Self Defense Siren Review

Crimes are increasing and we all want to feel safe while walking or driving alone on the roads. I would like to share an incident when I was returning home after attending a late-night meeting with my clients. I was in a hurry and I avoided the route from which I was used to traveling. And I chose a shortcut route. I was not that aware of that route and due to some new constructions and darkness, I felt a little confused about the right way to my home. I was lost and there was no one to help me out as it was so late at night.

I saw a taxi that came to me and asked if I needed any help. I was afraid but I said yes, I am lost and I am looking for the right way. The battery of my phone is down and I don’t have a car charger in my car to find out the route on the route map. The person from the taxi came out of the taxi and it took my breath away.

I thought that I was going to face some trouble. Thank god he was a gentleman. He told me that I can use his phone to get help from his family or nearby people as he was also not aware of the exact route. I called up my close friend and who helped me to reach my place. I think that was my lucky day. But I took a lesson from that day and decided to have something in my car for my safety.

The next day in my office I used my free time to search for a good option for my safety. My wife is also working. She is a doctor and due to emergency cases, she also has to travel late at night. I was very much concerned about our safety now. Several personal alarm and security options appeared on the screen of my computer. It was quite difficult to check out each one and select the best.

My partner George entered my cabin and we had some formal discussion. After a couple of minutes of discussion, I told him the story of last night. He laughed at me and asked if I have heard about Self Defense Siren? I said no then he took it out from his pocket. He showed its performance and it was quite impressive to me. I found Self Defense Siren a perfect solution for both of us. He discussed the ordering procedure and I followed as he said. Now I travel comfortably and my wife also says that she travels without worries with Self Defense Siren.

Self Defense Siren

What is Self Defense Siren?

This is a compact safety device. It supports us in grabbing the attention of the people passing from nearby to help us. It prevents the chances of attack. This is a highly advanced technology that plays a protective role in our safety. As the body of this device is sleek and its size is compact, so the carrying and using become easier for us.

Manufacturers have added an easy to push button that generates heavy noise to gather people nearby. The volume of the noise that the device makes is very high just like an alarm. The product also contains a very good rating that reflects its satisfied customers and effective uses. You will not believe that the device is capable of sending an alarm up to a distance of 1000ft. A sudden and a very heavy range of volume is capable of protection from the thieves and criminals.

original self defense siren

Advantages of Self Defense Siren

The robbers, extortionists, and other criminals can be cruel than our imaginations. We cannot take the risk of traveling alone without precautions or strict safety measures. Every day maximum news headlines cover such types of incidents. But if everyone starts using such types of safety devices then it will surely reduce the ratio of crime in the areas with less footfall or darkness.

The below-mentioned advantages of this device make it a perfect safety solution while traveling alone:

  1. Easy to operate: The device contains a compact size and a sleek body that gives us ease to hold it in our hands. The device is lightweight so it doesn’t make you feel tired while carrying it. You can hold it in your hands and walk for long distances. This will give quick action support in case of an emergency. Quick action is the first demand of emergencies to tackle effectively with no loss of health and wealth. The device does not contain multiple buttons to make the user confused to select the required one at the time of need. A single press button option makes it easier and faster to press and get instant results. The device is so user friendly that you can give it to your kids as well. It is very easy to tell them to press a button when they are caught in an emergency.
  2. Easy to carry: This device is approved for safety reasons so the buyers don’t have to follow so many formalities to take the device for their protection. To carry other weapons you have to follow some necessary instructions. License and fire action records are also required to carry a gun. With Self Device Siren you don’t have to be worried about all that. The body type of this device is also suitable to carry it all the time with you.
  3. One-year battery life: Most of the safety devices contain unnecessary features with it such as time display, internet facility to guide route and all. The use of various features steals out the exact features and utilization of the device. At the time of emergency, the device fails to perform due to battery low. The Self Device Siren is a device that is made for your security. A very high battery backup which can surprise anyone with its performance makes everyone crazy. You can use this device after one time charging for 365 days. I know this is unbelievable but true. After charging it once you can forget about carrying a charger or facing problems due to a low battery. So buy this amazing product to enjoy uninterrupted safety usage.
  4. LED light: LED light is a good feature of this device. You can use it while walking alone in the dark path to increase visibility. This LED light will be also helpful to catch the attention of the people to seek help.

In short, the device contains a perfect balance that is required for our safety. By using this device we can walk fearlessly in the dark or in the way with less or no footfall.

How Does Self Defense Siren Work?

The body of Self Defense Siren contains a big smoothly operable button. This button requires just a simple press and starts acting as featured. It creates a high-level voice that reaches to the distance of 1000sqft. This sound is capable of frightening the one who is following you or trying to attack you. Either the person will run away or the nearby people will catch him. The alarming noise made by the device can easily alert people, notice your situation and help. The LED feature of this device turns on and helps you in many ways. You can find the way in the dark by using this LED light. You can point it to the face of the person who is following you. This action will again make the person nervous and he will run away, this is also helpful in identification of the stranger who followed you once and can try again also.

Price Of The Self Defense Siren & Other Offers

The device Self Defense Siren is available in limited stock and due to its huge demand, the device is about to go out of stock. To avail of the offer, don’t be late in ordering. Quick order will give you a great deal of 50 percent flat discount on this super performing device.

Buyers will be happy to know that there are no charges on the delivery of this device. So order your Self Defense Siren now and get the device at your doorstep without paying for shipment and handling charges. The company assures the guaranteed performance of this device.

Self Defense Siren Review

Return & Refund Policy

To satisfy its users the company also claims for the 30 days moneyback guarantee. You can test the device for 30 days regularly to be sure about whether it deals with the emergency condition or not. If you feel that the device fails anyhow to give its output or there is any slower performance than claimed by the company, you can return the product.

Make sure that you return it within 30 days of buying. The company is ready to pay a full refund against the return of the device. This confidence of the company on their product shows that the product is highly effective and to date, there is no return request received by the company.


By Joe K.

I have used one Self Defense Siren device and I would like to inform you that the noise made by this device is too high. This device can help you to give a protective company on the routes you are afraid to go alone. I have recently ordered three more devices for the rest of my family members.

By Amanda J.

My daughter has to travel alone for long distances. It was always a burden on me that she is not safe. But after buying a Self Defense Device, I feel out of that burden. Now my daughter also says that Mumma I feel safe during traveling.

By Chloe P.

I am a news reporter. Truly telling that I have faced several critical conditions. Black pepper spray was also ineffective sometimes due to missing the pointing to the eyes of the attacker. The popularity of Self Defense Siren attracted me and now I have been using this device for a few months. I wander confidently to grab the latest and toughest news any time anywhere fearlessly.

By Becky Z.

I am a single mother and I have to leave my home to work for my kids. I have two kids and one is 8 years old and the second one is 12 years old. I have three Self Defense Devices. I use one and the rest two are for my kids. They carry this device to safely travel to school and tuition. They stay at home and with this device fearlessly. I can stay outside and work with peace as my kids are safe. My neighbors are good and I have told them to reach out to protect my kids whenever they hear any noise or alarm. I am thankful for the Self Defense Device for making such an effective device that has made my life simple.


If we compare Self Defense Siren with other safety devices, we will find that the device contains better features. It doesn’t have too many confusing features instead; it is very effective. The noise generating capacity of this device is much higher than any other similar device. The LED lights are also capable of solving visibility issues.

The body of this device is tough enough to give you a longer service. A slight fall from your hands is not going to affect the performance of this device. Smooth and easy handling features are offered to operate by kids also. Complicated features and fewer devices can effectively protect your kids. The center of attraction is its battery life. 365 days is a very long duration.

If you check other similar devices then automatically your fingers will select Self Defense Siren. It is very stylish in looks also. Nobody can judge that you are carrying any safety device in your hands. It will just look like a key chain for a car, scooter or motorbike. The company also serves 30 days return and refund policy which is again a super-duper chance to test its capacity and output. So there is no harm in buying the device.

Self Defense Siren Price

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