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I am a home-based content writer. I write blogs, articles, web content, and promotional ads for different companies. I have converted my home into an office. My work desk is situated on the first floor and my residential setup is on the ground floor. During my pregnancy, I was avoiding stairs as I was diagnosed with a low placenta position in my early pregnancy weeks. I was using my laptop on the ground floor and my phone and dongle were the only support to use the internet connection.

During some research on the internet, I found that the EMF radiations of all electronic gadgets are unsafe for us. When I related these radiations with a pregnancy then I found that these are highly harmful to the health of the baby inside the womb and also for the health of mom. These rays can affect the growth of the baby inside the womb and can also cause serious mental and physical problems.

It was my first pregnancy and I was very much concerned about it. Similarly, I was passionate about my writing career too. I didn’t have any choice between my work and pregnancy. It was quite disturbing to me but I am a strong lady so I decided to explore my search. So I started finding out the solution for these EMF radiations. I found myself lucky as I got the information about smartDOT.

smartDOT performs like an antidote and protects human beings from the harmful effects of EMF radiation. I am happily using the smartDOT post-delivery to protect me and my child both. I use my cellphone and laptop while I am in close contact with my child as my kid is too young and needs me to feel secure. I don’t have to be worried about the health of my baby as EMF radiation protection by smartDOT is protecting me and my little one.

I am sure you must be wanting to know more about this amazing product. I can’t tell you how excited I am to tell you about this product. I am sharing the information about this product because I want other working moms to feel safe and continue with their profession or work.


What is smartDOT?

smartDOT is a low powered magnet. A high vibration natural energy is programmed to retune or harmonize the harmful electromagnetic (EMF) radiations. These EMF radiations are surrounding us when we are using wi-fi and electronic devices. The smartDOT is featured to react against these radiations and saves our body and its cells from direct exposure to these radiations. When these radiations get in contact with our body, it harms our cells.

The excessive contact or exposure to these radiations can cause tired body and brain, reluctance, weak concentration power, dizziness in the body movement, bad headaches, bad moods, and depression. smartDOT is a superior solution to stay protected from such unfortunate physical and mental conditions. I also feel more energetic during my work after using smartDOT. I can see the positive physical and mental changes in myself. My work capacity and behavior have improved. This is easy to attach with any of your electronic wired and wireless devices.

How Does smartDOT Work?

The Phi energy of smartDOT magnetic disc is capable of fighting against the harms of the electromagnetic radiations to save us from further health damages. It acts as a filter to retune these frequencies. Due to the Alert and active behavior of smartDOT, our body doesn’t get a chance to absorb these radiations. This way this magical product protects our body smartly in an invisible way. One smartDOT magnet is sufficient for one device. You can use these smartDOT magnets for all electronic devices separately. You can save your mobile phones, cordless, laptop/computer, tablets, routers, gaming devices, TV, and dryers.

smartdots reviews

Features And Advantages of The smartDOT

Below are some incredible specifications of this product which makes it a reliable and independent solution against the EMF radiations.

  1. Tested and proven on a variety of people by using a variety of electronic gadgets. So the users don’t have to worry about their family health due to the harms of EMF.
  2. You don’t need professional help to attach these magnets to your gadgets and devices. No particular place is directed for the attachment of smartDOT to any electronic device. You just need to attach simply one smartDOT to one device anywhere on the clear surface. It will instantly start its functioning after attaching.
  3. The use of high-quality material and advanced quantum technology enhances the superiority of this product.
  4. The smartDOT magnetic disc is easy to attach and easy to operate. The weight of this disc is very less as you are not going to feel any difference after pasting it to your smartphone. You can now hold your phone for a similar time duration without feeling the extra burden on your health.
  5. These durable discs are going to serve you for years as the adhesive used for pasting comes in great quality. You can carry your devices fearlessly as there is no chance of losing a smartDOT from your device.
  6. No need to replace this product after a few years. Buying and attaching once is enough to serve you the lifetime safety from the EMF radiations. This way this product serves fantastic protection to your entire family. A one-time investment per device is enough to secure you and your loved one’s physical and mental health.

I have four smartDOT discs and I have pasted them on my smartphone, TV, laptop, and computer. My home is free from the harms of EMF radiations and results are visible. smartDOT looks very attractive so nobody would mind having it on their devices and gadgets. The attractive unisex design goes with any color and type of the electronic device.

smartdots review

Pricing And Other Offers

The price of safety tools or equipment is generally too high. But when I saw the price of smartDOT I was highly impressed. For the safety of our mental and physical health prices don’t stand anywhere. This product is the most under budget health safety source for the entire family.

There are three packages of smartDOT. Buyers can choose one as per the requirement of the number of devices in their home or office. The pack of single smartDOT discs is available at the price of $19.99. Buyers have to pay extra for the shipping and handling of the product on the pack of one and two smartDOT. The second and the most selling package contains one free disc inside. You need to pay for the two-disc magnets and you will get three in total.

Besides as a buyer, you will have to pay only $13.33 per piece. The last package serves the best deal for the users of electronic gadgets. If you have many devices and you want protection for all of them, then this package is the best option for you. You will get the set of 5 pieces in this package while you need to pay for only 3 devices.

There are no extra shipping and handling charges incur in this package. Along with 2 free pieces, you are going to get a great deal. Pay only $11.99 per device as a discounted offer price. The company accepts various payment methods like PayPal, credit, and debit cards.

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Moneyback Guarantee

Along with multiple advantages and great quality, the manufacturer of this awesome product has announced a 90-day moneyback guarantee. This is unbelievable but true. The return and refund policies are very easy and quick for the convenience of their valuable customers. You can only return an unused smartDOT to the company.

Customer Reviews

By Matt J.

I am using this device for more than a week now. I don’t know if this thing works or not. Maybe I have to wait to see its actual results. If it is working for you, go for it!

By Chloe D.

I am a nursing mom and I try everything that claims to be helpful for my baby. I work as a marketing consultant and I have to make multiple calls a day. I knew the EMF rays can affect my baby’s health but I could not find anything that can rectify the problem. But a friend of mine recommended me to try smartDOT. It’s been a month and I feel way too much energetic and healthy than ever before. And to my surprise, my baby doesn’t fall sick as he used to usually do. Maybe the smartDOT has to do something about it. Thank you smartDOT!

By Jason L.

I was intrigued by the technology that can save your body from harmful EMF radiations. Ordered a pack of two smartDOT chips to get the hands-on experience of this technology. I used one chip on my mobile phone and another one on the router. The only disadvantage I faced was the signal drop. However, the drop was not that significant. I feel my brain is clear now. 100% recommended to everyone!

By David K.

I am a hardcore gamer. I can go a day without food but not without gaming. Just kidding! I spend most of the hours in front of my laptop or phone. It has affected my health a lot. I face frequent headaches during the night quite often. It kept me worrying that my health is degrading. I wanted to do something about it. I started researching on the internet to get rid of that pain. I could only find out one valuable device and that was smartDOT. In just 4 days, I started noticing that my pain has reduced to a great extent. I am going to buy a few more for every device in my home. Go for it!

By Ana B.

I am an Instagram influencer and my following has increased from the last year. With the increased following, the pressure to post regularly has also increased. I have to keep my phone with me wherever I go. Sometimes I have to use a laptop for more than 4 hours straight. This increased technology usage has made me feel sick more often than ever. I feel tired and sometimes I also have to undergo migraines. I desperately needed a solution to get rid of this situation. My search has led me to buy smartDOT. This magnetic chip works silently to filter the EMF rays from my phone. I will highly recommend this to everyone!

By Joe A.

I bought a pack of five smartDOT chips. I was sure that this will help me with the strain that I was facing on my brain. Two weeks have already passed and these chips seem of no use. Maybe the cause of strain is something else. I will try to find out the actual reason and maybe wait till this device starts to help me. Till then I am going to stick to this chip to see if it works or not.


If you are too much into digital content consumption then there is no harm in trying smartDOT. The device claims to reduce the radiations from wireless devices like mobile, TV, laptop, desktop, and more. Many of its users have reported having benefitted from the device.

It is almost invisible when you stick the chip on the back of your phone or other devices. It is compact and has a beautiful design that can appeal to every age group. So if you are worried about your kid about his habit of prolonged mobile usage, stick this magnetic chip on his or her phone and let it do its work.

The device is being offered at various packages and price is quite affordable, to say the least. At such a nominal price you can give it a try to check whether it resolves your EMF radiation-related sickness or not. Chances are that you will love its simple yet effective functionality. The EMF rays are affecting us in more than many ways. It is high time that you should do something about it.

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