Why Alcohol Causes Whiskey Dick?

People love to drink. While some men may drink a little more than others, drinking alcohol is quite common. There is a fine line between casual drinks once in a while and binge drinking every day. Most men binge drinking during the weekends, at a barbeque, or a pool session. Not to mention when men can drink significantly during special events such as bachelors, work conference or boat parties. Boozing, enjoying with friends, and being high in confidence is a fulfilling experience. Even though alcohol gives men liquid courage, the same can cause alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction called ‘whiskey dick.’

Whiskey Dick

What is Whiskey Dick?

You might have heard the term ‘Whiskey Dick’ before, but do you know what it is? A man is said to have a whiskey dick when a man is unable to get an erection when drink. When you are aroused, blood needs to flow into your penis for it to become hard, but since whiskey makes you soft, you cannot get an erection even when you desire sex. When your body contains alcohol, it puts its focus more on processing it rather than allowing you to achieve and maintain an erection. Alcohol also makes you sloppy and delays your brain response. Thus, even if you are aroused, your brain is unable to send a signal to your penis and can cause a whiskey dick.

Partners of men who experience whiskey dick need to understand that not getting an erection does not mean a lack of love, desire, and affection. It is the body’s natural functions and is more common than one can think.

Long Term Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not a bad thing when done in moderation. It helps men relax, increases confidence, and removes inhibitions leading to better sexual performance. But, every man is different, and so is their body. It is important for men to know their limits to alcohol consumption, especially when you are looking to engage in sex a little while later.

When men binge drink, it is not just about being embarrassed or not able to perform under the influence. When you drink for years, instead of a stand-alone occurrence, whiskey dick becomes quite frequent. Too much alcohol can lead to permanent whiskey dick as alcohol changes the hormonal balance in men, lower their libido, and also causes premature ejaculations. Alcohol can lower testosterone levels that lead to lower sexual desires in men.

Quick FAQs on Whiskey Dick

Does Only Whiskey Causes Whiskey Dick?

Whiskey is not the only culprit to cause whiskey dick. Thus, switching to vodka or beer won’t make a difference. Whiskey dick can happen due to any form of alcohol. It is the alcohol that is the main culprit here, and what form of alcohol you drink does not have any difference. You also need to remember that even wine and beer contain alcohol, even if it is less than straight liquor. However, you can decrease your chances of getting a whiskey dick if you drink a lower level of alcohol drink rather than putting away shot after shot.

How Many Drinks Causes Whiskey Dick?

It is hard to say. There are plenty of different factors that influence how alcohol affects men, including

  • Bodyweight
  • Number of drinks you have had
  • Medicines you may be on
  • How fast you drank alcohol
  • Whether you are hydrated
  • Whether you have eaten anything after taking alcohol
  • Your tolerance level to alcohol

Is There is a Vaginal Equivalent to Whiskey Dick?

Yes, there is a similar condition that happens in women called ‘whiskey clit’. While women do not have to worry about not getting hard, they can find it hard to reach orgasm. Whiskey clit can negatively affect how lubricant women are during sex and reduce the pleasure they get from it.

How to Cure Whiskey Dick Once You Already Have It?

There are just only a few ways in which whiskey dick can be cured. One of the ways is to sober up. However, there are many other ways one can avoid the embarrassment of whiskey dick. One way is to use BlueChew, a medication services that provide you with chewable tablets that you can take to get aroused when needed.

Should You Worry about Whiskey Dick?

If you are young and do not have much trouble getting hard when you need to, then the occasional whiskey dick should not worry a lot. However, you can suffer from whiskey dick when you have a small amount of drink or even when you are sober; then, it might be a cause of concern. Whiskey dick might be a sign of other medical conditions, and you should consider talking to your doctor about it.

Treat Whiskey Dick with BlueChew

Whiskey Dick is quite a common form of erectile dysfunction. One in every four men suffers from ED even before they reach the age of 40. Most of the cases of whiskey dick are due to excessive drinking. But, men do not have to live with it or have their sex life suffer. Max Performer is an ED medication. This medicine allows an optimal level of blood flow into your penis, allowing you to achieve and maintain an erection. You can enjoy sex even if there is alcohol in your body. Max Performer is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction as it is convenient, easy to order, and cost-effective for men. You can keep the chewable tablets in your pockets or your wallet and have them when you want.


It is best not to panic if you happen to get whiskey dick once in a while after a few drinks. You do not want it to get into your head as it can affect you psychologically and complicate things even further. But, you need to remember that binge and heavy drinking affect you sexual performance to a great extent in the long run. According to studies, alcohol can affect your hormones, lower testosterone, and reduce your sex drive too. Men will continue to mix alcohol and sex to feel good, and a lot of times, they are complementary to each other. But, you need to remember that your body has limits, and you should not add toxins into your body so that you can get laid when you need to.

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