Wifi UltraBoost Review

What Is Wifi UltraBoost?


Does it drive you nuts when there’s no wifi signal in a corner of your home? Almost every home has got such a spot where the wifi signal is weak. But not anymore!

The Wifi UltraBoost has got your back. It easily amplifies the wifi signal in your room or wherever you want to boost the signal. Yes, you heard that right! Now you can even have a wifi signal in your garden or rooftop.

What’s Included In The Wifi UltraBoost Package?

The Wifi UltraBoost works as a signal repeater. Simply put, whenever you have a weak signal in any room, this device will boost the signal strength. The package has the following items:

  • Wifi Device – The first thing that is included in the package is the Wifi Ultraboost device itself.
  • Network Cable – The second thing in the package will be a network cable.
  • Instruction Manual – To provide you complete instruction about the device, an instruction manual is also added in the package.
  • Wireless-N Mini Extender – If your network needs an extender, this device is already coming with one.

wifi ultraboost repeater

 Why Do You Need Wifi UltraBoost?

In the technical era, you can watch anything online, you can even order food for yourself and your family with just one click. But what if you’re facing network issues with your wifi connection?

You can’t do anything except cursing your service provider. To your surprise, the service provider has nothing to do with the signal issues. Sometimes the signal disruption can occur due to the metal filing cabinets, metal walls, cordless telephones, or any other radiation disruption including a microwave oven.

All of these reasons can cause a dead zone. No matter what you do, there is no signal in that zone. To cover this dead zone, you have multiple solutions. For example, you can connect a secondary router or replace its position.

Or you can try to eliminate any obstacle that is hindering internet connectivity. But can you eliminate a wall in your home? Obviously no!

To amplify the signal in that area of your home or workplace, installing a wifi repeater is the only optimum solution. It gives the signal a boost without any extra effort or wires.

When you install the Wifi UltraBoost in the dead zone of your place, it supports the signal of your wifi connection and gives it a boost without the need for another wired connection. Simply plug the device in a socket and your signal strength will improve instantly.

However, only installing this device cannot help if you are not having a present wifi connection. It works with an existent WLAN connection to make the signal stronger. This is the only prerequisite of this device.

Technical Features of Wifi UltraBoost

The Wifi UltraBoost works with any router that has WLAN functionality. This wifi booster has 4 indicators and each one is representing power, Wifi, LAN, and WPS. If any indicator is blinking with a green light, it means the device is using respective connectivity.

There is a port for LAN available in the device to connect the LAN cable to this wifi booster. Its size is quite compact at just 8x7x5 cm. If you need faster internet, simply connect the LAN cable to enjoy continuous and fast internet.

There is also a RESET button to manually reset the settings of the signal extender. To connect the wifi booster in the socket, there is a GFI outlet.

WIFI Ultraboost

How Does Wifi UltraBoost Boost The Signal?

If your WLAN signal is already strong, you probably don’t need this wifi booster. But chances are, your wifi signal can drop anywhere in your home or workplace. In that case, you definitely need the Wifi UltraBoost.

It efficiently corrects the dead zone of your WLAN network. Even when your network is quite stable, there can be any area where you need to install this device.

Your router works its best to shoot the signal throughout your home. But when the signal does not reach some parts of your home, it becomes difficult for you to have a seamless internet surfing experience in that corner.

That’s where a signal repeater comes in handy. It extends the signal in a dead zone and as a result, you can enjoy high-speed connectivity on your favorite couch.

If you know what is the speed of your wifi router, you can guess how much the signal is being boosted by the extender. For example, if your internet speed is 100 Mbps, you can rest assured that the extender can handle the dead zone in your home.

The Wifi UltraBoost can handle a maximum of 300 Mbps of internet routers. If your router falls under this category, order this signal booster today.

Don’t Pay For a WiFi Upgrade, Buy Wifi UltraBoost Instead!

Benefits of Installing Wifi UltraBoost

When you have installed Wifi UltraBoost at your place, you don’t need to pay extra charges to enhance the speed of the internet. Find out its benefits below:

  1. Ease To Install – You don’t have to struggle with the wires to get high-speed internet. Simply plug this signal booster in the socket and enjoy your internet at its best.
  2. No Dead Zone – The internet extender has the capacity to boost signal even in the lowest signal zones. You will experience the strongest signal in every corner of your home.
  3. Extends Wifi Range – When you install this device in your home or office, it extends the overall range of your wifi connection. You can have continuous access to the internet everywhere.
  4. Easy To Connect – Connecting this amplifier is not difficult at all. Just plug this device in the socket and it automatically picks up the weak signal from your wifi. That poor signal will then be boosted without any configuration.
  5. No Rearranging of Router – It can be really difficult to move the router or furniture when you are experiencing a dead zone in your room. When you use this signal booster, there will be no need for rearranging the router. Simply plug it in the socket and enjoy unlimited internet speed.
  6. No Extra Cable – Connecting various devices for accessing high-speed internet can be really tiresome for you. However, this device is completely wireless. There is no need to use an extra cable to enjoy blazing fast internet when you install this device in your room.

Wifi UltraBoost Price And Other Offers

Usually, a device like this can cost you a lot. But Wifi UltraBoost is the most affordable of all. Other than its cost-effective price, the signal repeater is also being offered at a discount.

To get this affordable signal booster, you have to place your order on the official website. The manufacturer is offering a 50% discount on the product. But the offer is only available within 30 minutes of clicking the website link.

The manufacturer is also providing free delivery to any visitor that orders today. So, if you are tired of the weak signal of your wifi, don’t think just buy!

The signal booster comes in four types of packages:

  1. A pack of one Wifi UltraBoost at $49.00
  2. A pack of two Wifi UltraBoost at $69.00
  3. A pack of three Wifi UltraBoost at $98.00
  4. A pack of five Wifi UltraBoost at $135.00

If you need multiple signal boosters, you can buy a pack of three or five. You will get a quite decent deal in the third and fourth packages. If you have any queries regarding the socket of the device, let the manufacturer know about this.

You can reach the company by dialing +44 20 3808 9234. You can also send them an email at [email protected] If due to any reason, you are not happy with the purchase, you can apply for a refund on your purchase within the 30 days of buying the product. The manufacturer only accepts the unused and unopened product.

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Customer Testimonials

By Peterson A.

I am a freelance programmer. I need high-speed internet at my place 24/7. Although my connection is quite stable, still there was a dead zone in my room. I replaced my router, moved my furniture a bit but nothing was seemed to be working. It was driving me crazy! I searched for numerous solutions over the web. And my search ended on the Wifi UltraBoost. It is simply awesome…

By Pamela B.

I purchased a pack of two by paying a Lil bit more and got the third absolutely free! Now I have a seamless internet connection throughout my home. I have permanently installed all three of these near my balcony, kitchen, and rooftop. So that I can have continuous access to the internet. Thanks a ton, Wifi UltraBoost!

By Eddy A.

I love binge-watching Netflix! And when the video starts buffering in the midst of the show, it kills my enjoyment. One day when I was trying to watch my favorite show on my phone in my room, there was a constant disruption in the internet speed. Soon I realized my room has a dead zone. I couldn’t find out any reason for this dead zone but desperately wanted to boost the signal.

superboost wifi

A friend of mine has installed two Wifi UltraBoost devices in his home. I tested his internet speed and could not believe my eyes. I ordered one signal booster for me right away. It is quite easy to install and improves the internet speed instantly. Amazing!

By Joe L.

The 30 minutes 50% discount is brilliant! I visited the website and ordered a pack of three immediately. When I received the package, I was surprised to see the secure packing of the devices. The company is doing a decent job!

I could not wait to install the booster in my home. The installation was quite easy. I just had to figure out the device through my router settings. The LED started blinking immediately. I was impressed to see a boost in the signal almost instantly. It is easy to install, works nicely and also has affordable pricing. I can’t recommend it enough!

By Jennifer J.

I could not believe my eyes when this booster was installed in my room! I took a google speed test to the speed of my Wifi connection. It almost instantly amplified the speed. The sweet spot was the ease of installation. I live in Europe and the socket here is different from that of the US. I called the company and let them know about this concern. They are offering different types of sockets to support your electric connection. That was instant peace of mind for me. In short, I am happy with my purchase!

Don’t Pay For a WiFi Upgrade, Buy Wifi UltraBoost Instead!

Conclusion: Do You Need The Wifi UltraBoost?

There is a difference between high speed and a strong signal. When you face dead zone in your home, your ISP claims that you may need a high-speed connection. In reality, you only need a boost to your internet connection.

If your internet service provider is offering you a high-speed connection but the signal is dead in some areas of your home, then your money is being wasted.

The Wifi UltraBoost works as an RF booster that receives the weak signal and repeats it after amplification. So that you can get what you are paying for. It increases the area covered by your router by automatically extending its range.

Moving the router and furniture can work to some extent but the signal strength cannot be permanently improved. If you are looking for a convenient yet permanent solution to amplify the signal in a dead zone, then invest in Wifi UltraBoost repeater.

Even if your signal is decent, you can always give it a certain boost by installing this device in your home. It considerably increases internet speed without excessive charges.

The device is quite affordable and almost anyone can install it without any hassle. overall, this device enhances the capability of your current internet connection.

The Wifi UltraBoost has an ongoing offer of 50% on the official website. However, this offer is available for a limited timeframe. If you want to get rid of your slow internet connection and enjoy a constant dose of connectivity, then order your signal booster right now!

WIFI Ultra Boost review

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