How To Boost Growth Hormone Naturally?

The human body is complex to understand. Hormones in a body affect every physiological process, such as growth, metabolism, and fertility. They secrete from the endocrine system and also affect our immune system. Somatotropin is an essential hormone in our body. It is known as HGH (human growth hormone). It is mainly known as the peptide hormone in its human form. The function of growth hormone is to provoke growth, cell reproduction and its regeneration in human and animals. The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland secretes HGH. It works in the stimulation of IGF 1 and increasing the concentration of glucose. Your growth and chemical reactions are in control of this hormone. After attaining the age of 30, HGH levels start to decrease and continue until death. However, it is a part of your aging process. If your body is going through a reduced level of HGH, it’s high time to start promote its secretion. You will be able to hide the aging signs. We are going to share some natural ways to boost HGH in your body. Follow this health guide to maintain an appropriate HGH level. We will study the benefits of Genf20 Plus and how it helps in boosting growth hormone naturally.

What is growth hormone?

In a broad term, growth hormone is a polypeptide hormone. The gland through which it secretes is located below the brain and at the center of the head behind the nose. The two other hormones from the hypothalamus including somatostatin and GHRH (growth hormone-releasing hormone) mostly control HGH. There is another hormone called IGF-1(insulin growth factor 1) which is produced by the liver under the effect of GH (growth hormone). Any little damage to the pituitary or Hypothalamus can block and lower the secretion of GH. HGH has a crucial role in keeping muscle and bone mass. In the simplest term, HGH is like other hormones that act as a chemical messenger.

Signs your body is low in HGH

When our body contains a low level of HGH, it reflects on our face and skin. The amount of fat stored in your body will be high. Many other signs show the lowering of the HGH level in your body. The skin will look thin, and it will lose its shine and glow. Moreover, a shallow level of HGH can make your skin saggy and dry. Lack of the ability to exercise, menopause in women, andropause in men, failing to sleep in darkness, all these are a clear sign of the reduction of HGH secretion. If you all are dealing with this, start increasing the HGH secretion level using the following natural ways.

Ways to maintain normal HGH levels

You have to do many things to maintain low HGH levels. It hampers the increase in muscle mass, influences the quality of life badly, makes you prone to various diseases, and affects workout performance.

  1. Reducing body fat and working out

Fat in your body can cause a direct impact on HGH production. It plays one of the leading roles in dropping down of the HGH level (1). Moreover, fat isn’t suitable for your body in any case. It leads to heart disease and strokes. However, a healthy amount of fat is essential for the body to function correctly, but it results in a build-up of cholesterol in arteries — also, blood loss its capability to clog. Consequently, it raises the risk of stroke. Belly fat is considered worst as it negatively influences the HGH level.

  1. Do fasting

Fasting is the quickest way to boost the HGH in your body. According to a study (2), doing fasting for three days consistently will enhance the HGH levels to 300%. It is difficult for any person to do continuous fasting. Taking breaks between eating and managing a different eating pattern will promote HGH production. Perform the intermittent fasting approach to see a surprising result in a surge of HGH level. Fasting reduces body fat and keeps insulin level reasonable.

  1. Take less sugar


As we told you above, insulin is related to the HGH levels. Optimizing the growth hormone level is easy when you take less amount of sugar in your diet. Follow a balanced diet plan and avoid making an excessive amount of sugar. More sugar you will make, higher will be your weight. In the end, you will become obese and may make the mistake of decreasing the HGH level (3). It is observed through diabetic patients have a reduced level of HGH.

  1. Eating right and less before sleeping

Sleeping is the time when some of your body parts are on rest. This is the time when the HGH level remains highest in your body. Try not to eat a lot before going to bed. Even researchers suggest that keep stomach full during the night is wrong for your health (4). Some people hate to take HGH producing supplements. If you are one of them, then eat foods rich in protein. During digestion, protein breaks into amino acids. These amino acids can contribute to the high level of HGH production.

  1. Do a lot of exercises

high-intensity exercise

Exercise is an essential thing when t the HGH levels are low. It is an effective method to ramp up the HGH production. Do as much use as you can minimum three times a week. Exercise at high intensity eliminates body fat. Besides, when your heart rate goes above your anaerobic threshold, it boosts the stimulation of HGH. This is why it is crucial to do high-intensity exercise (5). It would be great if you will push yourself to your extreme limit. After doing workouts, don’t take any food items precious with sugar.

  1. Get adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is always beneficial for your body. Try to get into a deep sleep and don’t wake up in the middle. Get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Change your lifestyle and routine. Read a book during the evening time for relaxing. Never use a smartphone or computer before sleeping. The blue light released by them might influence sleep quality. Avoid consuming tea or coffee in the evening. It might keep prevent you from sleeping (6). Ensure you rest and have a proper sleep using a comfortable bed.

  1. Measure progress

Meet a doctor and ask them to measure your HGH level. Do this every month or after 15 days of interval. The body would show up symptoms for not doing the right things. If you are doing the right things and observing no change in your body, it means you have to work harder. Maybe, your doctor will recommend and prescribe GH injections. This injection is given at bedtime, and you can give it to yourself.

  1. Taking Supplements

genf20 plus

Doctors can recommend GABA, melatonin, or arginine supplements to you. They are only prescribed when you are dissatisfied after trying everything else. Doctors read the sample of your blood count and then suggest the best supplement to meet your needs (7). While taking supplements, keep monitoring your liver enzymes by visiting the doctor frequently. The best supplement that we know is Genf20 Plus. It is the masterpiece formulated by some experts.

Tips on the diet for boosting HGH

  1. Eat Melatonin rich foods

Pineapple is the top food item in our list that is rich with melatonin. It assists in the improvement of sleep patterns. It contains some natural substances that support the high testosterone level. Pineapple also constitutes some level of serotonin to promote a relaxing feeling.

  1. Raw fish

Raw fish contains all nine amino acids in adequate amounts. It also has selenium, vitamin B, Vitamin D, and magnesium. When Sashimi is prepared from the fatty raw fishes, it has some concentration of Vitamin E tocopherols. Vitamin E works as an antioxidant in our body.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are the main food item to include in your diet. It is enriched with a high cholesterol level. Eating eggs means you intake amino acids, vitamin D, A, K, and E simultaneously. All these nutrients contribute to the increase in the HGH level.

  1. Raw chocolate

For a while, it is better to try raw chocolate because it has a high quantity of tryptophan. Eat some raw chocolate before going to sleep. Not only your HGH level will rise, but you will get a deep sleep too.

  1. Goji berries

It is less known to plenty of people. It deserved to be in this list because of the surprising level of fatty acids, vitamins, around 22 minerals, and so on. Sesquiterpenoid is a compound present in these berries which has a crucial role in the overall health of a human.

  1. Fava Beans

Fava Beans are well known for their potential to raise the production of HGH. They have L-Dopa that can force the pituitary gland to secrete HGH in higher concentrations.


Many people are trying to look younger, even in their 50s. It is tough for them because controlling the HGH level is impossible. Thankfully, some ways are there that promote the production of HGH. Do as what we say and you will get the best results soon.

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