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We all know how short-lived our life is. And every single year we experience and learn so many different and new things in life. And most of us often have the habit of cherishing certain special moments of our lives, isn’t it? Even a small pen or a hairpin is cherished with a memory attached to it. And in your lifetime, you end up accumulating a lot of such special memories in the form of items. Well, for others it could be just a mere object, but you don’t have those items with you throughout your life because of the price tag attached to it. In fact, you have those items because of the sentimental value attached to it.


While safeguarding those pieces of memory has always been a priority for you, oftentimes, when you explain about them to another person, chances are that they end up man-handling them. This might cause your sentimental and priceless possessions to break. And honestly, it isn’t their fault alone. Your priceless items are very weak in structure because you have been preserving them for years or maybe even decades. When such things break, the quickest idea you get is to use super glue but if that fails you feel like you’re drowning in disappointment. In such cases, have you ever taught about bonding?

We guess that the present time we live in is so revolutionary that we need to feel fortunate enough to exist. Because every other day there’s a solution that comes for something that never existed before. And today, you can consider it to be one such lucky day as we introduce you to a product called Bondic. This is a bond plastic that has entered new in the market. And trust us, having Bondic by your side you can be able to restore the precious memories of your life without any worries. All the handy work and repair work becomes easy with this.

About Bondic

Bondic is nothing but a plastic solution in liquid form which has been made with a formula that will help to stick everything and anything together. It is made using a unique technology that makes the liquid plastic activate and solidify when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays. This Bondic’s bonding formula can seal cracks, insulating spaces, bond items, create fresh items, and also can help restore the broken souvenirs.

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How Does Bondic Work?

Bondic is made using a very simple, yet a very apt formula. The vital medium of its bonding technology is making use of liquid plastic. This makes Bondic possess the power of sticking many things and items made of different materials to stick together. With the help of Bondic, one can stick wood, ceramic, plastic, metal, and also glass. You cannot call this Bondic as a glue as it doesn’t possess any of the characteristics of glue. Firstly, this is because it needs an LED light stick, a UV one that helps solidify the liquid plastic so that it can clamp things together and hold it that way. Normal glue, on the other hand, is capable of drying up in its own container itself.

When you take this liquid plastic and attach two broken pieces together, you need the UV light for it to solidify. The Bondic remains in its liquid plastic state until and unless it has been exposed to any kind of UV light. This Bondic is very safe for usage. Also, it won’t be difficult for you to handle it. Unlike superglue which can cause harm to your skin, the Bondic is safe to use. You can keep touching it and your fingers will never stick to each other.

What Are The Parts Included In Bondic?

Unlike superglues that come with no application assistance, the Bondic, liquid plastic comes with various parts that will allow you to fix broken things in a quicker manner. This Bondic comes with a starter kit which includes everything you require to fix broken items. The kit includes a liquid applicator which is handheld. This will allow you to apply the plastic glue on any kind of surface that you want to work on for fixing. The kit also includes an LED ultraviolet light, Beamer. And finally, of course, the kit also contains its main component, a 4-gram liquid plastic which is your adhesive here. This entire range comes packed in a metal case that is strong enough to protect Bondic and all of its components.

Bondic review

How To Work With Bondic?

The only responsibility you’ll have while using bonding to fix an item or an object is to ensure that the broken pieces of the particular object or item seamlessly fit together. And if you want to apply Bondic to it you’ll have to toughen up the areas where you want to attach or fix another piece that has broken or fallen apart. This rough surface will allow the liquid plastic to grip itself firmly on the surface of the material that is to be fixed. It’s always advised to clean the broken parts before fixing it. Make sure that there’s zero moisture content on these parts as well. Once the broken parts are cleaned and dry you can put Bondic and attach them.

Take the two pieces and place them in the right position where you want them to fit together. Then apply the Bondic with the help of the applicator. Apply just enough of Bondic to cover the gap between the broken pieces.

After doing this take the light pen (the UV) and shine the light on the liquid plastic to solidify it. This is I’ll just take four seconds. You can add another layer of the liquid plastic after the first one has solidified. But we think it’s not really required. Only if you’re unsure after the first layer application, you can apply again. If there’s some extra adhesive, you file them off lightly to create a smooth surface. Now your memoir has become brand new again!

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Benefits of Using Bondic

The amount of Bondic that needs to be used varies from one case to another. For spaces, you’ll need more of Bondic to fill the spaces up. For just attaching two broken parts you will need very little Bondic. If there’s a missing piece in an item, and you want to create a caste there with the help of Bondic, then you will need a lot of this material. Here are some benefits that the Bondic provides you with:

  • Strength: It could be repair work or any other kind of handiwork, the Bondic is an adhesive that has very strong properties which will help you fix anything and everything in a matter of a few seconds. It can easily be called as the first stop solution for repair or fixing problems.
  • Cure Control: This bonding agent’s features and properties are regarded as revolutionary by many scientists as well. This is because this liquid plastic agent tends to solidify in just a matter of four seconds when it gets exposed to the UV light. This makes you be the controller of everything that you want to stick together or repair. You add the necessary amount of Bondic and you use the UV light pen to solidify as well. Therefore, it can easily be said that this cure is definitely under your control only.
  • Fixes All Surfaces: The formula used to make Bondic is such that it can fix every form of material right from wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. It can also fill and repair, fix leaks, insulate low volt wires, improves strain relief, makes new plastic in just four seconds, connects where super glues cannot, files and shapes, make a new thread, and also helps in rebuilding broken materials.
  • Stay Liquid: Bondic has the ability to stay in its original state. You will not be throwing away any of the Bondic as it doesn’t get harden. Whereas superglues, on the other hand, tend to harden up its own container tubes, isn’t it?
  • Very Safe: Bondic is made with a formula that makes its solution non-toxic in nature. It doesn’t release any kind of hazardous fumes when it is opened. Neither does it cause any irritation to the eye or skin while using it.
  • Very Easy For Usage: The Bondic is very easy to use as this is one such repair solution that comes with an easy four-step guide which can also be followed very easily.

Price And Purchase

It is always advised to buy Bondic from the manufacturer’s official website only. As this will help you avail great discounts and prices on the product and also, you will not fall prey to any imitation product as well. The Bondic comes in three pricing models and you can opt for one that fits your budget well. They are:

Single Bondic kit for $19.99.

Two Bondic kits for $39.98 and you get one kit free.

Three Bondic kits for $59.99 and you will get two kits free.

Moneyback Guarantee, Return, And Refund Policy 

The Bondic company offers a 30 days moneyback guarantee. For this, you need to contact the company’s customer support and then ask for a return merchandise number. A return and refund are done only if the product is in its original packaging and is untampered. For more details, visit the company’s official website is recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bondic

How long does it take for the glue to join?

It takes just four seconds. No kidding!

Do I have to wear gloves while using Bondic?

Of course, not! You don’t have to. It’s very safe to use.

How much of Bondic is needed to fix?

Now, this completely depends on what you are trying to fix.

Can Bondic be used to bond metallic parts as well?

Yes, certainly! Bondic can be used to bond metallic parts as well.

Order Bondic Now & Save Up to $40


  • Has an easy to follow four-step guide.
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • It helps to bond without much strain.
  • It is of non-toxic nature.
  • Its finishes are very clean and clear.
  • It doesn’t harden up in its container.
  • It has the ability to bond various materials of different nature.


  • The quantity is very small.
  • It comes in small packaging.

Customer Reviews

Shirley: I am a crafts enthusiast and these days I’m trying to make craft works out of sustainable material. And this work includes reusing various materials by cutting and bonding them together. I used to always struggle with this process. There have been umpteen times when I had to redo craftwork from scratch because the super glue failed to do its job correctly. When I got to know about Bondic, I instantly ordered it. And let me tell you that it has made my job so much easier now! I’m a very happy creative person now.

Anthony: I have two grandkids and they love exploring the world, I mean our home. This makes them fiddle and breaks so many of the household items. And I do not get annoyed or angry at them because I’m so happy fixing and bonding the broken items with the help of Bondic. This product never fails to surprise me every single time I use it. I don’t even have to dirty my hands with glue while doing this. So safe, so easy, and I have all the control over it too!

Conclusion—The Final Verdict!

If you have been the lookout for a bonding formula to rely on and keep your home, your important items, and your souvenirs or memories safe, then Bondic needs to be your first and only stop. The great packaging, the easy to use the guide, the ability to fix and join anything irrespective of its material—Bondic is a gem in the market today. So, say goodbye to your classy old adhesive which doesn’t promise you long-lasting results and say hi to Bondic.

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