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The desire and attempt to know what your rivals and/or opponents are up to might be a legitimate precaution. Still, like the Watergate break-in, which cost Richard Nixon his presidentship, demonstrated, there are norms and limitations which everyone must observe. In previous decades or centuries, eavesdropping might have been considered bad form in social settings. In the current scenario, it might become vital to do so to protect your family, business, or to track down criminals.

Using spyware on the phone to keep track of your children – whether they have fallen into bad company, are indulging in unacceptable activities, being bullied, or following the straight and narrow path is legitimate and even good parenting! You might also want to keep track of your spouse. But if you decide to use any spyware to gather information about their activities, know that it won’t be considered valid evidence in a court of law. In fact, you might even be sued for invasion of privacy.


About SpyFone

SpyFone enables you to track people to know their actual location and monitor their phones for irregular activities. The best part of this software is that it can be used on both iOS and Android phones. All you need to do is install the app after purchasing it, and get cracking fast. It will take anything between 15-30 minutes to be able to log in and start tracking the target phone or phones from the comfort of your home or office.

How Does It Work?

After you buy the app, open it to install, and key in the license code and configuration key. Once it is configured, choose your target, as well as the activity you desire to track. Even if your target switches off the phone, or the internet; don’t worry you will still be able to catch the action as soon as the device is switched on, or the internet connection is restored.

You can control the device completely from anywhere in the world by activating the microphone or making the phone vibrate. Further, you can remotely turn on the ringer, or if you think it appropriate to do so, take a picture, or delete data. All you need is an internet connection to support the device you are using as a dashboard.

How to Use the Product

You have three options for Android phones, and a single plan for iOS phones, for the kind of plan you want to purchase after the trial period is over. There are limitations to the kind of usage you are permitted during the trial period. However, once you have chosen a plan, and subscribed to it; you will get the activation link in your email. Follow instructions closely when configuring it to prevent any glitches in the future. You can generate CSV, Excel, or PDF format reports to apply analysis tools, and identify who is contacted most, and possibly why when you view the messages and emails.

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SpyFone Features

Given below are the features of SpyFone:

  • Monitoring Messages – A unique feature is that if the SMS or MMS is deleted, you can still view the content.
  • Call Monitoring
  • Alerts – Contact and profanity alert, in addition to geo-fencing.
  • GPS Monitoring Video and Photo Monitoring
  • Notes and Contact Monitoring
  • Messenger Logs
  • Live Control panel – For remote control
  • SMS Commands

How User-Friendly Is SpyFone?

To be able to track and monitor somebody else’s phone is contingent upon three aspects.

The first is obviously that the person you intend to track and monitor uses a smartphone that is switched on.

The second is not so obvious. The phone should not be on airplane mode, which switches off GPS.

The third is the diciest. Some people adjust their security settings and personalization by toggling location history to switch it off. This is apart from toggling off web and app history to prevent Google from locating their current location.

SpyFone review

How Safe Is It to Use the Product?

You can monitor the activities of your team, and kids to gain the best outcome. You would gain an insight into how well they are utilizing their time, or otherwise. The company continuously upgrades its software to fix any bugs that get identified and to make it easier to use.

Does the Product Violate Any Privacy Laws?

If you intend to install any spyware on somebody else’s phone, you must get their express consent. However, since SpyFone works remotely, you stay on the right side of the law if you decide to use the app. Further, the company states clearly on its website that the app is not meant to be used to invade the private lives of people. In fact, you stand to have your license canceled if you are caught doing so. You are meant to use it only to protect your family and your business.

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Benefits of the Product

It is always problematic for a manager or an employer who leads a large field team to track the actual whereabouts of individuals. People might report being out at a meeting with a client, when they are actually at home sleeping, or even partying. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to know their real-time location. SpyFone is the answer to your problems. If GPS signals are available in the area where your staffer is, then you will be able to make a note of it as the software has a live control panel.

Moreover, it is even more dangerous for your organization if the concerned personnel is contacting people in rival companies. The dates and contents of the mails can be identified through this software. Track whether anyone is indulging in personal work or business during office hours by checking their office phones.

  • Monitor social media usage: Social media monitoring alerts you to the likelihood of your child suffering any online bullying, or stalking. SpyFone also lets you know if any employee of your organization is trying to undermine it online through tweets, Facebook posts, WhatsApp messages, and other social media. Learn all about the messages your child or your personnel are receiving; the kinds of emails they are getting, and from whom; even every SMS and MMS they receive, including those that have been deleted.
  • Prevent hacking: You can block dangerous software and applications to prevent hacking of your child’s or employees’ phones remotely through SpyFone. So, whether it is an in-built program, or a downloaded one; if you suspect that it could lead to your child’s phone being hacked; just remove it remotely without any fuss or feathers. Review all apps and files with this app. You can also block spam messages and dubious numbers.
  • Protect your business: If you suspect that one of your staff is leaking sensitive information about your organization through photos of confidential documents, and in other ways; then you would do well to use SpyFone to track their movements, mails, messages, photos, and videos. What action you take subsequently — fire or hand over to law enforcement authorities — is up to you. It isn’t simply a matter of not allowing your rivals to overtake you. It might even be the difference between survival and extinction as an industrial entity.
  • Keep your kids safe: You need to know where your child is physically, and what they are doing on the internet. Apart from forbidden sites, there are many websites that could jeopardize your child’s security. Children might befriend suspicious individuals on social media, or could land up on child pornography sites unknowingly with disastrous consequences. SpyFone alerts you to your child’s internet traffic giving you ample opportunity to protect them well in time with a live update.

Children can endanger themselves without realizing what they are letting themselves in for. Therefore, as a responsible parent, you need to ensure that they don’t indulge in any risky behavior online. You can do this by blocking websites after studying the history of your kids’ online activity. You can view all their contacts, notes, and emails to identify any potential mala fide individual or activity, and prevent their targeting your kids to carry out any criminal activity.

View your target’s activities live. Activities on social media like Tinder, Instagram, and others can be tracked. In the case of your children, it would be to ensure that they haven’t become prey to any antisocial elements. It would also track whether your employees are violating any company norms in social media activity.

You can also track what is being browsed in real-time through the keylogger. Live to view of videos, and screen captures are some of its significant benefits. Further, you can buy a license to use the software for as many as five devices simultaneously.

Purchase and Price — Save Hugely

Though you have the option for only an annual subscription for the Basic plan of SpyFone for Android phones; it actually saves you a pretty penny.

The three plans — Basic, Xtreme, and Premium — have an annual fee of $49.98; $149.98; $99.8 respectively. Xtreme has the option of a 3-monthly plan; while Premium has the option of monthly and 3-monthly plans in addition to the annual plans. For iOS phones, there is only a Premium plan of $44.98 for three months and $89.98 for 12 months. Payment is processed through PayPal or Stripe on your credit card.

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Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Be very careful about reading their refund policy in toto before you buy a license. They have a long list of circumstances when your money is not refunded. The key among these is not requesting a refund within 14 days of purchase. Another condition is if “you lose or forget your username and password, which leads to the loss of data, loss of access to the Subscription or any other Services”.


Q: Is this software legal?

A: Yes. It does not violate the wiretapping regulations as it isn’t downloaded on the phone of the person whose internet activities and real-time location are being monitored.

Q: Does it require any special technical skills to use SpyFone?

A: You don’t have to be a techie, or particularly tech-savvy to make the most of this software. Retrieve and monitor all messages sent and received from messaging apps like Hike, Viber, Facebook messenger, Hangout, WhatsApp, iMessage, Skype, Kakao, Telegram, Snapchat, Kik, LINE, Tango, and Instant Messenger.

Q: Does SpyFone work with every operating system?

A: Before choosing SpyFone, check to see whether your phone’s operating system (OS) is supported by it. They have a list of unsupported operating systems which include Windows Mobile, Bada, Windows Phone, Symbian Belle, and BlackBerry ten. However, if you have a supported OS, you can use it without rooting or jailbreak.

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  • Protect your child from bullying at school, especially when those bullies send intimidating messages to your child, or make threatening calls.
  • Reduce your own stress regarding the security of your children.
  • Works in stealth mode enabling you to work discreetly.
  • Order online, and have it shipped to your doorstep.
  • Will function with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
  • Recover lost data with it to get the bigger picture.
  • Must have a continuous internet connection for the software to work properly.
  • Susceptible to misuse by unscrupulous individuals.
  • Only the Premium plans have a monthly subscription option.

Customer Testimonials

Mitchelle Brovis, Idaho –

“These days when you read of date rape, and other horrendous things happening to young girls; I would be almost a nervous wreck when my daughter was outside the home after sundown. Now, I have stopped being tense as I can get real-time updates on her location, what she is doing, who is with her. I know I would be able to organize help for her the moment she is at risk.”

Sylvester O’Connoly, Utah

I used to be anxious about what my employees were up to when I wasn’t in the office. As the owner of a knowledge process company, it is vital that we can keep all information confidential. Now, with SpyFone I can monitor what my team is doing to know when there is a breach, take proactive steps to correct it, and prevent any future recurrence.


The most significant benefit of this app is the sense of having everything under control. When you buy SpyFone, you buy peace of mind. You don’t have to be constantly fretting about the whereabouts of your kids and your personnel.

spyFone reviews

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