procedure, and its material is quite comfortable, well fitted, hygienic and safe. It works quite well in with most of the people, although exceptions are there.

The device is also cost-effective and easily available for online purchase. Thus, it can work well for you and chances are high that you will get a remedy for your seemingly never-ending problem, that too as a simple solution in the form of this device.

Although there are some cases of irritation, uncomfortable, distraction from sleep and other such problems, it works well with most of the people. As the price is quite reasonable, and the product is safe in almost all in its ways, there is no harm in giving it a try.

The procedure of working of the product does have some point, and as so many users reviewed, it is really working up to a certain extent.

Thus, you can surely take a step ahead and try this device for you or your near and dear ones who are tired of the problems related to the regular snore.

silent snore reviews

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