Tips to Avoid Neck Pain While Driving

We all live a fascinating, fast-paced life right now, isn’t it? Our elders or our ancestors always lead a well-planned life. They took the time to do everything in their life. If they had to visit a relative, they would always plan for the same, well because of the distance mainly. But now, our actions are also fast-paced. We make hasty decisions. We, in a minute, plan for a long drive to escape the busy life that we are living in. We think that taking a long drive into the serene nature or on the highway towards a beach destination will ease the stress our body has been facing and battling for so long. Deep down, if you are going to self-introspect, this isn’t the case at all! All those long hours of driving are equal to the driving you do to commute from home to your workspace. It is going to stress your body in both cases. We agree, that the latter option would be a little less bearable because it’s going to have vacation feels at the end of it. So, having said all of this, we won’t be running around the bushes any more—we’re trying to address the problem of developing neck pain every single time you drive. Did your neck just cringe a bit on reading it? We’re sure most of them reading must’ve faced it. Well, it’s because a majority of us do face this problem of neck pain every single day when we drive our car. Yet, most of us chose to ignore the issue because we feel that we cannot do much about it. Dear readers, you shouldn’t be turning a blind eye to this. The more you ignore, the more serious and health destructing your neck pain will become. Therefore, let us understand more about this concern and what could be done about it and find a solution! Read on.

Avoid Neck Pain While Driving

How Can Driving Cause Neck Pain?

There can be several reasons due to which neck pain is induced because of driving. Spending several hours behind the wheel in an immobile position will lead your body to feel very taxed out. Your body is bound to feel hurt in more than just one way. And those who drive regularly like cab drivers, bus drivers, etc. well they have higher chances of developing neck pains which can result in an injury later on. However, many people find it very surprising when their neck pain gets linked to driving often. Because they must have been driving for years, so how come the neck pain surfaced now? Well, we admit that every case here is unique and certainly very different. But several of the cases link the neck pain triggering because of driving. Now, let us look at some of the reasons as to how driving could lead to severe back pain:

  • Constant Vibration

Just think of what happens when you begin to drive your car. You are under the impression that you are seated safely in the four-wheeled car that is protecting you from any danger that might be occurring outside, in short, you trust your car to brace any impact that occurs. No matter how safe, how well-functional your car is when you are in the driver’s seat, it is inevitable for you to face certain vibrations while you drive over an uneven surface—because bumps and roads go hand in hand you see (winks). Usually, in such cases, the shock absorbers of your car try their best to adjust the height of your car wheels so that you who are sitting inside will have a smooth ride. This doesn’t succeed always. All of the jostling caused by impacts or vibrations can take a toll on your neck and leave you in neck pain.

  • Angle Of The Car Seat

Yes, how you adjust your seat’s alignment when you drive also has a role to play. Now, suppose you’ve positioned your driver’s seat in a very comfortable position, there could be a teeny-weeny chance that you are sitting far back. This will end up straining your neck every single time you break or change your view angle. Your neck could also experience soreness because of this act.

  • Immobility

Remember how strain-full your body feels while sitting at your work desk for too long? It’s the same thing while driving too. While the seat in your car is made to provide you with the utmost comfort in your pursuit of driving to your destination, if you are stuck in that position for a long time; the vertebrae and the discs in your spine will face strain and this can directly affect the neck area. And another truth is that most of the vehicles also fail to provide lumbar support. If there is no good support to the lower half of your body—this impacts your neck!

How To Avert This Neck Pain Caused Because Of Driving?

There are many ways in which you could avert falling prey to severe neck pain while you are driving. While some of the ways are obvious, there are others that are much nuanced. Because every case is different, there are different methods to treat the unique cases of neck pain. Or you also use a neck massager like Neck Relax which is made using cutting edge technology. Devices like these are like a portable cure for your neck pain.

Few Tips On How To Avoid Neck Pain While Driving

  • Take Breaks

If driving to your workplace every day involves driving long distances, then we recommend that you plan on taking at least one break in between. Schedule these breaks in a manner that you will never feel strained while driving and neither will you be late to work. The majority of the cases related to driving have to do with the amount of time the driver was in an uncomfortable position driving at a stretch.

  • Fixing Your Posture

It’s the 21st-century habit we suppose, to slump while in our car seats, isn’t it? This is the wrong thing to do! Holding your body in wrong positions for a long duration of time irritates the spine’s natural structure and this in return will hurt your neck as well. We’re not asking you to sit at an angle of 90 degrees here. Just ensure that you keep your back flat and not slumped while you’re driving.

  • Relax

Driving can be stressful—hell yeah! Because not everybody can be paying attention to the road by 100 percent, right? And if you find yourself yelling at cars passing by, then you surely don’t want to continue to drive with that tension—trust us! When your mind is going through stress, your body’s muscles stress up much faster and this can lead to neck pain as well. Therefore, when you are driving, make a note to take deep breaths and relax and drive. This way you will focus better on the road! When off-road, maybe some yoga and meditation would help.

  • Lumbar Support

If you see a gap between your lower back and your driving seat, then there is definitely no lumbar support which is vital for your back and neck to not undergo strain while driving. In such cases, consider getting a lumbar support pillow, it will ease your lower back pain and will also keep you safe from any neck pains.

  • Position Mirrors Correctly

When you are driving, you shouldn’t be adjusting the mirrors—this can lead to neck pain. Therefore, always ensure that you’ve placed your mirrors right and then you start your car to drive.

  • Utilizing Cruise Control

As much as long drives or long-distance driving sound fun to you, they are very stressful on your neck and back. In such cases, you have two options: one would be to take frequent breaks so that you could stretch out a bit. And the second would be, if your car has the option of cruise control, they just switch to it. This will allow you to keep your foot flat on the car floor easing your back and neck. Ensure your glute and hamstring get comfortable.

Or as mentioned earlier, switching to portable neck massagers like the Neck Relax can never go wrong. You need to pamper your strained neck and allow it to loosen the stiffness at the end of your tiring day. So, are you suffering from neck pain because of driving? Consider these options and feel better!

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