6 Exercises For Flat Abs That You Can Do At Home

Abs are one of the body parts which is difficult to train. It can take months to get flat abs with our regular exercise and diet. If we need flat abs faster than that, then we must exercise a bit for it. If you aim and struggling to get your desired abs as quickly as possible, many exercises can help you out. These exercises would not consume a lot of time. If you are busy and need flat abs, you can do these exercises when you are at home. There is no need to waste time going to the gym. Many of the activities can help you with this. Here are six exercises that can flatten your abs that can be done at home:

1. The Plank

  • The Plank is an excellent flat stomach exercise as it strengthens inner core muscles, upper and lower abdominal muscles. This exercise burns more calories in comparison with other practices related to flat abs like sit-ups.
  • When we do a plank, we have to engage our muscles in the legs, arms, and back. This exercise strengthens the core as it is the basis for powerful and coordinated athletic movements.
  • It is a strength boosting exercise than cardio, and by involving a range of muscles, it burns your calories.


How to do a plank?

For doing this exercise, first of all, you lie flat on your stomach and place the forearms on the floor. Ten, press down your forearms on the floor and try to push yourselves up. This posture will be completed when your head, neck, back, and legs lie in a straight line supported by your toes.

2. Boat Pose

  • Boat pose is a balancing pose that can strengthen your abdominal muscles, back, and hip flexors, giving strength and ensures the flexibility of the hip joints and legs.
  • It is a bit difficult exercise, so we must have endurance, and strong will power to hold it. This pose thus develops a healthy mind for the practice. It will stop the unnecessary thoughts and brings stability to your mind.
  • If you have any abdominal conditions or chronic lower back, avoid this exercise.

How to do boat pose?

To begin this, first, sit on the floor with knees bent. Then, lean your back slightly and then bring your legs up and make it straight until it forms a V shape. Then stretch your arms parallel to one another and keep your palms inwards. Do remember to involve your abs muscles while doing this exercise.

3. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers can be considered a full-body workout because it will work on your shoulders, arms, chest, hips, and legs, one of the perfect exercises to improve heart health.

They also help you build your upper body; it can improve your core strength, contributing to your overall fitness.

It improves flexibility and is a low impact exercise. It is a cardiovascular workout, which is a good exercise for getting flat abs.

How can you do mountain climbers?

First of all, place your both hands on the front like you pose to do a push-up. Then pull your left leg forward and extend your right leg back. You can keep your toes for the exercise throughout by alternating it between each leg. For increasing the difficulty, speed up your steps.

4. Bicycle Crunch

  • The bicycle crunch is a useful exercise for your deep abs and obliques.
  • The right choice is to work on your core, and there is no equipment needed for the beginner’s level. This exercise is perfect for activating your upper abdominal muscle and obliques.
  • Working on your abs will also tone your thighs, as both of your hamstrings and quads can be involved in it.

How to do a bicycle crunch?

This exercise can be started by lying on your back on the floor. Then, place your palms behind your head by holding it and lift your legs to a 90-degree angle by keeping your right hand on head and then twist your body and then bring your right elbow towards the left knee. For getting maximum results, it should be done slowly.

5. Skipping

  • Skipping is an exercise that can be included as a part of your daily routine. The best benefit of this is contributed to our hearts.
  • This exercise will help circulate blood and oxygen between our heart and other organs of the body. These also tones muscles in the lower and upper body. It also helps in weight loss as it can cut out calories from the regimen.
  • The exercise is a simple one but has many benefits. It can improve our skin by removing toxins in our body.
  • Skipping can keep a check on osteoporosis by enhancing the bone density of your body.


How to do skipping?

It requires the correct technique for fitness. You have to lift your feet to a few lengths as the rope passes and ensure that your heels do not touch the ground. And make sure to turn the rope with your wrists without using your whole arms.

6. Medicine Ball Slam

  • Medicine ball slam is an excellent form of exercise for your upper body. If you include this in your routine workout, this will enhance overall athletic performance, cardiovascular conditioning, and the core’s strength.
  • This exercise is not just an arm exercise but also works for the entire body.
  • In this exercise, your lower body and the core will have to engage and protect the spine for performing the forceful throws. An excellent choice for a high-intensity interval training routine involves the lifting and throwing phases of the exercise.

How to do a ball slam?

For doing this exercise, you need a non-bouncing medicine ball. First of all, lift the medicine ball above the head by placing your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, bring the ball down by bending the waist and throw it on the floor. Try to maintain this posture. During this exercise, you must rhythmically catch the ball once it hit the floor for accuracy.


Exercises for abs improve performance in some sports and can withstand abdominal impacts. These core strength exercises can increase core stability. There are plenty of exercises which you can do regularly to get flat abs. Doing these exercises regularly or according to the period will indeed show the results you expect from this. Overall, these exercises can reduce tummy fat, but sometimes it may not be some genetic problems. These exercises burn some calories in your body. You must be careful of calorie intake and try to include more nutritious food in your diet, making you healthy. Do not skip your meals to get flat abs as it makes you tired; instead, try these ab exercises according to your extent. If you are a beginner in doing these exercises, be gentle at first. Overworking your body unexpectedly may weaken you as it consumes your energy. Then, you will feel tired all day. So, do these exercises accordingly based on which level of practice you perform.

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