How Important Is It To Focus On Mental Health

Just as important it is for us to care for our physical health, equal importance should be given to our mental health as well. Mental health is often side-lined because of a lack of awareness. Even when a person showcases conspicuous signs of being mentally disturbed, little to nothing is done to counter the situation. This article covers the importance of mental health, signs to look out for if a person is mentally disturbed, and how one can tackle the issue.

Focus On Mental Health

Mental Health And General Well Being

Our mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being. Only if we are happy can we observe better, think rationally and act accordingly. A downward plunge in our mental health can harm our performance in studies, at work, and in life, in general. Our physical health also gets adversely affected if the mental aspect is neglected for prolonged periods. Mental health in most societies is a topic of taboo and most often people either don’t address it or try to hush it up, not realizing that if it can affect one person in the family it can affect other members one way or the other causing collective mental unrest within the household.

It is a fact that happiness and contentment are every individual’s birth-right. But let us not forget that life isn’t a bed of roses. Be it for the rich or the poor, man or woman, young or old life does not come easy on anyone. Everyone has to face challenges and jump obstacles, and to do so one needs to not only be physically fit but mentally capable as well. Many people fail in life because along with the journey they are overcome with emotions, overwhelmed with situations, and end up either giving up or giving in. It is normal to get emotional over the downward plunges in life but when our negative emotions get the better of us that’s when things go haywire. When left untreated, prolonged sadness can give rise to anxiety, fear, dismay, etc. which in turn may lead to depression. Our sleep, daily activities, food habits, etc. gets disrupted and life becomes unpleasant not only for us but also for those around us. So, it is very important to seek help at the earliest and visit a therapist or counselor who will be able to give you the best advice to tackle your problem.

Factors Affecting Mental Health

Various factors can affect our mental health. Let us take a look at some common ones:

  • Family problems – in most cases unrest within family members can lead to mental and behavioural issues within the household. Rather than amicably resolve problems, people resort to bickering, throwing tantrums, and in worst-case scenarios turn to physical violence. All of this can take a mental toll on everyone in the family.
  • Financial instability – be it among the rich or poor, unemployment, losses in business, etc. pave the way to mental distress. No money or a thirst to make more money – such uncertainties lead to mental instability.
  • Loss of a loved one – this leads to extreme depression as some people are unable to cope with a loss of such magnitude. Many people turn to isolation to overcome their grief and end up being depressed.
  • Chronic health issues – such illnesses and related discomforts may lead to physical impairment which in turn may give rise to mental unrest. Subsequently, people lose their self-confidence, become sad, uncertain and confused.
  • Loneliness – be it in the case of students, an employee, or anyone who has to stay away from their loved ones owing to circumstances, some people are unable to cope with such life-changes. This could make them reclusive and withdrawn.
  • Genetics – if someone in the family has a mental disorder, it is likely that another blood relation is susceptible to the same kind of mental illness.
  • Bullying and discrimination – whenever a person is bullied or discriminated against it cause a great amount of stress, hurt, and sadness that the person may go into such a state of depression where they are plagued by suicidal thoughts.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse – going over-board with anything in life is unhealthy especially in the case of bad habits. So, when a person takes comfort in alcohol and drug abuse, not only will their physical health deteriorate but it can cause havoc to their mental health too.

Warning Signs To Look Out For

One of the most obvious signs seen in people at the onset of a mental illness is a drastic change in their behavior or thoughts. Other symptoms usually show as follows:

  • Inability to think right or tend to get lost or confused.
  • Constant feeling of sadness and sudden urge to cry.
  • A tendency to overthink, feel anxious over the smallest of things
  • Feel jittery, uneasy, and scared
  • Tend to withdraw oneself from social gatherings
  • Sudden feelings of extreme happiness or sadness
  • Overeating or eating way too less
  • Feel delusional and sometimes hallucinate.
  • Feel angry over petty things and showcase temper outbursts
  • Inability to function at one’s best
  • The onset of unexplained physical aches
  • Have extreme sleep issues where they tend to sleep a lot or get no sleep at all.
  • Turn to alcohol, drugs, etc for comfort.
  • Tend to get suicidal thoughts.

Ways To Attain Peace And Mental Stability

Various aspects can help us attain peace and harmony in life and help tackle mental issues. Listed below are some of those:

  1. Indulge in me-time – self-care and sanity are interrelated. Be it reading a book, listening to music, sipping your tea in silence, a spa treatment – give yourself the luxury of some peaceful, chaos-free time. Only if we care for our mental self can we feel and stay happy. A happy person uplifts not only themselves but those around them too and that’s the vibe the world could do with more.
  2. Care for your body – Feed your body with healthy food, keep yourself hydrated, and exercise regularly. Give your body the rest it needs by sleeping on time and calling it a day when you have to. Doing all of this can do wonders for your mood and nourish your mind and body.
  3. Learn stress-handling – handling stress may not seem easy but it is definitely not impossible. Learn to calm your mind. Whenever something disturbs your peace try to resolve it in a calm manner or move away until you feel ready to tackle it.
  4. Never shy away from getting help – if you or someone you know seems mentally disturbed, then get help at the earliest. Sometimes it’s a listening ear and some expert advice that’s all that’s needed to cure someone of a mental disturbance.
  5. Share your worries – everyone should have a confidante in life to who they can pour their hearts out to. This way they can feel less burdened.


Our mental health holds utmost importance and it is totally up to us how we care for it. Often, we blame luck and time for all our downfalls, not realizing that had we learned to better manage time, stress as well as our lives, we could have tackled our problems better. But at the same time let us not forget that help is only a request away. The earlier we confide in someone and seek help the better.

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