Signs That You May Have A Social Anxiety Disorder

As we know, many of us get nervous while talking in front of a larger group or get nervous while giving a presentation in the office environment. Some people also get butterflies in their stomach while talking to the people. All these conditions are normal; they can happen to anyone. But when you have a social anxiety disorder, it will lead to social anxiety phobia. If you interact with people daily, it will lead you to fear, anxiety, self-consciousness, and embarrassment.

When this disorder leads you to fear and anxiety, then it will disturb your daily life. It can affect your daily routine like school, college, and office. We all should know that social anxiety disorder is a chronic mental health condition which severe. You can go to the psychiatrist, giving you some lessons about coping skills and taking medication for this disorder. All these things will provide you with some confidence, and it will help you interact with other people. You have to patient with this disorder because it is a slow process to recover.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Signs that you may have a social anxiety disorder

Many signs will tell you that you may have a social anxiety disorder. Still, all these signs vary from person to person as we know that many children feel shy or get discomfort while talking to people, but these are not signs of social anxiety disorder. Some people are naturally inverted who do freely speak to the people, and some people are outgoing. People have their comfort levels in which they interact with the people, and these levels depend upon the personality of the person.

As we know that many people get nervous when they interact with others, but a social anxiety disorder brings fear, anxiety, and avoiding people with it. It is not a natural thing. It will affect your daily routine.

Anxiety disorder is known to start in the early mid-teens. Sometimes this disorder can show its signs at the age of children, and it can also start in the adult stage. All these signs are typical signs which are noticeable in people who have a social anxiety disorder. Following are some symptoms which can tell you that you may have a social anxiety disorder –

Emotional and behavioral signs

There are many signs which will tell you that you may have a social anxiety disorder. Following are some prominent signs of social anxiety disorder –

  • When you interact with people, you will get the fear of you getting judged by the people. These will lead to discomfort.
  • You will always worry about talking with the people, and they will humiliate you or get embarrassed.
  • You can get fear while talking to people. You can’t talk to strangers when you have a social anxiety disorder.
  • You can also fear the people who will notice that you are anxious to talk with the people.
  • You can also get some physical symptoms easily detected by the people, such as sweating, trembling, blushing, and voice shaking. It will also cause embarrassment.
  • If you have this disorder, you will avoid the things you can get embarrassed about, such as talking to strangers.
  • You can not be the center of attention where everyone is looking at you or talking to you. This situation will lead you to intense fear.
  • You will get fear when you are in a social situation where you have to interact with people.
  • If you have a social anxiety disorder, you will analyze all your performance or the interaction you did with the people after any social events.
  • You will be expecting many negative things when you are interested in the people or remember the worst thing when you last talk to the people, will lead to your anxiety.

Physical signs

Following are some physical signs which can tell you that you may have a social anxiety disorder –

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Blushing
  • Shaking voice
  • Upset stomach
  • Shivering
  • Sweating
  • The trouble of catching the breath
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling that your mind goes blank while you are talking to the people
  • Muscle tension

You will see that they are crying or avoiding the people when they talk to them in the children. They will also have performance anxiety. All of these signs are important. You have to know that you will fear speaking in front of people or interacting with people when you get performance anxiety disorder. There are several days to show that you are having anxiety or fear of talking to the people. All these things vary from person to person.

Avoiding everyday social situations

When you live your day-to-day life, you will face many everyday social situations, leading to fear and anxiety. Following are some common situation where can get dizzy.

  • Talking to strangers or unfamiliar people
  • Attending social gatherings or any parties
  • Living your daily routine like going to school or work
  • Starting the conversation with the people around you
  • Making eye contact with the people
  • Dating
  • Entering the room which is full of unfamiliar people
  • Returning items to the store
  • Arguing with the unfamiliar people
  • Using public restrooms
  • Eating in front of other people

From the research, we understand that all these symptoms will change over time. If you face many social situations, it will increase your stress and anxiety, leading to severe disorder.  If you avoid these everyday social situations, it will give you some relief for a short amount of time, but this is just for a short time. If you don’t go for the treatment, this fear and anxiety will continue to stay for the long term.


We don’t know what will cause you with social anxiety disorder; therefore, we have to take care of everything. If you are going with this disorder, then you have to take care of everything as detailed below –

  • Go to the doctor or psychiatrist:

 In this type of mental health disorder, you have to take early help from the doctor. You also have to take advice from the psychiatrist.

  • Keep a journal:

A journal is one of the best ways to identify the cause that invoke the disorder, and the mitigation provides you the relief or recovery. You have to keep your life track in this journal and show it to your doctor or psychiatrist.

  • Avoid unhealthy substances:

If you drink alcohol or do drugs, then it will increase the anxiety and make it worse. Therefore you have to avoid the use of this substance. You have to quit this, but you have to go to the support group or your doctor if you can’t stop it on your own. They will help you with this.


All the above emotional and physical signs will tell you that you may have a chronic mental disorder called a social anxiety disorder when you know that you have to take care of every symptom of this disorder. You don’t have to panic when you see that you have this disorder. It will be gone overtime when you are following the advice from your doctor and taking medications.

Without proper medications and precautions, there are a lot of chances that your health will deteriorate day-by-day and will result in making you weak and disabled, both mentally and emotionally. So, proper precautions and medications are a must.

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