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With so many gadgets around that you use – right from when you get off your bed to commuting to work or working in the kitchen or working out at the gym, till you go to sleep – most of these gears require active internet. While most people have broadband at home or the workplace, it is those times when you are out for a jog, commuting in a bus or tube, or meeting your social pals over a cup of coffee that you might need a portable solution that could provide access to the internet. You need a portable internet device that can feed your music player, smartwatch, e-book, and even your laptop!

Imagine walking from one room to another on a facetime call and without getting disconnected even once! And why would you be disconnected when you have a Wifi Pod in your pocket! Yes! That’s how small this device is – small enough to fit your pocket or your palm and lightweight enough to be carried around, while you are on a conference call or traveling!

Here is more about Wifi Pod.

Wifi Pod

About Wifi Pod

The Wifi Pod is a device that caters to all those instances when you need the juice to surf the internet, listen to music, do a video call with your loved ones or your boss on the go.

It is a mini Wi-Fi router that fits into your pant’s pocket and is yet powerful enough to support 4G data protocol, thus delivering lightning internet speed wherever you are.

How Does Wifi Pod Work?

A Wifi Pod helps you access the internet on a 4G network, and the working is similar to how hotspot devices work. The USP of this device is that it reaches out and hits even the remotest access points to ensure that you remain connected and get a high-speed internet connection.

The device works independently, and unlike dongles, it does not have to be inserted into a laptop or CPU or an adapter. The Wifi Pod is an advanced device with the ability to provide a high-speed internet connection wherever you go.

How to Use the Wifi Pod

Though the WiFi Pod package comes with instructions, it is a child’s play to take it out of the box, switch it on and start using it. Just connect your smartphone or laptop with the Wifi Pod, choose a name for your device, and replace the generic password provided with the device with your own choice of password.

Charging the Wifi Pod is a piece of cake. You can charge the device using the most commonly used micro USB cable plugged into a 5W charger that is supplied with the package. It takes just 60 minutes to charge the Wifi Pod from 0% to 100%.

To explain in detail, the Wifi Pod creates a Wi-Fii zone – which means that you don’t need wires to be connected. After charging the Wifi Pod and switching it on, it will show up as a network option on your laptop, mobile or any other device that connects to the internet in your home, as a new Wi-Fi device.

Connect your smartphone or your laptop to this network and give it a new name of your choice (this is optional). Create a password to keep intruders out and start using it.

Wifi Pod review

Technical Specifications of the Wifi Pod

Here are the technical specifications of the Wifi Pod:

Device: Portable Wi-Fi Router

Battery: 2400mAh

Connectivity: Wireless, up to 10 users simultaneously

Frequency Band: 2.4GHz

Wireless Technology: 4G LTE

Advantages of the Wifi Pod

The Wifi Pod is suitable for anyone who needs an active and fast internet connection. It comes with a 2400 mAh inbuilt battery to last the entire day while you are out, leaving you least worried about the device running out of power when you need it the most. The Wifi Pod also has a unique feature of catering to 10 users at the same time. Imagine a long road trip with your family! Your son wants to play games on his iPad; your daughter wants to post the trip video on social media, and your wife is adding groceries to her shopping cart and ordering them online to be delivered when you reach home. Your family can connect to the WiFi Pod at the same time without losing internet speed.

With a large, bright, and simplistic display on this mini device, you can monitor the status of the battery, internet coverage, and Wi-Fi status of the device with just a glance instead of pressing buttons. Wifi Pod uses a display that is bright even under the sun and is less prone to scratches and accidental damages.

Here are the advantages of the Wifi Pod:

  • You get a reliable, fast and consistent internet connection
  • Continuous streaming of 4K content without buffering
  • Uninterrupted full-strength connectivity, wherever you need
  • Reaches out to all the dead zones in your house and provides internet connectivity to all those areas
  • Small enough to fit into the pocket of your trousers or your palm
  • Lightweight enough to be carried around in your bag or pocket
  • Provides seamless connection
  • Can be protected with a password so that you can keep hackers out
  • 2400mAh lithium battery that lasts for a whole day
  • Bright and simple display
  • Not prone to scratches

Disadvantages of the Wifi Pod

There does not appear to be any disadvantages of the Wifi Pod

Purchase & Price

The Wifi Pod can be purchased only from the company’s official website. It cannot be bought from any retailer.

Wifi Pod is now available at a 50% discount through the official website or online order only. Here are the price packages offered by the company:

  • The cost for a single WiFi Pod is $85, discount applied, and free shipping across the US.
  • You save more if you order more than 1 piece. The cost of 2 devices is $149.
  • 3 devices are priced at $205.

Wifi Pod offers a warranty of its product at a minimum price of $5.95 for 1 year and $9.95 for 2 years. That’s less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks Coffee!

You cannot get a better deal for a gadget with such functionalities and features than this limited time offered price.

Wifi Pod reviews

Guarantee of Wifi Pod

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Wifi Pod comes with a 1-year guarantee from the date of purchase of the product.

The guarantee covers exchange or repair if the product is received in damaged condition or if there is a manufacturing defect.

The guarantee does not cover modifications or damages that occur after the delivery of the product. These include breaking or tearing, altering parts, inappropriate use, scratching, painting, and others that occur due to the careless handling of the user.

Refund Policy

Product return and refund are governed under 2 conditions as given below:

  1. If there is a manufacturing defect, the user can contact the company and return the product within 1 month from the date of receipt of the product.
  2. If the user does not want to use the product, he can communicate with the company and return the product within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

In both cases, the Wifi Pod should be unused, with all the labels intact.

In the first case, the user will not have to bear the cost of shipping or any other charges incurred if the return is within the specified time.

In the second case, the user will have to bear the shipping and other costs.

Please visit the ‘Returns’ section of the product for more details.


How soon is the order delivered after placing the order?

The order is delivered within 21 days from the date of placing the order if there are no customs delays.

Is it possible to track the order?

The company will provide you with a tracking number that will become active in 3-4 days.

Can the delivery address be changed after placing the order?

You can request a change of delivery address within 12 hours of placing the order. After this period, the order processing starts, and change of address is not possible.

What is the process for the cancellation of the order?

If you feel that you have placed the order by mistake, you can cancel it within 12 hours. Call the customer service of the company and place your request.


  • Long-lasting battery that lasts for an entire day
  • Works wherever you are if it is charged
  • Lightweight
  • Small size fits into your palm
  • Can be used by 10 users at a time without loss of speed
  • Easy returns
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Secure Ordering
  • Bright display screen
  • Not prone to scratches


Customer Testimonials

Sara~ I am a travel journalist, and an internet connection is essential for my work. There are times when I have to shoot and upload a live video or do on-air interviews from the location. Having the Wifi Pod has made my life easy. I do not have to look for cafes to go and shoot or upload pictures and videos. 

Nathaniel~ As a school teacher, a lot of my work in the school needs an active internet connection. Despite paying for the best connections, the network was a big issue. As a result, the children were getting only theoretical knowledge most of the time. I got my personal Wifi Pod and started using it. The kids are happy now that they are able to do some work practically on the desktops, and the school is considering buying more Wifi Pods. 


Living without an internet connection is unimaginable. Sometimes, if you think about it, you would wonder how your parents lived without it! But getting a seamless connection is not always possible due to a lot of reasons. You cannot always have a connection in every room or when you are traveling.

This is where the Wifi Pod comes in. You get excellent connectivity wherever you go and can watch movies, listen to songs, watch your favorite shows, or even work without any difficulty. Explaining this is difficult. You have to use it to experience the feeling of freedom and joy! Your life will change for the better!

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