Is Yohimbine Effective For Weight Loss?

With the increase in technology and comfortable, obesity is a common problem among people of all age groups, from teenagers to oldies. The stubborn fat stored in the body needs to be controlled to stay away from issues like high cholesterol, heart problems. The fat is stored in the body in the fat cells called adipocytes.

The reason behind the storage of fat in the body is because of the increase in the level of insulin in the body. The food breaks down in the small intestine, and food is absorbed into the bloodstream and the glucose(sugar) level in blood increases. With an increase in the sugar level of the body, Pancreas secretes a hormone known as insulin in the body.

Insulin asks cells and organs of the body to consume the glucose from the bloodstream to maintain the level of sugar in the body, then insulin asks the liver to consume the amount of glucose it wants and stores the remaining glucose in the form of glycogen.

This process is known as lipogenesis, and lipogenesis works until all the glucose has been consumed from the body. To get rid of fat, one uses various methods, which include a gym, controlling diet, by taking a diet supplement.


Signs that you need to lose weight

Signs that one must start polyps losing weight are as follows

  1. Uncontrollable appetite: Leptin is the hormone that controls your appetite. Cortisol is released into the bloodstream when you are full, which signals the brain to stop eating.
  2. If the fat cells regularly increase the leptin producers in a large quantity of blood, the brain becomes less sensitive to leptin. When it does not receive leptin, it assumes that you are hungry, thus results in overeating even when you are full. Closed because the brain thinks you are not getting much energy and started preserving energy which causes gaining weight
  3. Expanded waistline: With the increase in cortisol hormone, which increases due to stress waistline increases. Increased cortisol can be a result of increased appetite and slow metabolism.
  4. Being tired all the time: Within imbalance of cortisol and testosterone one experience tiredness all the time
  5. High blood sugar level: Insulin is the hormone that controls the transfer of blood sugar into the cell. Too much insulin is the body, insulin resistant, and does lead to high blood sugar.
  6. Sweating: Sweating all the time is a sign of increased estrogen or is progesterone which shows an increase of fat in the body

What is Yohimbine?

Extracted from a south African tree’s bark, Yohimbine is Aspisoderma quebracho Blanco, is also known as quebrachine. Used in various research projects, Yohimbine alpha-2 adrenergic antagonist.

Yohimbe is used for athletic performance, weight loss, chest, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetic nerve pain, and depression due to various medicines.

The Bark of the Yohimbe tree brings a chemical called Yohimbine, which helps to make medicine. Yohimbine is a fat burner and a herbal supplement. Yohimbine is previously sold as a medicine to improve sexual performance recently, and Yohimbine has started getting sold as a dietary supplement with various uses.

Yohimbine comes either as a tablet or in the form of a capsule and works as blocking the receptors in the body called alpha two adrenergic receptors. Yohimbine is also observed to be helpful in the dilation of a blood vessel, which increases the blood flow in the body parts as the nitric oxide in the body increases.

Yohimbine is not prescribed to be used by women more often because it has various side effects. Yohimbine is majorly used to treat erectile dysfunction in males and is now researched as fat burner medicine.

Yohimbine as a dietary supplement

Yohimbine is consumed as a supplement that helps in weight loss and improving body composition. The ability of you have been to block alpha two adrenergic receptors are found in the fat cells helps to increase fat loss and weight loss. Various studies have shown that Yohimbine is quite full of fat reduction in the body for example

  • A study on 20 obese females has been conducted who consumes Yohimbine in their diet in consumes more than a thousand calories as the diet for three weeks (1). The women consuming Yohimbine lost weight significantly as compared to the women who do not consume Yohimbine. An estimate shows that women are consuming Yohimbine likely to reduce 1.4 kg more weight as compared to those who do not consume Yohimbine.
  • Another study is associated with the elite soccer players, which results in a decrease in body fat by 1.8% points over the period of 3 weeks, while no significant changes were observed in the soccer players, not consuming Yohimbine.
  • But two controlled studies also concluded shows that Yohimbine has no significant result on fat loss.

These studies show vague results, and thus more researches are required to conclude whether Yohimbine works as a weight loss and decreased body fat.

Measures to take Yohimbine?

Various measures are to be taken before consuming Yohimbine. The following steps are to be considered while consuming Yohimbine:

  1. People with a history of heart disease, high as low blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, and mental health conditions should not take Yohimbine. Yohimbine also causes dizziness and thus cannot be consumed while driving. Also, it reduces alertness and, therefore, not safe to perform any task.
  2. Pregnant women and children under 18 years should also refrain from using Yohimbine. Yohimbine also affects mental order and can cause anxiety and panic disorder or even depression. Yohimbine is not preferred to be used by women.
  3. A person with erectile dysfunction was to be asked for a doctor’s opinion.
  4. Purchase yohimbine supplements from a reputed company. Ensure that the Yohimbine is tested for quality and safety. Check the label about how much Yohimbine the product contains.
  5. Yohimbine dosage should contain 30mg of yohimbine hydrochloride per day, which is 10mg three times daily.
  6. Also, before taking Yohimbine to consult your doctor whether you are allergic to Yohimbine or not, because it may cause allergic reactions and other reactions in the body, which can be harmful.
  7. Try not to skip the meal and don’t store it near moisture.
  8. Other studies have advised consuming 0.09mg per pound, which is equivalent to 15mg per day. If there are inaccurate labeling and potential side effect, it is safest to avoid Yohimbine if having any of the above diseases.

Potential Dangers of consuming Yohimbine

The common side effects of consuming Yohimbine include gastrointestinal disease, increased heart rate, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Taking Yohimbine as a dietary supplement comes with the risk of dangerous side effects.

Few people have experienced life-threatening disease, which includes heart attack, seizure, and acute kidney injuries. Also, Yohimbine is not approved by the federal drug administration (FDA). That is, there is no guarantee that the product you purchased is the same as what is indicated on the product label.

Researchers of Harvard University have examined 49 different Yohimbine supplements and found out that that 78% of them didn’t clearly mention how much Yohimbine the product contains (2). This is highly concerning because it includes a higher dosage for Yohimbine, and it puts the body in danger with really harmful side effects.

Yohimbine supplement is banned in various countries which includes Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Other ways to lose fat

  • Drink sufficient water: drinking water makes you feel full and thus doesn’t allow you to consume more and more food.
  • Exercise regularly: Once started practice, don’t quit it because it will make you even fatter.
  • Do yoga: yoga helps to make you fit naturally.
  • Try to control your diet.
  • Try to avoid sugar and sweetening agents.
  • Taking dietary supplements: many supplements helps in losing fat with the natural or chemical ingredients they contain Yohimbine is one of them. One may also take the help of Cinderella solution, which is an online weight loss system that teaches you a two-step ritual that helps women in weight loss.


As per the researchers, the Yohimbine can be used as a dietary supplement as it works on body fat as compared to a placebo. But due to the false labeling of the amount of Yohimbine, it is dangerous too.

Many of really harmful diseases like heart attack are also caused due to intake of Yohimbine. Also, it specified to be consumed by only adults, older adults, and children who can not consume Yohimbine as it is not safe for them.

Not being certified by the FDA, the number of products and the products mentioned on the label of Yohimbine are not measured and can be false.

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