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Imagine the plight you will have to go through when your laptop or personal computer breaks down just before you hit the send button on your email page when you are to send an important work assignment to your boss while you are doing work from home! Or just imagine what your teen child is going through when he or she fails to submit their homework on time because of a slow working laptop which is taking forever to help them research their homework topics. This whole looking at the screen and waiting it out can get really frustrating, isn’t it? These are the work you rely on your laptop to do smoothly so that your life income keeps coming smoothly and you watch your life’s conditions as well grow fold by fold. But, if your laptop or your personal computer has a mind of its own, then the need for buying a new laptop or personal computer comes to your mind. And buying one is nothing short of an investment, isn’t it? And that too it can be considered as a royal investment. For many of us buying a new computer device in a short span of time is impossible owing to ever-increasing exorbitant prices and let’s not forget the thriving growth of everyday technology.

And if you have the option of buying yourself second-hand laptops, then they are definitely not worth it as they might start showcasing the same troubles, you’re having right now with your current laptop. Now, this is when Xtra-PC sparks its entry and comes to your rescue. If you are having problems with the speed of your personal computer or your laptops, then we highly suggest that instead of throwing your laptop or personal computer away, you can solve this issue by investing in a good software like the Xtra-PC, it has been known and highly regarded for having the ability to prolong the life of the laptop by five years and also increasing the speed and efficiency of the same. How cool, isn’t it? Let’s read more about it.


About Xtra-PC

The man behind the creation of Xtra-PC is Mark Oman, a former worker of HP (Hewlett-Packard) which is one among the most successful tech giants in this present world. Mark knew what computers could do, he also knew that computers age soon. And for a common man, to afford a newly updated computer every now and then would mean to exhaust his hard-earned savings too. Not just this, Oman Mark also wanted to lessen the amount of e-waste that is generated worldwide in the name of throwing away a computer just because its speed or efficiency has reduced. This made him lay the foundation of a family business, Prairie IT which dedicated itself to making computers which are reusable and in this journey the family created Xtra-PC!

You can think of Xtra-PC to be your old computer’s angel. Basically, the Xtra-PC is nothing but a flash drive (the USB one) with an operating system that is Linux-based. It’s optimized for carrying out the basic computer functions is a better manner like handling documents, internet browsing, viewing photos, playing music, and also connecting with your printer, etc. Let’s now learn how does it work.

Working of Xtra-PC

As mentioned earlier, the Xtra-PC is a software that comes in the form of a flash drive that can be plugged into the USB port of your laptop. Moreover, the fun part about Xtra-PC is that it comes pre-optimized in order to run sites like Netflix, Facebook, Minecraft, and Amazon Prime Video as well. You can also handle your Google docs with the help of this Xtra-PC.

What happens when you plug Xtra-PC into the USB port of your computer is that it overwrites the slow and old operating system of your Windows or Mac with a much more reliable and faster Linux operating system. And you don’t need any professional to help you set this up on your computer. You just need to promptly follow the pop-ups and guidelines that come on your computer’s screens and you’ll surely enter the land of fast PC in no time.

And as this Xtra-PC does its work by running on your USB port, your old data, files, hard drive, etc. remain unmodified. And even if your computer has a broken hard drive or any missing part as such, the Xtra-PC can still run on your computer and make it much more efficient.

xtrapc review

What Are The System Requirements That Xtra-PC Requires?

Since this software, the Xtra-PC is created to make all older PCs reusable, the Xtra-PC will most probably run on all your old laptops, PCs, notepads. In short, any of the computer models which were made after 2004 can reap the benefits of Xtra-PC. Now, if you feel doubtful about whether or not Xtra-PC will run on your computer, we suggest that you call the customer support of Xtra-PC and solve your doubts. Below is the list of system requirements that Xtra-PC needs to run optimally:

  • USB Type- Only the recent two versions of USB like 2.0 as well as 3.0 will run or can boot from your computer’s flash drive.
  • Processor- Your PC will need to have to have an inbuilt processor that is 700MHz or even higher. That is the minimum.
  • RAM- The minimum capacity of RAM which is required is 512MB, however, the ideal Ram capacity that is recommended by the makers of Xtra-PC is 2GB.
  • BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)- This is the system that helps your computer to boot itself without any loss of data. And your computer must have a well-functioning BIOS to make sure that the Xtra-PC works well with your computer.
  • Graphics Support- The Xtra-PC will need all these—HDMI, DVI, VGA graphic support to ensure that Xtra-PC runs efficiently on your PC.
  • Network- For using Xtra-PC, you need the network card as Wi-Fi or wired internet network connection is mandated for Xtra-PC to do its work.

xtra-pc review

How To Use The Xtra-PC The Right Way?

It will surely be a relief to all of you when you get to know that to use Xtra-PC you don’t need to own a degree in computers or know the complicated computer terms and their meanings. Anybody can use the Xtra-PC in just three simple steps like the following:

  • First Would Be To Plug It: All that you need to do here is to just find the USB port on your computer and just plug the Xtra-PC inside it just like how you do with your pen drives.
  • Second Would Be To Restart: Press the power buttons of your computer and restart it.
  • Third Would Be To Reboot: All that you need to do is hit the boot button to launch the boot menu on your computer. Now how you do this depends on the operating system of your computer i.e. Windows or Mac. Then you need to ask to make your PC boot off Xtra-PC from the USB drive.

And voila! That is it! You don’t have to do anything else apart from waiting for just a minute.

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Benefits That One Can Derive From Xtra-PC

The Xtra-PC comes with a multitude of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Affordability: No doubt that computers these days come in all ranges. And you can get your hands on a new computer for just a hundred dollars or so. However, the question is, do those low-priced computers come with sustainable features, certainly not! If your computer has only the problem of processing things at a very slow rate of speed and everything else works just fine, then Xtra-PC will solve the problem for you. The Xtra-PC comes will improve the efficiency and speed of your personal computer. Not just that, the Xtra-PC is extremely affordable. At a low cost, you are investing in software that will help you increase the lifespan of your computer no matter how old it is.
  • Easy To Use: This product is so easy to install as well as use. It gives us screen prompts and you can go about on your own changing your slow old computer into a new one in no time. It is going to take just three steps to get this job done. It comes equipped with many pre-optimized apps as well. Also, there’s no fear of your old files or records being misused or misplaced.
  • Support Comes In Wide Range: Imagine you have a computer, a Windows one from 2007 that has Windows Vista installed in it. With the help of Xtra-PC, you are now able to breathe a new life into your old outdated computer. Xtra-PC can do this amazing transformation even on your Mac computers as well. Even if your computer has a missing hard drive, you will be able to use Xtra-PC on your computer. This is because the Xtra-PC works through the USB plug-in port.

Price And Purchase

It is always advised to purchase Xtra-PC from the official website only as it will help you steer clear from falling prey to fake or first-grade imitation products. Also, buying on the official website will help you grab limited period offers as well. The pricing of Xtra-PC is as follows:

  • $49.99 for Xtra-PC Turbo of 16 GB variant. And you can avail this at a 30% discount at $34.99.
  • $119.99 for Xtra-PC Turbo of 32 GB variant. And you can avail this at a 50% discount at $59.88.
  • $159.99 for Xtra-PC Pro of 64 GB variant. And you can avail this at a 50% discount at $79.98.

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Moneyback Guarantee, And Return And Refund Policy

The manufacturers of this amazing product provide their consumers with a 30-day window frame to return Xtra-PC in case the consumers are not satisfied with the product. This applies only if the Xtra-PC product is in its original packaging and in an unused condition.

Please note that the refund amount will not include the taxes or the shipping fees paid by the buyer. And in case a defective product has been delivered, one can always ask for a replacement of the same. For detailed knowledge regarding the same, please read the terms and conditions on the official website or contact the customer support.


  • Non-tech background people can also use it on their own.
  • It comes in multiple variants and sizes.
  • System requirements for the product are very minimal.
  • The product comes with instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Customer support team provides excellent guidance.


  • The product is built on the Linux operating system and the user might require some time to get used to it.
  • For Apple computers, products manufactured after 2011 onwards are compatible with this product.

Buy Xtra-PC Now & Save Up to 50%

Customer Reviews

Mellisa: When my daughter entered high school, she asked for a laptop! I had a six-year-old one which I hadn’t used for the past 2-3 years. I wasn’t even sure if the laptop could even be restarted. I heard about Xtra-PC and decided to give it a try. It made my old laptop brand new and fixed it! My daughter is so happy and I’m glad it saved me hundreds of dollars too. It’s an excellent investment!

Jane: I’m a software professional and I have no idea how that translates to a computer fixer. Mine is a joint family and everybody would run and come to me to fix their laptops when they had issues. Now I just point them towards Xtra-PC. I don’t have to waste my precious family time at home on fixing simple laptop glitches.

Conclusion—The Final Verdict

After surfing through everything right from affordability, ease of use, all of its pros as well as cons, we think that the Xtra-PC is one of the best ways to refurbish your old computers which you don’t want to get rid off just because they’ve become slow in performance. So, think of Xtra-PC as a DIY solution to your computer problems from now on. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab one for yourself right away.

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