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As the famous saying goes, the best things in life are free; air, water, sun; unfortunately, not anymore. The increasing pollution levels have had a catastrophic effect on nature’s bounty, the air we breathe in is no longer life-giving; instead, it is laced with harmful gases and toxins. Air pollution degrades your body internally in a slow irreversible manner.

Our forest reserves are also depleting, the one source which naturally purified air is also being exhausted rapidly. Modernization has had this adverse effect on the environment for a long time. We have been carelessly exploiting nature’s reserves for our gain.

We have so far survived because the scales had not tipped, sadly, now they have; due to which now it has come to us; to do work that was done automatically for us by the forces of nature such as the trees, ozone layer, and other such elements.

The question is how do we do it? Clean air is extremely essential for the human body. Lack of clean air, deprive us of energy and quickly gives way to airborne disease and many similar problems. Despite the pollution, we do need to step out as we cannot just put our lives on hold and sit back home, people have jobs, to earn money and feed their family, children go to school; so we have to breathe in the air; pollution and all included.

So, what do we do? How to minimize the damage? The instant solution to this problem is wearing a face mask, but it still is not a satisfactory solution as the masks available in the market are not able to filter the virus and pathogen and keep them from entering the air you breathe.

Safe Mask has the answer to our problem. It’s a mask designed to make the air you breathe free of pollution, toxins and airborne virus. This is the first of its kind. Let’s see a detailed analysis of this product to find out if this product is better and more effective from the other options available in the market.

Safe Mask

What is Safe Mask?

Safe Mask is a face mask you can wear to protect yourself from the pollutants in the air including the airborne virus and diseases. The face masks available in the market until now can protect you only from pollution; we were still at risk of catching airborne diseases as these masks were unable to filter any virus and pathogens.

In today’s time, we need something better, a product that will protect us from the onslaught of airborne toxins and germs. Safe Mask is the first of a kind to have developed a technology and make it into a face mask; which can filter the virus and allow you to breathe clean, pathogen-free air.

There is also a rise in the spread of air-borne diseases. The on-going Coronavirus pandemic is a glaring example of how disastrous the current environmental state is. There is a disease spreading through the air, which is the worst of the kind; air being the medium makes it very difficult to protect oneself from diseases like the coronavirus, asthma, breathing difficulties, flue, allergies.

Safe Mask can be worn like any other mask, over the face. It covers your mouth and nose and is a snug fit; so that you breathe-in only clean, filtered air. The mask is comfortable to wear; so, you can easily use it for long hours. It is washable and re-useable, once you buy a Safe Mask, you needn’t worry about purchasing another anytime soon. It’s a great relief as owing to the Coronavirus pandemic we are already in short supply of face health and safety products like face masks, sanitizers, etc.

How does the product function?

Safe Mask is built with nanotechnology, which helps filter the pollution, toxins, and airborne pathogen giving you clean air to breathe. There is also a filter fitted in the mask to help in the process of air purification. When you are wearing a Safe Mask and breathe air in, it passes through the purifying layers to reach you, toxin-free. When you exhale, the exhalation valve releases the carbon-di-oxide passes into the atmosphere.

The mask is lightweight and of stretchable fabric giving you, snug yet comfortable fit. It allows no air to enter your lungs, unfiltered. There are carbon filters present in the mask which keeps the moisture at bay, so you wouldn’t sweat and be uncomfortable while wearing the mask for long hours.

With the rising level of pollutions, we need to be armed with every safety product that will help safeguard our health. In today’s times this Safe Mask with its advanced filtration techniques can be your new best friend, keeping you in good health and letting you step out in confidence; without the fear of catching any airborne illnesses.

Safe Mask review

Benefits of using Safe Mask

With the ongoing pandemic, do we even need to enlist the reasons to purchase such a technological advanced product?

To ensure you make this purchase confidant and aware, we have listed the key benefits of this product.

  • Safe Mask uses advanced nanotechnology that not only filters the dust and smoke but also stops the airborne toxins, viruses, bacteria from entering the air you breathe; and provides clean air for your lungs.
  • Due to the high efficiency of the product, your mind is at ease, you are free of the constant worry of catching an infection through the air; when outdoors.
  • Safe Mask is made of comfortable fabric; it is convenient to use for long hours.
  • Safe Mask can be washed and re-used. It’s a one-time investment. It does not need to be replaced after being used for just a few times.
  • The filters keep the mask moisture-free. Sweat will not be an issue if you wear the mask for long hours.
  • Safe Mask gives you the confidence to step out of your homes with the fear of catching an infection.
  • Safe Mask keeps you and your loved ones safe, especially in these times; with the onslaught of the coronavirus.
  • The mask is made of stretchable fabric, easily fits all.
  • The mask fits snugly, covering your nose and mouth; ensuring no air enters your body, unfiltered.
  • The manufacturer offers a one year and two-year warranty plan; which can be purchased separately.
  • Safe Mask is a durable product and well suited for long term use.

Disadvantages of Face Mask

  • The warranty is to be purchased separately.

Buying options for Safe Mask

The Safe Mask can only be bought online; ensuring that you receive only the genuine product. The company has launched an introductory offer of free shipping for all orders. As a part of the promotional offer, the prices have also been discounted.

You can purchase the mask on the Safe Mask official website.

A single unit can be bought for 55$. However, if you purchase more units together, there are discount price packages available.

A pack of two Safe Mask units will cost 79$ (39.5$ per unit).

For a small family; the available combo-pack of three Safe Masks should be suitable. It will cost 89$ (only 29.67$ per unit).

If you are looking to purchase this product for your family, a set of five Safe Masks will cost 109$ (21.8$ per unit).

For a large family, you may buy their pack of ten units available for 165$ (16.50$ per unit).

If you wish to buy for family and close friends or small businesses for their employees, the Safe Mask set of 20 will be a reasonable choice. It is available for 275$ (13.75$ per unit)

Customers can also purchase a one-year warranty for 6.41$ or a two-year warranty for 10.7$, separately for this product.

You can choose a suitable option from the list and get your Safe Mask delivered right to your doorstep with their promotional free shipping offer.

Safe Mask comes with easy returns and refund policy. If the product arrives damaged or has a manufacturing defect, you can return the same within 30 days. The company shall process the refund to the source of payment without any hassle.


Customer Reviews

Let’s see what the customers have to say about Safe Mask.

“The outbreak Corona Virus has affected our lives as a family beyond expectations. We go to offices, send our children to school but we live in constant fear of the ongoing infection. The normal masks we had used earlier did not give us the satisfaction as they were not able to keep the virus out. We can keep the hands clean to avoid infection but how do we keep the air clean? Free of the virus. Safe Mask has been the answer to this difficult problem we faced, it is nothing short of a miracle in these times of crisis. We are now able to step outside our homes feeling safe. Our minds are at ease now that our children are safe and breathing clean air because of Safe Mask.” – Carter.

“I have had a troubled breathing even as a child. I would often get a cough and cold or allergic reactions. Safe Mask has helped me a lot. Ever since I started using this product I can breathe without difficulties and do not catch illnesses as often. Safe Mask has improved my quality of life; keeping me safe from diseases and in good health. Thank you, Safe Mask, for making my life easier.”- Jane.

“I love to travel. It is getting more difficult by the day to travel; due to the increasing air pollution. Catching flu on the outdoors is your worst nightmare come true. The journey becomes such misery that it breaks my heart. There are only so many anti allergies you can take in anticipation. I needed a more certain solution to this problem and Safe Mask has provided me with just that. It’s easy to use, just put the mask on and you’re good. I can travel now without the fear of falling ill and truly enjoy my trips.” –John.


With advancement and modernization comes its downsides. We love it when a new invention is done, use it to add comfort and ease to our lives. What we don’t do is take responsibility and behave responsibly. So, consumed we are in the quest for development that we cut down the very trees that are our lifelines; while fixing this mistake needs immediate attention; it will take time too. In the meanwhile, we need to ensure the good health of our loved ones and self. Safe Mask will help you do that.

Wearing Safe Mask is both prevention and cure. It not only protects you from the pollutants and virus in the atmosphere; but also, from spreading it; in-case you are suffering from any infection. Sometimes, something as simple as common cold or cough gets difficult to contain and gets passed on to the entire family from one affected member. Safe Mask will ensure such events will never happen again; because is it not true that the pain and suffering of our dear ones cause more sadness than our own?

People more susceptible to allergies benefit hugely form Safe Mask because it not only keeps the pollutants out of the air you breathe but also elements like pollen, virus, and bacteria. You can use this mask and travel without the fear of catching an infection and enjoy that trip with a carefree attitude.

The Safe Mask can be used by both men and women, young and old alike. It has a soft fabric that is stretchable and can fit anyone easily.

Hopefully, after reading this choice, you would know what choice you need to make to safeguard yourself and your family from the upcoming environmental conditions. Safe Mask is a top of the line, advanced product. It is an easy way to keep yourself and your family safe from the air pollutants and pathogen, and in good health.

Buy your Safe Mask today and stay healthy.

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