Neck Relax Review

A stiff neck and an inflamed upper back are something almost everybody suffers from. The computer screens we keep peering at hunchbacked, the cell phones we are checking almost constantly leads to the build of a nasty pain in your upper back, around the shoulders and spine. The pain is excruciating and decapitates you considerably. It even leads to sprains in the neck and sometimes leads to the need for a brace for support.

A chronic backache will often result in tiredness, stress, mood swings, lack of ability to focus and a distorted posture. The pain, if not addressed properly, becomes a constant companion. Even if you rest sufficiently, it will come right back once you resume your daily activities. Right from the beginning of a workweek, you will feel tired and energy levels sapping. The reason for all this is your bad body posture. We are so engrossed in achieving our targets, meeting that deadline and the list go on. We ignore our health and let issues that can be fixed by including simple changes in our lifestyle; develop into a full-blown chronic situation.

A neck massage may be helpful but that too up to a certain extent only; besides getting a massage it’s not an option all the time. You need to take time out, get an appointment to visit a chiropractor; which is all very time-consuming. Time is something we are always hard-pressed for. A neck relax is an easy and effective solution to this problem. It’s a device you can wear and get a neck massage whenever, wherever. It will ease that back pain and give you instant relief. It’s a portable device so you can use it when at work or while driving or doing your household chores.

What is the main cause of neck pain?

The root cause of all this discomfort is a bad posture. Ever since childhood, we have been listening to our parents telling us to sit straight, not to slouch. There is a scientific reason behind it. When you spend long hours in a hunched back position with your head leaning forward, you stress your spinal cord with an unnatural posture.

The head leaning out, stays unaligned with your spine for long hours, exerting undue pressure on the spine. It results in making the surrounding muscles stiff and eventually inflamed. This is what marks the beginning of a painful neck and back.

This posture, commonly known as the Dowager’s hump further goes on to make our shoulders grow apart and begin to shift forward, exerting undue pressure on the lower back and giving way to an unsightly hump.

Due to the staggering amount of time, we spend nowadays peering into our fancy gadgets; this problem is on the rise and from a minor inconvenience it builds into chronic pain, faster than you would expect.

A Neck Relax not only helps alleviate muscle pain but also is beneficial for correcting your body posture in the long run.

Neck Relax reviews

What is Neck relax?

As the name suggests, it relaxes your neck. The Neck Relax is a small machine that massages your neck to relieve you of the pain in your upper back and neck. It’s a stylish looking product resembling a pair of headphones; which you can around your neck. It looks like a funky piece of gadget around your neck, so, you can easily wear it anywhere outside your house too.

The Neck Relax uses the infrared heat, electric pulse and ultrasound in its process of pain relief. It also helps you correct the posture, which is the root cause of the pain in your neck. The machine will massage your neck and release the tension in the muscles to remove the stiffness.

This product is very good at relieving muscle tension, back-ache and minimizing inflammation in muscles. The Neck Relax is capable of strengthening the muscles in the neck; making it more flexible and increasing the neck’s range of motion. It will relieve you of that persistent ache and improve your health.

How does the Neck Relax work?

The Neck Relax uses makes use of the ultrasound technology along with electrical mini-stimuli and infrared heat to help release the stress from your muscles and thereby relieving the pain. If said simply, the neck massager stretches your neck to help relax the muscles around it. It is like a hammock for your neck to relax and helps remove the tension in the surrounding muscles.

There are studies indicating that people have received 90% relief from neck and back pain by using this Neck Relax. The product is gaining huge popularity among the people suffering from such muscle pain.

The product box consists of a neck massager, two gel pads along with a connection cable. The neck massager is the main machine you will use to massage the neck and alleviate pain. The two gel pads provided along with can be connected to your neck massager with the connection cable and you can put them on your arms, back, shoulder or any other body part with inflamed muscle pain. Once you switch on the neck massager, you will the vibrations in the gel pads also; which are connected to the main machine. It is easy to assemble and you can set it up on your own.

The neck massager runs on 3 AAA dry batteries, which enables you to use the machine up to 7 hours, without having to charge or replace the batteries. There are 6 modes in which the machine functions and 16 varied strength settings for using the Neck Relax according to your requirements. The Neck Relax principally works on easing the stress on your cervical spine; further, it also eases the pain of whatever body part you apply the gel pads to.

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How to use the Neck Relax?

The Neck Relax neck massager is very easy to use. You first need to remove any hair around the neck, use a damp cloth to clean and moisten the skin. Now prepare by the device by first switching it on. The machine comes pre-set to mode 1, which is the lightest setting for massage. You can change the mode based on how acute your pain is. Further, you can adjust the strength setting which can go up to a maximum of 16; just increase or decrease the strength with the button provided. There is a detailed instructions manual included with the product, which will help you understand its working better. If you need further assistance there is the company’s customer support team available, just a phone call away to help you further.

Neck Relax Review

Benefits of using a Neck Relax

The Neck Relax is the perfect solution for this muscle ailment our entire generation is suffering from. It is advantageous to us in many ways.

  • It is very helpful for people suffering from neck pain and pain in the upper back region.
  • The Neck Relax very efficiently helps you re-align your head with the spine.
  • It takes the pressure off your cervical spine, letting it relax and heal. It relieves the stress of it, occurring due to supporting an unnatural body posture.
  • Neck Relax helps release the knots and tension built in the muscles and helps relax.
  • It helps you exercise without complications and you recover faster from a sports injury.
  • The neck massager comes with two gel pads which can be used to reduce pain wherever muscle feels inflamed.
  • The Neck Relax has 3 different modes and 16 strength settings. You can use it at different strengths to get relief from pain as per your requirements.
  • An inflamed neck and back make you irritable. The pain is a constant bother; making people short-tempered, you are unable to focus completely on anything and your life suffers. By easing this neck pain, Neck Relax lifts your spirits and you are in a much better mood throughout the day when there is no body-ache.
  • The manufacturers are giving a 50% discount on the product during the launch period.
  • The Neck Relax has a modern-looking, funky design, which makes it look more like a fancy set of headphones around your neck instead of a neck massager.
  • It is lightweight and portable; you can carry it anywhere with you and use it whenever required.
  • You can assemble and set up the Neck Relax easily on your own.
  • You can not only cure neck pain but also de-stress other muscles by connecting its gel pads with a connection cable to the neck massager.
  • The Neck Relax is time-saving as you do not have to go to a masseuse or a doctor for help. You can ease your pain right at your home.
  • It is cost-effective. The Neck Relax is a one-time investment. Once you buy this product, regular usage will cure your aches and improve your posture.
  • It saves you that trip to a doctor and helps reduce the medical bills.
  • The Neck Relax is not a surface cure. Its ultrasound technology helps cure the pain by penetrating the deep tissue.
  • The Neck Relax is a wireless machine; running on AAA batteries, you do not need to hook it up to a plug for power supply.
  • The company delivers to India also.

Price of the Neck Relax and refund policy

The Neck Relax neck massager is currently being sold at a 50% discount as a part of the product launch offer. The stocks are limited and the offer may end soon.

There are many lucrative buying options available on the website now. The following are the price options available to choose from. These are the special discounted prices; available only for a limited time.

You may choose any of these above-mentioned buying options. In addition to the product, you can also purchase a product warranty offered by the manufacturer, separately. There are two options available for warranty:

  • 1-year warranty for 49$
  • 2-year warranty for 10$

Purchasing the warranty will prove helpful later in-case you want some added services with relation to your purchase.

The company offers an easy 30 – days returns policy. If the product arrived is damaged or the user is not happy with the results, they can return the product within 30 days since order delivery.

The product will undergo a quality check, post which a full refund will be issued within 14 calendar days.

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Disadvantages of using the Neck Relax

  • The Neck Relax neck massager cannot be charged directly with electricity.
  • Neck Relax is available only in one color, white.
  • This product is not available on common shopping websites such as Amazon or eBay.
  • Neck Relax is available only on its official website.
  • The product warranty is to be purchased separately, it not included with the product.

What are the customers saying?

Let us see what the customers have to say about the Neck Relax.

“I used to spend most parts of my days on a desk glaring at a screen. There was barely any moving about happening and for hours at times I would end up sitting in a slouched posture. My neck used to ache and with time it had developed into such chronic pain that I was in agony right from the second day of the week. I consulted a doctor and was advised regular exercise and physical movement else I would develop a chronic case of backache. Moving away from my desk and doing some stretching was not really possible. That is when I saw the advertisement for Neck Relax. I can now work pain-free. I carry the neck massager to work and switch it on every time I feel my muscles getting stiff. The gel pads along with it are great, I can use them for my lower back; all the sitting in chair and working made my lower back muscles inflamed too. It has solved all my body ache issues and I am super impressed with its smart design.”- Martha


With our sedentary jobs, it’s no surprise that some of us end up with stiffness and pain in our necks. Long hours at the desk in front of your computer simply spell neck pain.

We need something to help us combat this muscle pain and set us free from this agony. The Neck Relax is the right product to help us finally be free of that nasty neck pain. It is designed with a modern approach sporting a lightweight machine, with smart design and sleek looks. The fact that it runs on batteries gives it the added advantage of portability; you can wear it work, on your way to the office, at home, during travels.

The fact that it not only eases the pain but also helps us correct the posture is an added advantage. This is a one-time investment that will benefit you for life.


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