Effective Exercises For Building Massive Shoulders

When men start building their bodies, they can get serious about this! And a funny statistic states that women are more attracted to men who have a better and larger upper body that includes toned back, arms, and shoulders. and even if men didn’t care about what ladies thought about their upper body, having great shoulders will make life easier for men. This is because most of the everyday movements like lifting weights or playing any kind of sports require incredible shoulder strength – this will make you perform these activities like a breeze. It will also reduce any risk of injury when you’re doing back and chest exercises. All in all, your workouts will be less stressful if you have a stronger shoulder.

The way lifters begin to train their shoulders is normally a balance of both injury history and personal things. And if putting heavyweight overhead is the ultimate goal, or if it makes you wince when you just think about it — maybe you need to rethink. Very few men tend to relish their shoulder workouts. If one fails to broaden up the top no matter how many push-ups or situps you do or how many inches you are losing on your waist, you will not be able to achieve that coveted V-shaped body. If you need to achieve that kind of body then you need to do the shoulder exercises. We are not saying that if you’re working on your shoulders you’re only going to gain muscle but it does help in building muscle at a faster pace. And if you’re someone who has never done shoulders, then gains will be quicker for you than anybody else. Let’s understand our shoulder muscles and how to work on them. Read on.

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Muscles in the shoulder

The logic is simple here, you cannot start building up the muscles present in your shoulder without actually knowing what muscles constitute your shoulders. So, our shoulder is made up of two kinds of groups of muscles: one is the extrinsic muscle that starts from your torso and attaches to the bones of your shoulder; the second is called the Intrinsic muscle, which starts from the clavicle or scapula and attaches to our humerus.

The Extrinsic muscles:

  • Trapezius – it is the tri-shaped muscle which then goes down our spine across the shoulder blade. You have a left and the right trapezius and this muscle supports our shoulders and arms when we need to raise our arms.
  • Latissimus Doris – This muscle is considered to be one among the many largest muscles in the back of a body and is also partially covered up by the trapezius. Developing this muscle will help us manage our body weight easily.
  • Levator Scapulae – This muscle is positioned at the bank and the sight of a neck. The primary function of this muscle is to lift the phone at the back of the shoulder which is a triangle in shape and colleagues are upper arm bone with the collar bone.
  • Rhomboids – these muscles are found at the middle and the top of the shoulder blades. The contract and tend to pull our shoulder blades together.

The Intrinsic muscles

  • Deltoids – these muscles are a group of three sets of muscle fibers — the anterior, posterior, and lateral and these are connected with the help of a thick tendon and are anchored into a V shape. These muscles are primarily responsible for the rotation movement of the arms and also helps avoid any dislocation and injury while carrying weights.
  • Rotator cuff – it is a group of tendons and muscles that includes terrace minor and is surrounded by the shoulder joint.
  • Teres Major – It is a small muscle that is positioned at the underside of our upper arm.

Now that we don’t the different types of shoulder muscles, let us understand what are the effective ways to build those massive shoulders. Read on.

Effective exercises for building strong, massive shoulders

Push – press

This particular shoulder press exercise lets you gain weight and perform more repetitions than any other workout exercise — this makes for an incredible way to start shoulder growth. It is also considered to involve a whole movement of your body rather than just a legit shoulder movement. This exercise engages a major portion of your muscle mass; this helps boost the hormones that help in muscle-building. It’s a favorite among bodybuilders who aim at building athleticism and strength in their off-season. The different variations of push press for your shoulder development are:

  • Barbell version of push press
  • Dumbbell thruster
  • Kettlebell version of push press
  • Dumbbell push press and clean

When you decide to include this exercise in your regime, perform this after you have warmed up for 3 to 4 sets with 6 to 8 reps and taking 4 Gauge Pre-workout supplement resulting in more muscle growth.

Rear Version of delt row

Please remember that rowing movements do not work on just your back but to a commendable degree it also works on your shoulder. Performing this activates the middle region of your delt area significantly in a much better way than your usual shoulder presses with the dumbbell. The variations of this exercise for your shoulder development are:

  • Bending over dumbbell rear version of delt row
  • Incline version of dumbbell row

When you decide to include this exercise in your regime, do this after the press variations four sets of say 8 to 10.

Military press

This exercise is very challenging for a full-body left. It is also known as power left and helps set very challenging strength goals. Ensure to keep your hip in a neutral position while performing this exercise and you need to learn to hug your core so that you protect the lumbar spine. The different variations of military press for your shoulder development are:

  • Double kettlebell shoulder press
  • Dumbbell version of shoulder press
  • Standing military press
  • Dumbbell rotational version of shoulder press

When you decide to include this in your regime, after a thorough warmup you need to choose a weight that is challenging but not very happy that you end up injuring yourself and then perform this exercise 5X5 for your shoulder muscle and strength. You can do sets of say 6 to 8 or 8 to 10.

Upright row

This exercise has a reputation to be known as shoulder destroyer however it’s the manner in which you perform this exercise. Do not take a very close create this can end up internally rotating your shoulders. Instead, ensure that you take a broader-wider group so that your upper arms go directly out to your sites. The different upright row variations for your shoulder development are:

  • Dumbbell version of the upright row
  • Smith machine upright through
  • Cable version of the upright row
  • Barbell upright row

When you decide to include this exercise in your regime ensure that you do not do this exercise first. It is a multi-joint movement and therefore performs this exercise after your prices in supersets with 8 to 10 reps percent — it will be like a burnout move to end your workout regime.

Arnold press

This is just like a dumbbell press but with some rotation, action added to it. Several types of research have shown that this old-school move is very friendly for your shoulder joints and helps to build them as well. The different variations of this exercise for your shoulder development are:

  • Standing single leg Arnold press
  • Seated Arnold press
  • Standing Arnold press

When you include this exercise in your regime perform it either in the first part of your workout or the second part of your workout.

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