11 Foods To Fight Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease with very high blood sugar for a very long period. Effect the way the body is using Sugar or glucose important in making energy. Three types of diabetes exist, which includes:

  • Type-1 diabetes: In type-1 diabetes, harmful bacteria and virus attacks the immune system and affects the production of insulin from the pancreas. With no insulin, Sugar starts forming into the blood.
  • Type-2 diabetes: in type-2 diabetes, cells become resistant to insulin and pancreases become unable to produce more and more insulin to fulfill need insulin in cells
  • Gastrointestinal diabetes: During pregnancy, Placenta produces hormones to sustain energy, and thus cells become resistant to insulin in gastrointestinal diabetes, which forced blood cells to produce more and more Sugar itself.

Symptoms associated with diabetes include Fatigue, increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unexplained weight loss, abnormal cholesterol. There are various complications related to diabetes include cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, foot damage, and even death. Thus, prevention from diabetes is needed to be protected and cured. And to prevent diabetes, a list is mentioned below to fight with diabetes. Diabetes is predominantly a lifestyle disease which can be avoided through changes in the way daily routines are executed. In the market, there are numerous wellness programs exist to enhance lifestyle living to eliminate the early occurrence of diseases like diabetes. The program, like the Halki diabetes remedy, brings significant improvement in the diabetic person’s life.

11 Foods to Fight Diabetes

  • Wheat bran

With a high content of magnesium, Wheat bran works very effectively in diabetes control, mainly diabetes type-2. With other whole wheat very useful and healthy for the body, Wheat bran is the food which helps to control diabetes majorly. Wheat bran not only is used to control diabetes but also helps to fight against cancer, maintain sugar level in the body, controls cholesterol in the body, and regulates blood pressure as well.

  • Nuts


Dry fruits, including almonds, cashews, and pistachio, also helps to fight with diabetes. Nuts usually increase the good cholesterol in the body and reduce bad cholesterol of the body along with this, and they help in reducing the risk of getting diabetes (1). Nuts are the excellent substitution of junk food like chips and other packaged food and are an excellent protein source and can be consumed in any part of the day without any specifications. Nuts, along with the superb providing nutrients, also helps in maintain the blood pressure of the body, helps in reducing weight, and increases good cholesterol and are suitable for heart health. Intaking of a handful of nuts will help to fight against diabetes and provide the required energy to the body.

  • Apples

It is well said eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is rich in anthocyanin and thus helps to fight with diabetes very effectively. Eating apple in high quantity not only provides various nutrients required for the body but also makes the immune system fit to fight against multiple diseases like diabetes and cholesterol (2). Also, apple is rich in numerous vitamins and nutrients and combat diabetes very effectively and is prescribed by doctors as well.

  • Avocado


Avocado is a rich, creamy, monosaturated fat that is the most powerful medicine to control blood pressure of the body and blood sugar in the body. Avocado is one of the fruits which contain powerful nutrients that help in controlling the blood’s sugar level and cholesterol of the body. If the diet includes extra fat, then it may reverse the effect of insulin resistance. The monosaturated fat in Avocado helps to reduce the overall impact of diabetes on the body by majorly controlling the Sugar in the bloodstream (3). With a rich and creamy texture, Avocado can be used on bread and other stuff instead of butter or mayonnaise and can even coat it with lemon juice to keep the food for an extended period.

  • Oat Meal

Oat Meal

Loaded with fibers oatmeal is a full packet of digestive enzymes that helps to get rid of the problems that trouble the digestion in the body. Oatmeal, if taken into the first meal of the day, helps to fuel you up and provide very high energy. Beta-glucan present in the fibers of Oatmeal is effective in reducing the cholesterol in the body and blood sugar level. Oatmeal, since containing starch, takes longer in the body to convert it into carbs out of the blood sugar you have eaten. Oatmeal is effectively used to reduce heart-related risk more efficiently.

  • Beef

Beef is full in protein at mealtime; it keeps you complete as well as satisfied, even in a minimal amount. It will be diabetes-friendly only if you choose the leanest cut and portion one-fourth of your plate. Beef is used for losing weight increases muscle strength muscle metabolism of the body very high. Meat contains protein iron and Vitamin B, which is useful in diabetes within prism rate the c l a box to correct impaired blood sugar and also contains anti-cancer properties as well.

  • Milk and Yogurt


Milk and in the form of yogurt are rich in protein and Calcium. Milk and yogurt, as per research, have been found insulin resistant and thus helps to reduce diabetes and another heart-related risk. Even fat-free milk or creamy cream milk will help to reduce diabetes in the body. Greek yogurt primarily works against diabetes with its Rich taste and reduced-fat (4). The content of calcium milk is used to fulfill the need of Calcium in the body and strengthen the bones of the body. One can consume milk at any time of the day, but it is preferable to consume yogurt in day time only. Also, yogurt helps to increase the metabolism rate by benefitting the digestive system in the body.

  • Olive oil

Olive oils are suggested to maintain the cholesterol of the body, which is the main factor behind diabetes. Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory components that work in various body pains as well. Being very light in density, it is majorly consumed in the Mediterranean diet along with whole grains to get good heart health and decreased diabetes. Since olive oil isn’t substantial, it doesn’t produce insulin resistance among cells of the body and even helps in reversing the resistance in body cells. Olive oils also reduce the digestion speed, which allows controlling the blood sugar effectively by just spiking glucose. The main property of olive oil is that it goes with everything from salads to meat and any other dish.

  • Seeds

Similar nuts all the seeds like sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed or mustard seed contains abundant protein, fat, and fibers which works very effectively in keeping the blood sugar low and keep the body away from various threatening heart disease. Being 100% natural, seeds also help in controlling the heart’s cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Seeds can be used instead of Caesar in any diet and can also be consumed directly. Seeds also work well as a snack and provide energy effectively, even consumed in a minimal amount.

  • Fish

One of the significant components which help to reduce the complications related to diabetes and heart attack is fish. Eating fish once a week can reduce your heart risk by up to 40%, according to a study conducted by students of Harvard school. Fish reduces the insulin resistance and diabetes of the body since it contains fatty acid, which helps reduce the inflammation of the body, which is the major contributor of heart-related disease in the body. Fish has a very positive effect on the body. Even eating low-fat fish, many accompanying risks are reduced. Fish is also small in unhealthy fat trans-fat and cholesterol.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Baked sweet potatoes help to reduce the blood sugar to about 30% potato contains starches but have a shallow glycemic index that is sugar index. Sweet potato is trained and almost reduces 40% of the cholesterol of the body. Sweet potato also results in slow digestion, which helps to get rid of the insulin resistance in the cells of body sweet potato, also contains some components which work as a bodyguard of virus and reduces inflammation and does reduce diabetes and does not increases the diabetes effect on the body.

Diabetes being a dangerous disease, can even take your life away and thus needs to be cured and handled with all the essential precautions. Eating healthy food is one of those precautions since food affects the overall metabolism of the body and cholesterol of the body. Also, eating healthy is essential; otherwise, the overall strength of the body will not be left in the body.

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