Cinderella Solution Review

Have you tried various ways to cut down the extra fat from the body, but none could help you to attain the weight loss goals? Then, you need to try the Cinderella solution program. This program will suggest you with the activities and diet you need to take to lose weight. However, before trying out, read on the review about it.

Weight loss and obesity are common problems that are faced by many irrespective of age and gender. It has become difficult to lose weight due to various reasons. People gain weight due to changes in dietary habits and lack of exercise. Few people will add extra pounds to the body due to hormonal imbalance or other health ailments. There are many weight loss products and programs that are enticing men and women towards them. However, not every product or program is reaping the promised results. There are a few scams, which do not offer any kind of solution. Few programs will compel people to give up their favorite food and starve. There is one product that is having a long list of positive reviews from the customers to cut down the extra weight at a brisk pace is Cinderella solution. This is a weight loss program that is exclusively designed for women. This program inclines women to eat healthy food by preparing your own meal by pairing up the flavor.

Cinderella Solution Review

What is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella solution is a 28-day weight loss program that is made for women who want to lose weight and look slim. This program was created by Carly Donovan, who has faced a lot of issues due to plus-sized weight. This personalized weight loss program is designed by her and is a boon for many women who are suffering from heavyweight issues. Many weight loss programs are dumped with many scientific and psychological facts, but this weight loss program is unique and different from others that are available in the market. This program has a daily meal plan that has to be followed by the women to cut down extra pounds. This weight loss program includes taking a healthy diet and carry out less intense workouts. You do not have to starve to death to lose the desired weight. Undeniably, starving would lead to many other health issues.

This program varies from one body to another. You need to know how this solution will change your body and help you cut down the body weight. This is a 28-day weight loss plan. This boosts the energy levels, helps you to lose weight, and keeps you active throughout the day without getting fatigued.

You can avoid late-night craving since this is what contributes to the increase of fat in the body. This approach will help prevent you from gaining weight, and you would continue to experience loss of weight. This boosts metabolism rate that triggers quick fat burning.

What Cinderella Solution contains?

There is a manual that you get when you buy this program. The manual has four essential parts. These include:

  • Introduction
    This gives an introduction to the weight loss program and the benefits you can reap by following it stringently. You will also learn how to start the program. You can also get clear cut information about how to pair food items, when to consume food, and other critical details.
  • Blueprint of daily nutrients
    This will have a 14-day calendar that will have the meal plan you need to follow. This plan will help you to supply the essential nutrients and minerals that are required for your body while you are on a diet. Also, you can also get information about the pair of food items you must have macro nutrition and data related to the food groups.
  • Flavor pairing and do-it-yourself meals
    In this section, you will learn how to prepare low-calorie food that will have enough nutrition. The recipes that are given in this section will help you in both ignite and lunch phases.
  • Top 10 flavors and food combinations that allow you to cut down the extra pounds
    This provides you with the food combinations and ingredients that will improve the taste of the food.

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How does it work?

The Cinderella Solution is made for women who want to lose weight briskly. Many women find it tough to battle with the weight loss problem. However, Cinderella’s solution will focus mainly on losing weight and ICE dysfunction. Three essential hormones are responsible for the loss of weight. These include – insulin, cortisol, and estrogen. These hormones are highly effective in women of a young age. At this age, women can eat anything and lose weight at a brisk pace. With the growing age, hormones start to lose their effectiveness, and this eventually results in gaining weight. The Cinderella solution primarily focuses on maintaining the balance of these hormones.

This solution will offer you with the tips and tricks that are required to stay healthy while keeping the weight under control. This also fights various weight loss issues in women. You do not need to starve when you are using this program; instead need to cut down certain food items. This allows you to eat healthily and stay fit.

The program lasts for 28 days and is divided into two phases.

Each phase will last for 14 days.

Ignite phase: This is the first phase of the weight loss program. In this phase, you must consume three meals a day. This helps you to balance your hormones in the body naturally and drive them to help you cut down the extra weight accumulated in different parts of the body.

Launch phase: This is the second phase of the weight management program. In this phase, you have to take meals four times a day. Each meal will have the foods that help you to lose weight. You need to have the foods that help you to enjoy the weight loss phase. Ensure that you include fish and garlic, mint and green tea, apples, and chocolates to the diet. These food items will improve the metabolism rate and create an atmosphere that helps you lose weight.

In addition to the food, this guide also provides you with low-intensity exercises. These exercises focus on certain parts of the body where the fat is accumulated a lot, such as abdominal area, muscles, hips, and butt.

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Few of the benefits you can reap by using the Cinderella Solution include:

  • Gain a healthy body – When you embrace this program as part of your weight loss regime, it helps you to prepare and eat tasty and healthy food. This not just helps you to lose weight, but also gives you a toned body. This, in turn, improves your immune power.
  • Lose weight in no time – This comprehensive weight loss program will allow you to burn the extra calories and stubborn fat that is accumulated in the body swiftly.
  • Highly reliable – This is found to be a proven weight loss program to lose weight healthily without going under the knife or consuming harmful pills. The tips and advice that are given in the book are supported by proper scientific evidence and extensive medical research.
  • Works for all – The best part of this weight loss program is that it helps every woman irrespective of age to lose weight and attain their weight loss goals
  • Tone your muscles – This program also has a workout plan that has exercises to tone different parts of the body. This also helps women to lose weight from those parts and tone the muscles.
  • No strict diet – You do not have to follow any stringent diet and starve all day. You can prepare tasty food that will tickle your taste buds even when you are on a diet. However, you have to avoid certain foods that add extra calories. You just have to pair up foods to supply essential nutrients to your body.

These are a few benefits you can reap by using this program.

Price and money-back guarantee and refund policy

The cost of this Cinderella Solution is just USD 37. You can buy this from the official website and make payment electronically. When you buy the program, you can have access to the login page from where you can download the printable form of the program to your mobile device, computer, or tablet. You can also have access to this program online without downloading it to your devices. However, it is recommended to download so that you have access to the program whenever you want.

This program also comes with a money-back guarantee. You can get a refund on the product within 60 days from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with the results that the program is giving, you can get your money back.

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Side effects

The program is safe to use by women without getting prone to any side effects. This has no side effects and promotes good health. This program is confined only to women. Any woman can follow the diet and exercises that are given in this program. You will have access to the information related to healthy eating and food items. You can happily gain a svelte body without having to starve all day long. The guide will allow you to quickly and effectively lose weight.

However, you need to be very careful while doing the exercises. When you are doing the exercises prescribed in the quick book, you need to monitor your body

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Cinderella Solution has changed the way I look. The systematic approach helped me in reducing the extra weight without much effort and workouts.

Abby, entrepreneur

As a businesswoman, it is always important for me to maintain a balance between both personal and professional life. Cinderella solution is a powerful program that I followed to combat weight issues and cut off that extra fat, which was bothering me.

Ellen, employee

I work from 9 am to 9 pm. I was married at an early age due to which I was susceptible to hormonal imbalance. This eventually led to gain weight. When I got to learn about Cinderella Solution, without a second thought, I purchased. This program helped me to cut down 10 kgs of extra weight through a healthy and natural process. It gave me a perfect body shape by spending less. I was able to regain the lost confidence.


I am a 50-year-old woman who survived cancer. Due to the rigorous medical procedures and medication, I have put on a lot of weight. I tried various ways to cut the extra fat, but none reaped me the desired result. Then I found Cinderella solution. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t work for the elderly ladies like me, but the exercises and diet plans were so comfortable that I have enjoyed the 28-day program, and as a result, I lost 12 kgs of weight. Thank you, Cinderella Solution. Without you, my weight loss dream would have been left as a dream.


The most common problem that is faced by every woman is weight gain issues. They try various ways to lose weight. Fortunately, every woman is happy to find Cinderella’s Solution. This is a weight loss program that can be used by all women irrespective of age to lose weight and gain a slim body in a short period. It takes just 28 days to see the miraculous results. Though this program is not magic, it works like magic on women who are longing to lose weight and slip into their favorite attires. This program has to be followed stringently to lose weight within the promised time. You need to follow the procedures to gain the desired weight meticulously.

This program has detailed information about the meal plans that help you to lose weight over time. This comes at a cost-effective price and has many positive reviews about the users. This is the one, and only one thing that is available for women want to say goodbye to obesity and plus-weight. Self-control is required to follow this program and to see the desired results.

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