Pandemic Survival Review

The Coronavirus pandemic recently has spread wide and all over the globe. Economies are crashing, nations are in lockdown; there is an atmosphere of fear and anxiety all around. People are scared to step out of their houses and it is even advised by the government to not do so. Social distancing, keeping clean and sanitized hands, avoid touching your face are the few precautions being followed to avoid the infection.

The Coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China. The current count of infected people is 536,615. The virus has claimed 24,116 lives. There are survivors too, about 124,402 people have been able to recover from this infection. This is a highly contagious virus spreading if you touch an infected person or surface. The virus will also spread if you are in close vicinity of an infected person while he coughs or sneezes without covering his face.

The main reason for this widespread panic is that we do not have a vaccine for this pandemic yet. There is no drug found yet which can be administered to those infected to help them recover. It’s all working on a trial and error method; where some recover and the ones with weak immune systems succumb to the disease.

To help you in these tough times, Goodbye has come up with a survival guide that will help you fight the virus and ensure that you are in good health. In the absence of a cure, complete knowledge of the virus and preventive measures to be practiced is your best chance of avoiding the infection and come out unharmed from this ongoing pandemic.

Pandemic Survival Coronavirus Review

About the book

The book is titled Pandemic Survival, published in the English language. It is listed in the category of survival guides, priced at 67 USD only.

This rapidly spreading virus has instilled fear in the people’s heart, the unavailability of a vaccine acts as a further catalyst in the situation. Although doctors are trying to spread the correct information and safety measures; there are widespread misconceptions about the Coronavirus. People are struggling to device preventive procedures against this pathogen.

The Pandemic Survival is a book contains all information about this infamous virus. The book will give you details of the origin of this virus, how it spread, what age group and kind of people are more at risk, what are its symptoms and what measures should be taken to reduce the risk of infection?

This book is the closest you can come to know the virus and to save yourself and your loved ones from this pandemic. The Pandemic Survival is written in clear, concise language; making it easy for everyone to understand what the author wants to convey. It is not very expensive, it is priced at a mere 69USD, making it an easy buy for everyone. In the absence of a cure; precaution is the best step we can take to avoid this deadly disease. This book will help you prepare in the best possible way to face this situation and enable you to keep your loved ones in good health.

How does the Pandemic Survival guide help you?

The Coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan and spread to many other parts of China as well. It has severely hit Europe, especially Italy, the USA, Asia, the middle east, Africa; it’s practically all over the globe. Despite such widespread infections, no nation has been able to devise a cure yet.

In such difficult times, a military veteran decided to help the people and compile all the available information about this pandemic in one book. He believes if the people were made aware of the correct facts, the situation would improve drastically. The fear of the unknown is the worst, a known enemy is always easier to deal with.

The first step is to know all about the features and behavior of this virus. The idea of creating this book was to spread the correct information among the people and control the rising panic among the masses.

When the Coronavirus first hit, it was mistaken to be a common flu, it is only when people started dying with something as simple as the flu; that it caught the eye of medical professionals. It’s a new virus, unknown and unseen before, due to which we don’t have a cure or vaccine for it yet. So, it comes upon us to take the best precautions and avoid this infection until a more permanent solution is found.

The Pandemic Survival will teach you what all unknown vaccines should you avoid, the methods to make your immune system strong enough to be able to resist the virus; it further teaches you how to make the Thailand cocktail and many more unknown remedies to battle the virus and safeguard your health.

The survival guide will teach you about how and when to contact the military for help. It is advised to avoid any untested vaccines available in the market claiming to be a cure unless declared so by the government; the mysterious vaccines may have unknown side-effects too. It goes on to share the details of a survival cocktail, famous among the military men; that helps them survive any epidemic or widespread disease.


Contents of the Pandemic Survival guide

The Pandemic Survival guide is a digital product. It will consist of the details of the Coronavirus. It entails a list of frequently asked questions along with the correct and fact-checked answers. The guide explains the reason for this rapid spread of the infection and how you, as an individual can make e difference and contribute to curbing the virus from spreading.

The survival guide will tell you how to survive this pandemic and how to help the others around you in these difficult times. It is only when you are aware and practicing the advised safety measures, that you can help others around you.

There is no dedicated vaccine developed yet but some general medicines and concoctions help ailing patients to recuperate. The Pandemic Survival will educate you on all such remedies and their dosage ratio to further prepare you for this virus outbreak.

Without possessing the correct information about this virus, every person is trying in their way to combat it. The Pandemic Survival will save your efforts and guide you to take the correct steps to ensure your safety and health.

The Pandemic Survival comes with 2 bonus survival guides which will also give you information about some other similar epidemics and the measures to be taken when faced with such situations. You can get your copy of the Pandemic Survival online on the official website only. It’s a digital product, hard copies are not available in this book.

What are the possible Pros and Cons of the Pandemic Survival guide?

The Pandemic Survival guide is the best thing available today to prepare you, to teach you how to survive the Coronavirus outbreak. With the death toll rising every day, we need to device a survival plan ourselves until the authorities can find a permanent cure. We are responsible for our own lives, let us equip ourselves with complete knowledge and hit back in full force. We have analyzed the Pandemic Survival guide in detail, here’s a list of advantages of using this product:

  • The Pandemic Survival guide is the first of its kind; attempting to educate people about the Coronavirus.
  • The survival guide contains important and correct information about the virus and ways to contain it.
  • It helps you face the pandemic in an informed manner, where you are aware of the cause and effect of your actions and can expect trustworthy results from your efforts.
  • Instructions are provided in detail and a set procedure to help you stay safe in this pandemic.
  • The Pandemic Survival guide prices are low and affordable to all income types.
  • The Pandemic Survival guide is written in simple and understandable English. People of all age groups can easily understand the content.
  • The Survival Guide is available online, in the form of an e-book. You can read it anywhere on your phone, whenever you have time. or refer to it at any given time.
  • The Pandemic Survival guide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. After the purchase if you are not satisfied that the content is of help to you, do not worry, you can get your money back.
  • The guide is practical and has easy to follow instructions.
  • It helps you differentiate between the common flu and the Coronavirus so that you can act on time and save yourself from the infection.
  • It keeps you safe from the Coronavirus by providing all the possible knowledge on this subject.
  • The Pandemic Survival guide can be accessed from any part of the world.


  • You need an active internet connection to access the contents of the Pandemic Survival guide.
  • Print copies are not available on the survival guide. It cannot be used by people living in the remote.
  • This is a preparatory guide, it’s not of much use if an individual is already infected with the virus.
  • It is not for people who are not comfortable using the online platform for accessing information.

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What are the customers saying?

People are increasingly benefiting from this great source of knowledge. Let’s find out how it has changed people‚Äôs perspective about the virus outbreaks and methods of prevention.

“I am a 27-years-old working male. With the Coronavirus outbreak, our lives have changed vastly. We keep reading in the papers about the rising death count and the rapid speed of the spread of this disease. What we need not know precisely is how to combat it? What will keep us safe? How do we restrict its spread? There is a lot of here say, the people do not know what to believe and what not to. The Pandemic Survival guide is a godsend in these difficult times. I purchased a copy online and read it whenever I had some time at my hands. It has cleared so many misconceptions. After reading this book, I am more informed on what precautions to take for protection against the Coronavirus. I am not shooting arrows in the dark anymore. I can not only help myself but also the people around me by making them aware and spreading the correct information.” – Danny.


Human Beings are intelligent creatures, for centuries we have looked after ourselves. It is only now that we have chefs for providing food, doctors for medicines, bankers for finance, etc. Have we not done all of it ourselves in the early days? We still can and unfortunately; need to. How long are you going to be like a sitting duck? Waiting cluelessly for others to find a cure. We need to, in the meanwhile gear up, put our best foot forward and use that intelligence, nature has bestowed us with. The Pandemic Survival guide gives you that opportunity to be able to look out for yourself and not be endlessly dependant for a cure while being helpless at the hands of a dreadful infection causing virus.

In the current situation, with a pandemic on the rise, the Pandemic Survival guide is the perfect solution. Right now, the hospitals are flooded with the affected lot, it’s extremely to visit one unless necessary. It is time we prepare ourselves to combat this virus in the best possible way and be safe while doing so. The Pandemic Survival guide makes it possible by providing all the information you will need for this, just a click away.

It can be bought online so there is no risk of contact. It is designed in a simple fashion, easily comprehensible by all age groups. The Pandemic Survival guide is an attempt to help the masses fight a pandemic like the Coronavirus and emerge from this time of crisis with the least amount of damage. It is only when the common man will be empowered that the nations will start to recover. In these difficult times, we all need every possible help we can.

After this detailed analysis, we highly recommend you to invest in this product and increase your awareness, after all, knowledge is power, it’s what we need most right now. In the meanwhile, we recommend you take precautions of maintaining optimum hygiene, practice social distancing and stay safe.

Pandemic Guide Coronavirus

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