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About the product

Prostate 911 is a revolutionary solution to the one much suffered from problems- an enlarged prostate. With the help of no less than a magic product, even the worst cases don’t have to visit the bathroom every five minutes. It gives you the desperately wished for time to sleep full nights again at no side cost to your health!

Prostate 911

Reducing the symptoms of both- an enlarged prostate as well as BHP by a shocking 93% it makes sure you don’t have to face the added hassle that is erectile dysfunction, which comes with most supplements used to treat prostate enlargement.


The pills have created a name for themselves in the medical market- claiming to cure most of the effects of the issues caused by having an enlarged prostate or BHP without additional side effects. Ronnie Hoffman, the creator himself, has worked with some of the best medical experts in the world to bring to you- a 100% natural solution to all your problems.

Prostate 911 Ingredients

  1. Stinging nettle is one of their most prominent ingredients- vital for the creation of Prostate 911. One of the main benefits of stinging nettle is that it reduces the urge to urinate by a large margin which greatly helps those suffering from an enlarged prostate.
  2. Saw Palmetto is a common ingredient that can be found in many prostate reduction pills since they help in the overall shrinking of the prostate, also, to ensure that there is no pain during urination. It is believed and scientifically proven that continuous use of this ingredient ensures the prevention of prostate diseases permanently.
  3. Zinc deficiency is commonly said to have led to BPH as well as the potential increase of the prostate size. With the addition of zinc as an ingredient to the pill, your body now can relax its muscles by enlarging the urethral path- this is done to make sure there is a wide enough path for the urine to pass without causing pain.
  4. Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder is one of the main ingredients used to reduce inflammation. Its extract is popularly used by pharmaceutical companies to create supplement which helps in the reduction of the prostate size as well as urinary problems.
  5. Broccoli Leaf Extract is another ingredient that can be found in the overall combination that creates Prostate 911. The extract has been studied quite carefully for its anti-cancer efficacy as well as the ability to lower the risk of prostate troubles. This is because it has sulforaphane which is found in high concentrations in almost all cruciferous vegetables.

When you combine all of these ingredients, you get an all-natural, fully tested bunch of capsules that are financially feasible as well as shockingly effective!

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How does it work?

The prostate gland is a tube that is located right underneath the bladder and right on top of the urethra, connecting the two organs. It is natural for the prostate to enlarge, the older you grow. But there are times when the changes happen before time or too suddenly and you are left with an enlarged prostate that blocks the urinary bladder- giving you a consistent urge to pee all the time. Apart from this, it can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Prostate 911 are capsules made of 100% natural ingredients, which help in treating an enlarged prostate- turning it into a smaller, workable and less pain-inducing gland. The supplement is available in the form of pills, and you are recommended to take two a day for the best results- morning and night. The results might take up to 3 months or less.

Prostate 911 review


Some of the major benefits included with the supplement are as follows:

  1. The tablets are an all-natural alternative to the various other supplements present in the market for prostate reduction.
  2. It is a completely safe, tried and tested product that has proven its worth through testimonies of multiple users throughout the world. It has been checked for quality control by Phytage Labs and is FDA approved.
  3. The making conditions of the labs were no less than absolutely sterile and safe- as is proven by the Good Manufacturing Practices certification for sanitation in addition to the good quality of the product.
  4. It gives your sexual life a boost after the dry spell initiated by an enlarged prostate.
  5. The supplement is reasonably priced and gives you a result much better than one anticipated by trained doctors or other prostate medicines with side effects.

Price of the product

The Prostate 911 has a bunch of natural ingredients that are well combined to give you the best supplement for prostate enlargement, in the whole market. If you calculate it correctly, you will be paying around $225 for a 30-day supply of each ingredient. That’s a lot of money.

To make this an easy journey for you, the company sells its regular bottle for the low price of $120 per bottle- shipped directly to your house. They have an array of promotional offers wherein the bottles go for as less as $69.95 that ensures you save up over a $50- that’s around 55 cents per pill. Apart from these, they have a package offer that gives you four bottles for $49.95 per bottle, which amounts up to 35 cents per pill- saving you over $70 easily.

For less than most medical treatments offered to cure prostate enlargement, this is financially feasible, one of a kind in addition to not having a majority of the side effects that are found in most other prostate reduction medication like erectile dysfunction.

Prostate 911 Order

Money-back guarantee and refund policy

The company sells its bottles of Prostate 911 with a three month/90 day guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied and delighted, they will be more than happy to fix you up with a full refund.

If this doesn’t give you faith in the reliability of the company, then nothing else with. The makers and sellers of Prostate 911 are convinced that these are the supplements you need to make sure you live a healthy, rejuvenated life with none of the hassles that come with having an enlarged prostate or BHP.

Side effects

There are no side effects of this dietary supplement since it is made from all-natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and healthy for consumption by various sources, including Phytage Labs and the FDA. The ingredients are all clinically proven, and lab-tested to ensure the supplements work perfectly with the user’s problems and don’t create a hassle.

The product does not make the ser impotent and also does not lead to erectile dysfunction as many of the prostate reduction medicines tend to do. It is although advisable to consult a doctor before you use the product is you are on previous medication. This is to avoid any unidentifiable reaction your earlier medication might have with the supplement.

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  1. The Prostate 911 supplement is only available online, on their official website. There is always a risk that you might accidentally buy a fake version of the product if it is strong you buy from another website. To ensure you don’t face any misconceptions or fraud, it is strongly recommended that you buy the supplement from the original website itself.
  2. There is a three-month waiting period before the pills start their magic on curing you. It can seem like a long time, but the life of comfort you will live after it is worth the wait.
  3. The pills do have to be taken regularly for the best results, and while this can be a tedious job to remember, eventually you will get used to the fact that you have to take these pills to cure yourself.

Customer reviews

The Prostate 911 creators have gone to great lengths to make sure that the supplement gives the user what it has promised on the label. Every single ingredient is tried and tested for its purity- free of additives as well as toxins. It helps the health of your prostate improve vastly but does not act as a medical replacement- the reviews are all written with that in mind. With very positive feedback, we encourage you to try out the pills themselves and then tell us what you think about them. Here are some customer reviews to help you fall onto the road of healing and health:

Max rates the products five out of five stars and says,

“Wow! Prostate 911 is one of the best things I could have ever gotten myself after I got a divorce because of my poor sexual drive and inability to have an erection. My wife was so unsatisfied with me, and that had a terrible impact on our relationship. But within three months, I have seen this supplement work magic on my enlarged prostate, and I thank the creators for helping me out when not even the doctors could!”

Sanjeev rates the product four out of five stars and says,

“ It started a while ago; I realized I had to pee almost all the time. This made my life so hectic and tedious. I couldn’t focus on working, having fun or even enjoy sports activities! You don’t understand how much I love sports- I’ve been playing football since I was 13 and now, I couldn’t be away from the bathroom for more than ten minutes. My life felt like it had descended into hell. That was until I was introduced to the magic that is Prostate 911. Now I am so comfortable again, and I thought I had lost this. Kudos to the creators for figuring out a way to help sufferers of prostate enlargement go back to living normal lives.”

Rodrick rates the product five out of five stars and says,

“ There is nothing more disconcerting than a man who has to pee all the time. I used to be so tired of going to the bathroom all the time- in addition to the multiple trips since it is quite painful too. But with the introduction to the Prostate 911 supplements in my life, it’s like I’m living the life of a whole new person! I’m not depressed about my erectile dysfunction anymore, and I’m so grateful for these pills for returning a semblance of normalcy in my life. The credit has to be given to the thoughtful manufacturers who made life so pleasant for me.”

Conclusion: The Final Verdict

Prostate 911 is one of the best and most positively reviewed supplements in the market. It is 100% natural, cheap and comes at one of the lowest available prices. The product has zero side effects and comes with a full refund in addition to a money-back guarantee. It is the most viable option when it comes to a prostate reduction supplement.

If you have symptoms that are related to prostate enlargement or infections, these are your best options. The supplement strengthens the body as well as making you healthy and less prone to a poor lifestyle. The five superpower ingredients found in the supplement prevents infections in addition to strengthening the immune system as they reduce the size of the prostate. They ensure that the users get a full night of sleep, claiming them to be rid of all the problems related to prostate enlargement!

Prostate 911 Order

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