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PlayBeatz Wireless EarBuds

Headphones have become one of the unavoidable things that one carries with him/her wherever they go. The typical, wired headphones do have many drawbacks. It was then that the demand for an alternative boomed up. Soon came the inventory of wireless earbuds, and PlayBeatz is one among them which you can rely upon.

The exceptional audio quality blended with the massive bass is what makes the PlayBeatz headphones unique. Along with these features, the headphones serve as wireless. This means that the long stretch of wires that always spiraled over it can no longer irritate you. PlayBeatz is an earbud that fits into your ear without any cables hanging down. You can conveniently connect it to the mobile or any other device using Bluetooth. Being compatible with android and IOS, the PlayBeatz earbuds appear to be helpful for all types of users.

Another feature of PlayBeatz headphones is that the batteries are long-lived. Average standby time of seventy-two hours is possible. The cells are rechargeable and powerful. These in-ear headphones are long-lasting and durable. The reason for this is that they are made out f durable and quality materials. For about ten meters, the earphones work pretty well.

The earphones are comfortable to get connected, and the pairing is quite quick and straightforward. Also, the earphones offer a wide connectivity range to about thirty-three feet. To get connected, all you have to do is turn your Bluetooth and earbuds in ON mode. The connection is established within seconds, and you are left to enjoy what is within.

Once paired to a device, the PlayBeatz earphones can get connected automatically. With about three hours of playback time and seventy-two hours of standby time, wonders are what PlayBeatz can do for you for an extended period. You can charge it for one and a half hours, and the commodity works well in an area within ten meters.

How does PlayBeatz work?

The PlayBeatz earbuds are installed with high-quality settings, which make it one of the best and most-preferred earphones. These wireless earbuds can be put to operation simply and effortlessly. Soon you can establish the connection and experience the smoothness and vigor of the music at the best sound quality.

Adjacent to the earpiece, there is a gesture button that serves as the power button. This button enables connectivity with other devices. Also, receiving a call or pausing and playing a video is possible with the aid of this single button. The method of usage is as explained below.

To switch the earbuds ON, press this power button. Once it is ON, search in it for your device or smartphone. By directing it to your device, pairing can be attained by just tapping. Once you have paired your device with the PlayBeatz earbuds, then it enables you to avail of a multitude of services. Without the involvement of any wired connection, you can play a game, listen to music, or make and receive calls.

Charging these wireless earbuds are also a simple task. The charger box that comes with the product has an in-built battery capacity of 500mah. By simply putting the product in the charger box for about one and a half hours, a fully charged wireless earbud is ready to serve you. The use of USB mobile chargers can also do the charging of the batteries.

PlayBeatz Review

Benefits of using PlayBeatz

PlayBeatz earphones come in with some of the best audio experiences for the user. Many latest technologies are installed to ensure the effectiveness of the product. There are numerous benefits of using these wireless earphones PlayBeatz. It has a lot of techniques adopted to render the best audio experience to the users. Some of them are detailed below.

Bluetooth v5 is what it has got. This makes it capable of pairing or connecting with any smartphone. A battery capacity of around 500 mah is provided to ensure the longevity and quality of the battery. This ensures the required battery backup too.

The best audio is the one that lacks the disruptions due to noise. To make this possible, it has specific noise cancellation chips. Also, individual integrated chips of high quality are provided with it. This is what ensures the quality of the stereo sound and bass.

The PlayBeatz headphones give you rich audio quality. This is because v4.2+EDR is provided in it. All these make the working of this Bluetooth connected wireless earphones smooth and efficient.

PlayBeatz pricing

If you need to buy this product, Playbeatz, browse directly to the manufacturer’s official website. Check for any offers. Currently, they provide fifty percent off on all purchases. Before purchasing, rush to the website to check out the offers available. If you are lucky enough, you can land on a fifty percent off or more.

If you are planning to buy one set of PlayBeatz, this is sufficient to enhance the quality of your audio. Usually, the price of one piece, excluding all offers is $66.65. But on a fifty percent off, which is presently available, you need to pay only $39.99.

If you want to double the impact of the beats, going for two sets of the product will be better. The typical rate is $133.30. $73.99 is the amount to be paid if there is a discount offer of fifty percent off.

For tripling the impact of the tunes, which indeed can impact positively on the overall audio quality, three sets of the product are recommendable. It is a recommended deal as you need to pay just $ 99.99, provided there is a fifty percent off. In other cases, $199.95 is the cost of the package.

To experience more significant effects and get the impact four times, four sets of the product, PlayBeatz is sufficient. The package costs $266.60 at all times, provided there is no discount. But a payment of $127.99 is adequate, provided there exists a fifty percent off.

Once you pay a sum of $333.25, you will get five sets of this product, PlayBeatz. This package, which contains in it five of them in numbers, maximizes the music to the most prominent extent. A fifty percent off can save much of your money as you need to pay just $149.99 for the deal.

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Money-back guaranteed and refund policy

The company ensures that none gets back with this thought due to which they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. It is to be noted here that this policy can only be availed if the product is left unused.

Send back the unopened commodity without losing its packaging to the company to be eligible for a refund of the full amount. You are eligible for either a replacement or a full refund as per the demands of the circumstances.


There and several advantages of using these wireless PlayBeatz earbuds. However, there are some limitations too. They are listed and detailed below.

There is a need to charge these earphones frequently and regularly. It was seen that the product works well only for a period of three to four hours once charged. This means that they need constant charging to cope up with your requirements.

If ever you forget to disconnect them from your device via Bluetooth or leave it switched ON, then the battery gets drained off quickly. The consequence is that you have to charge them more frequently, thereby consuming comparatively more power.

Though the product quality is good enough and you intend to buy it, you can only purchase one online. You have to make the payment while placing the orders. There are no provisions to pay them off during delivery. Also, charge for getting it shipped is inevitable while you shop any product online unless the company provides a waiver.

Customer reviews


Music was my life. I work in the corporate field, and at times I get stressed. The work pressure would kick out my calmness and make me hate the world. Music was my means of slipping out of the worries of this life and ease my frustration. I felt the solace in pure music and earphones are what I carried with me in my purse in the same way as I had my money with me.

Whenever I get a minute or two of my own, I suddenly jump into the world of music. To get the best out of tune, irrespective of however useful it is, an efficient headphone that can give quite a good sound quality without the interruption of noise is a must. As earphones were on top-priority on my list, I wanted to find the best of it. I got to know about this product, PlayBeatz and made up my mind to give it a try.

I am pleased with its performance, and the earphones have been murmuring to my ears for many years, and it is still good enough. I am thrilled about it and recommend it to any other. Thanks to this beautiful invention, I am now able to enjoy my leisure times the right way I want it.


I am a student working hard to push my grades up. I live in a hostel, along with many others of my age. Indeed, it is a lot of fun to be with one of them. The place is filled with love and laughter all the while. Our little nest is active throughout the day and night, and everyone lives to their fullest. Living up with their craziness is real fun. But, amid all the enjoyment, my studies suffer pretty well.

My grades went down drastically, and I was anxious. I wanted to make them somehow up and started to work my way. But soon, I realized that the noise and the hustle of the place would not let me concentrate. I wanted a piece of music ringing in my ears to divert things away. This thought made me hunt for headphones with ambient sound quality that fits well in-ear and would not let the noise of the outside world creep inside.

PlayBeatz earphones are what I found after the big search. Yes, I can now learn in peace and concentrate on my affairs. Even when the noisiest celebrations are happening in the room next to mine, I can look after my affairs. With the best audio quality and easy and quick pairing up, I can get to begin learning the very minute I sit for the purpose.

The final verdict

The product, PlayBeatz wireless earphones are indeed an excellent option to land on if you are stressing on the product quality. With some of the best features in hand, these wireless connections can provide the best of services to its user. Together with the best design suitable to fit in your ear well and the audio quality it offers, PlayBeatz earphone is indeed a right choice for those looking for good wireless headphones.

It can be connected to any device within a few seconds quickly. Establishing connections and pairing up with smartphones is quick and straightforward. As they are installed with the latest technology, the sound quality is abundant, and there are no interruptions due to noise. Though it serves good enough to be a wireless earbud, it has limitations too.

The battery backup of these devices is less. Once fully charged, it lasts for about three-four hours at most. Also, there are high chances of draining out of battery once left switched ON. Yet, it is on the recommendable list as it has many advantages in comparison with other brands of the same item.

Keep in mind that the discount gets more prominent as you purchase more. Have a close watch on the pricing scheme and land on the one that is adequate for you. This must be in terms of the number of sets required as well as the price. Try convincing your friends and family to buy one and make the purchase in the bulk if you intend to buy the product. Indeed, this scheme can always land in a better economy.

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