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About Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic stretching provides core strength, mobility and total body confidence with strong hips and muscle flexibility. Hyperbolic stretching has been specially designed that one doesn’t need to an experience stretcher to see the positive results, even if you are new to stretching it will still be effective.

hyperbolic stretching

Hyperbolic stretching is a natural stretch and strength hack which tricks the muscle survival system turning the muscles to become elasticated steel pipes by restructuring the alignment of your pelvic floor. It helps to remove cellulite, gain total pelvic strength and achieve full muscle strength. It has helped thousands of women to heal from inconsistency, prolapse caused by weak glutes, core hip muscles, and pelvic floor disorders.

Low libido dyspareunia and intimate dryness have been associated with urinary inconsistency. Stretching improves blood flow, instantly affecting skin quality. Hyperbolic stretching activates muscle movement, flexibility stimulates hormonal production enhancing the pelvic muscle strength.

This stretching was initially developed for muscle flexibility and pelvic floor strength but affects skin quality as well. Everyday stretching is also not required; just four days of stretching for an approx of 10 minutes would provide immense benefit.

The Hyperbolic Stretch program teaches men to-

  • Do quick high-intensity licks and full splits without warming up safely
  • It makes the performer realise the grieve mistake to be avoided while doing dynamic stretching or flexibility.
  • Learn to unlock their highest muscle flexibility potential of the body
  • Teach the performer the hyperbolic Stretch enhances their body flexibility.

How does Hyperbolic Stretching work?

The muscle can be stretched up to amazingly 130% of its length and this is possible because of the survival reflex. The survival reflex constrains the muscles from excessive stretching and protecting the muscles from any physical harm. The myotatic reflex inhibition is the primary obstacle that prevents the muscles from revealing their full potential at any given moment.

To overcome this muscle reflex, the muscles have to flex beyond their capacity. However, no conventional exercise can help overcome this. Only a complete quarantine of pelvic muscles can help realise this. This stretching trick helps in removing incontinence and prolapse both in men and women.

The Stretch rushes the blood flow into the pelvic area for a long period which helps in increasing the flexibility giving full mobility to the muscles.

Every muscle in the human body can stretch up to 130% of its original length. This is what is exploited in this Stretch.

It has been observed that individuals who performed these 8 minutes trick had pelvic muscle floor strength increased by 235% as compared to the traditional stretches.

With this hyperbolic stretching, one can achieve full flexibility potential.


Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretch 2.0

  1. The barely-known hack instantaneously makes the vaginal muscles more strengthened to make the intimate moments full of high-intensity pleasure.
  2. Unwanted fat is shed off by this hyperbolic trick which turns all these muscles into strong and lean muscles.
  3. It helps to reach the flexibility potential of the muscle.
  4. It instantly reactivates hormones production and that too without any unnecessary medications.
  5. It helps in ease of bladder and bowel problems, which eliminates the risk of diseases related to bladder or bowel.
  6. The three-second special routine helps you in achieving advance physical activities such as high kicks or complicated yoga poses.
  7. It is really effective for flexibility and pelvic strength.
  8. It has been proven to be the most efficient way to warm-up before the intense workout or training session.

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The Hyperbolic Program also offers three bonus programs to increase the potential to achieve full flexibility and potential. These are-

  1. Handbook on unleashing of Mind Power– The mind builds the everyday habits, these habits prevent us from accomplishing our dreams, based on the subconscious part of our mind believes. Processes which are involuntary within our body and preserves the experiences and the thoughts that shape our unique personality.

This handbook helps in reprogramming our minds to succeed, prosper, enhance our power personally and perform by utilizing techniques that are perfect blend techniques being used from ancient times with modern-day scientific discoveries.

  1. The flexibility of complete body – This highly efficient routine will help in going beyond limits to enhance either Static or Dynamic or both Performances by removing musculoskeletal rigidity. Despite the age using the intelligent form exercise set for new levels of self-confidence.
  2. The Eight-Minute Workout– Quick high-intensity workouts are really efficient in weight loss as per studies. This helps in designing a simple, high efficient fat loss diet and creating your own highly efficient and specific intensity workout.

The Stretch can be easily remembered and followed due to its simplicity which can be done daily anywhere and any type of workout be it gym, a martial art or simple split without the need for any equipment.

hyperbolic stretching review

Does Hyperbolic Stretch work?

Hyperbolic stretching is known for its working technique to improving muscle flexibility which is better than any other traditional known techniques. It is popular for its short stretching routine which provides full-body flexibility within a defined timeline. The practice provides for amazing and long-lasting results that can be observed after four weeks of continuous practice. The free download helps to understand the way that it can help in warming up the muscles to increase and better elasticity.

Anyone can do hyperbolic stretching with success apart from people who are suffering or are recovering from tendon, connective tissue or muscle injuries. The muscles should be completely healed in before trying this program.


Usually, the “Hyperbolic Stretching” program costs $49(+shipping charges) but if you buy fast one can get the program for as low as $27(+ shipping charge). Also, all the orders placed are 100% secured.

It has no monthly fees as you pay only once and the product is yours the moment you receive the download link in an email from Clickbank.​ Also, payment through PayPal or other secure payment option is available with a 100% secure payment protocol and complete protection of your personal information. 

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller offers a 60-day full guarantee for cashback of the program turns out to be a failure for you, within which if any individual is not satisfied with the product, for ANY reason, they can return the product and a full refund will be initiated within the next 7-10 working days.

You can rely upon the company policy for the 60-days risk-free and satisfaction guaranteed service.

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Customer Reviews

The customer suffered from an inconsistent bladder problem for a couple of years due to which she suffered from pretty embarrassing moments even when she laughed a little hard not to mention her intimate moments.

Due to this embarrassing problem, she started avoiding her private moments wherein her marriage suffered. One of her friends then suggested her to try the hyperbolic stretch program as she had heard good reviews about it. The user tried the Stretch for ten days, and she could see a remarkable difference in her bladder movements.

This allowed her to enjoy her intimate moments, as well. She thanked the hyperbolic stretch program for changing her life and recommends it to every woman suffering from the bladder inconsistency – Farah S.

Being a basketball player, the user needed enhanced flexibility of her muscles to achieve full strength. Jenny has heard about the Hyperbolic Stretch program and decided to give it a shot. She tried the Hyperbolic Stretch program for about a week.

She says she found the program very intriguing when she researched it as the program guaranteed results in just four weeks. Being into the program for about a week, she could feel her flexibility enhanced, and that is when she decided to continue with the Stretch. Now being into the stretch program for about two months she says it is such a time saving and miraculous – Sarah K

Joshua had suffered some serious injuries in a car crash which impacted her mobility especially her pelvic mobility. Despite taking several therapeutic and physiotherapy sessions or the different exercises recommended to her she did not find any relief.

A close acquaintance of her than suggested her to try the Stretch. She tried the Stretch, thinking it might provide her relief and it did! She says about 15 days of starting the Stretch she felt much better with her pelvic muscle movements. She further adds that what attracted her towards the Stretch was its easy accessibility from anywhere and the short time duration of just 8 minutes as long hours of training drained her out without any relief. She thanks the Hyperbolic Stretch for her speedy recovery.


This Stretch is incredible for endurance and flexibility, and the best part is it has two different editions for males and females separately. The female program focuses on pelvic strengthening, whereas the male program focuses more on the genital and pelvic strength. However, the approach to improving performance along with flexibility with increasing gains is the same in each program.

Depending on the body there is an alteration in the stretching technique. It can be done anywhere even in the cosy environment of your bedroom. The program just needs 8 minutes of your daily life, and if you are consistent, you are just four weeks away from achieving your full muscle potential. Hence grab a copy of Hyperbolic Stretching pdf and follow it religiously to experience a life-changing result.

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