Xtra-PC Review


Imagine the plight you will have to go through when your laptop or personal computer breaks down just before you hit the send button on your email page when you are to send an important work assignment to your boss while you are doing work from home! Or just imagine what your teen child is … Read more

InfinitiKloud Review

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When the hard drive of your computer crashes, you may lose your important data, pictures, and videos from your computer. This can be very problematic because data is one of the most important things in this digital age. Most IT experts claim that they will back up your data, but you know the reality, no … Read more

DroneX Pro Review

DroneX Pro

One of the tech pieces every tech enthusiast should have at this time is a quadcopter, commonly called a drone. A few years back drones were a rarity, only admired from high-budget films. The reason they were rare was because of the hefty price tag that was attached to them. And even today, there are … Read more

SpyFone Review


Introduction The desire and attempt to know what your rivals and/or opponents are up to might be a legitimate precaution. Still, like the Watergate break-in, which cost Richard Nixon his presidentship, demonstrated, there are norms and limitations which everyone must observe. In previous decades or centuries, eavesdropping might have been considered bad form in social … Read more

XWatch Review


What Is XWatch? Gone are the days when people used to wear a watch to check timings. Now people want to stay up to date and everyone prefers a smartwatch. There are multiple types of smartwatches available in the market but XWatch is entirely different. It has a brilliant interface and a robust body. It … Read more

ThePhotoStick Mobile: Is It Worth Buying?

photostick mobile

Are you a guy who is fond of capturing a lot of pictures? If yes, then once in life, you must have seen a storage warning on your device. This kind of signs are frustrating, and most of the time, spoil the mood. Everyone loves capturing the photos without any tension of memory. If you … Read more

eWatch Review


Smartphones have established a firm rule in the world of tech since the last decade. With smartphones, we also saw the dawn of various tech accessories, the latest wireless Apple Earpods. A decade back, there was also a trend of wearing a Bluetooth headset, but it didn’t last long. It won’t be wrong to call … Read more

Techwatch Review

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Gone are those days when people used watches and clocks just for seeing time! Presently, watches are known to perform a plethora of functions that you wouldn’t even imagine. They hail with the commendable functions such as tracking your exercise, calculating the calories burnt, speed of your walk and many others! The majority of the … Read more