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Want to learn how to lose all that unnecessary body fat with just sleep? That’s exactly what Dan Garner and Todd Lamb’s online fat burning program titled Eat Sleep Burn is all about. This means you won’t have to bother lifting weights or engaging in intense cardio workouts to obtain a lean, fit figure. If you’re interested or you need convincing, keep reading our extensive review and what our take on this entire program really is.

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What Is Eat Sleep Burn?

Todd Lamb, one of the authors of this book, was the one who came up with this super simple yet effective weight loss program of just eating and then going off in the deep sleep mode to activate our body’s fat-burning mechanisms.

To be more specific, you can eat some of your favorite foods and lose weight simultaneously without engaging in strenuous exercise routines or even feel like you’re going on a diet. It’s just that simple! You can also save money on buying pricey natural foods from the market.

Through this program, you can easily kickstart your body’s leptin hormone levels, restart your metabolic rate, while still enabling you to naturally lose weight in the process. Imagine having to simply eat what you like and sleeping it off without doing all the commercially advertised and expensive methods to get into shape.

The program works over a period of 28 days and features plausible ways in which you can prevent weight gain, recycle your metabolic rate, enhance energy levels and learn how to consistently stay in excellent shape.

To get the best outcome of this program, co-author Dan will teach you how to unlock your nervous system to get quick results and combine a scientifically proven method known as the Sequential Shutdown Method (SSM).

Sequential Shutdown Method (SSM) is a process that enables people to burn fat as fast as they can. But some followers of the program struggle to achieve those results without properly acquiring the ability of a good night’s sleep.

That’s why Eat Sleep Burn is one of the only programs that teach people about the root of their unsuccessful weight loss attempts and provide them with a practical strategy that will allow them to burn fat with ease.

The program has been classified as “safe” for men and women which is not something that you would often see. That’s because this is a general weight loss program that will work no matter who you are or what gender you may be.

How Does This Program Work?

Eat Sleep Burn relies mainly on the Sequential Shutdown Program. Through this method, you can effectively lose belly fat, build lean muscles as well as reduce the risk of any disease that may plague your body later on.

The only way to unlock this method which is resetting your hormonal balance is to acquire appropriate levels of sleep as well as certain types of food from the start. This method also activates other procedures that prevent any difficulties in allowing you to sleep as well as put a stop to your body’s wiring systems.

As soon as you purchased the manual for this program, you will get access to the secret tea, the ingredients involved as well as how you can prepare. That secret tea is what will fight off your insomnia as well as other sleeping disorders, but you need to take it right before you go to bed.

As your body sleeps, the ingredients in the secret tea will activate your body’s hormones that enable you to lose weight. It will even prevent improper eating habits and maintain the balance between the ghrelin and leptin.

You’ll need to take this tea daily and then your body will go through noticeable drastic changes. And then, slowly but surely you’ll start losing weight and be more conscious of the things that you eat. Not only will you be treating your sleeping disorder, but you will also get the most beneficial type of sleep every night.

It’s a process that works both for men and women as we stated earlier. It doesn’t, however, work as effectively for kids because they don’t face the kind of issues that adults do.

The best part about this program is that you don’t really have to watch what you need every time. The reason why that so is because everything has been laid out in the guide to ensure that you activate your metabolism again, control your appetite as well as enhance your body’s energy.

This isn’t something that Todd Lamb and Dan Garner just pulled out of thin air, but rather something that they have carefully and diligently researched upon. This means that you will be able to burn fat even when you’re eating.

You’ll also learn why nutrition is essential for losing weight. You also learn about the types of food that you must avoid if you want to lose weight. You’ll also understand the types of food that you must take for burning fat, especially if you want to activate your metabolism.

You’ll find a plethora of other information in this guide, including exercises that you can perform at home to keep you in shape. You’ll even learn how to use the Sequential Shutdown Method to regenerate body cells and improve your overall sleep.

Eat Sleep Burn Reviews

What Is the Secret Tea?

There is a significantly special concoction within the program that is highly crucial in our weight loss attempts as well as improving our overall sleep habits, and it is known as the secret tea. The ingredients of this exceptional beverage can only be accessed when you buy the program.

Preparing this exquisite tea is pretty much a walk in the park. Not only is it soothing for your digestive tract, but it’s also quite delicious and allows you to sleep soundly any night you take it. The ingredients in this tea will work their magic while you’re asleep and can optimize your body’s balance. Its dosage is also included in the guide.

It is absolutely necessary to take this secret tea each night before you go to bed. You will have a nice, relaxing and peaceful sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Benefits of Eat Sleep Burn

Eat Sleep Burn offers a handful of benefits including:

  • Instruct you on how to make movements that regulate your hormones, thereby speeding up the weight loss process.
  • Help you learn how to lose weight by contributing only a few minutes of your time daily without stressing out.
  • It provides a range of tips and information that you can try to improve your overall sleep pattern. Your ability to lose weight and burn fat will be maximized.
  • Learn how to reset your body’s circadian rhythm. This way, you will sleep without any difficulty or trouble at night.
  • Sleep faster using the Batcave method.
  • Shut down anxiety-inducing neurotransmitters.
  • Instructs you on the necessities of taking naps.
  • It offers guidelines and tips that speed up your body’s fat-burning process.
  • Prevent chronic inflammation.
  • Clarifies the relationship between productivity and sleep.
  • It offers better sleep strategies and methods.
  • Allow you to improve the connection between the body and the mind.
  • Has in-depth information about how sleep affects your immunity.

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How Does the Process of Sleep and Burn Work?

If you think that by “burning” you will be sweating during your sleep, then that is not true. As a matter of fact, sleeping is an effective way for people to lose weight.

Once someone adapts to a regular sleeping cycle or rather a healthy one, the metabolism of your body initiates, which enables it to fix itself. Couple that with basic exercise and a highly nutritional diet, the chemical reactions in our body start affecting the inner workings.

Through this process, the body will stop producing certain types of hormones in excess, including cortisol which is what accumulates fat in our belly. It even produces other hormones at the same time, like the ones that convert fat into energy as well as enable us to control our appetite.

To be short, proper sleep plays a significant role in this fat-burning process and it’s actually quite easier than you can imagine.

Who Authored Eat Sleep Burn?

As we said earlier, Eat Sleep Burn has been authored by the collaborative efforts of two amazing men: Todd Lamb and Dan Garner.

First off, Todd Lamb is a former police officer who served over 17 years, a former SWAT team leader, and a canine and SWAT dog handler. His extensive military background and certifications are a testament to someone who knows how to stay in top shape and health.

Dan Garner is someone with in-depth knowledge and expertise on the optimal functions of the human body based on his elaborate scientific background. He is Team Garner’s founder, a lab analyst at Nuway Fitness, an elite programming supervisor, a nutrition specialist and head strength coach at Hockey Training, as well as one of Amazon’s best-selling authors.

Price and Moneyback Guarantee

According to their official website, the price of the guide is usually $197, but as of this writing, there is an Immediate Action Discount which allows you to buy the guide for just $37.

And just to ensure how confident the authors of this program are, there is even giving you a 100% moneyback guarantee if you’re in any case unsatisfied with the guide.

Is the Guide Safe to Use?

Yes indeed. Everything from the information about weight loss and sleep to the organic ingredients required for the preparation of the secret tea is absolutely safe. Everything you find in this guide has been meticulously laid out with precision and care to ensure you’re doing everything you can to burn those obnoxious pounds as well as get a proper night’s sleep. You will find that as you rest, the ingredients of the secret tea will work their magic in kickstarting your metabolism and prevent any fat from being stored in your belly area.

Is It Addictive?

No. Neither the guide nor even the secret herbal tea is addictive. The tea is made of 100% organic ingredients and helps improve one’s sleep at night. There are no harmful chemical components involved of any kind.

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Before and After Results

eat sleep burn before after

eat sleep burn before after

Pros and Cons


  • It really works. Despite some criticism, the program has an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who’s ever tried it.
  • The process is easy. The program’s one main take away that would have people suspected to be a scam is that it’s easy to apply.
  • Complete moneyback guarantee. If for whatever reason the program doesn’t deliver on whatever it purports, then customers are within their rights to a 100% moneyback guarantee.
  • There are no harmful chemicals involved in this program.
  • The Batcave sleeping technique provides exceptional regenerative abilities.
  • Product is immediately accessible after purchase
  • The secret tea is easy to make
  • The program can be downloaded and viewed on several screens, either desktop or mobile.


  • It’s only available in digital format, which is a headache for those who prefer hard copies or are not tech-savvy.
  • The results may vary depending on your body’s conditions.
  • It requires trial and error. It’s not some kind of magic pill that automatically grants you a slim and fit body. You’ll need to know the types of food to eat and avoid.


So now you know how much your body will be thankful upon purchasing the Eat Sleep Burn guide when it comes to losing weight and sleeping soundly at night. What’s more, the secret tea, which is the key component in this program, needs to be consumed every night before going to bed. That’s when the ingredients will work their weight loss magic inside your body.

The secret tea enters the blood, breaks down cells at a rapid pace, allowing her body to burn fat, well, as well as improve our overall mood in terms of productivity and activity.

There’s also a special discount of $37 as of this writing which you can take advantage of you hurry. And in case if you’re not satisfied, the authors of Each Sleep Burn comes with a 60-day 100% money back return policy.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t really like putting in a lot of effort in order to lose weight, this is the ultimate guide for you.

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