Male Extra Review

Male sexual enhancements aren’t new. It’s no surprise. Every woman wants her man to be well endowed. Every man wants to ‘deliver the goods’ to a beautiful woman.

A ton of male enhancement products is freely available. The amount of money that men pay for such pills and tonic is non-quantifiable.

The purpose of any male enhancement pill is to enhance your sexual ability and sexual health. The problem isn’t finding male enhancement supplements, but finding the ones that work for you.

Companies are going all out to scam customers who wish to increase that one thing they pride on. This can confuse customers to the point of despair.

This article brings you good news. There is one male enhancement pill in the market that trumps all others – Male Extra.

Male Extra is no ‘small kid on the block’. It comes with a superb mixture of natural ingredients. It will not just enhance male sexual ability but also go easy on pockets.

But, is all the hype worth it?

Male Extra

What makes Male Extra Pills unique?

To start with, Male Extra pills have been selling like ‘hotcakes’ for the past 10 years. It has increased in popularity, year on year.

This proves its positive impact on men who want to perform at an optimum potential in bed. With more than 100,000 happy customers, there is nothing to doubt its impact.

One way for customers to test their authenticity is by reading real customer reviews towards the end of this article.

Most penis enhancement pills available in the market contain herbs but not enough. Male Extra has proven to be a hit thanks to the large amounts of herb present in it.

The active ingredients extracted for Male Extra are Ellagic acid and L-arginine from pomegranates. Male Extra’s specially designed formula uses these active ingredients to boost libido, sexual health, and performance.

Male Extra is the go-to-supplement for increasing the duration of erections, size, and length of the penis and limiting the frequency of premature ejaculation.

If an all-natural substance can give you this, what else do you want?

The formula includes ingredients that belong to ancient Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. The presence of vital minerals such as zinc and Vitamin B3 also helps.

How does Male Extra deliver results?

The biggest reason for this is the presence of L-Arginine. It has proven to increase the level of nitric acid. This expands blood vessels within the corpora cavernosa area of the penis.

This leads to stronger erections, a larger penis, and controlled erections.

The average consumer can gain between 0.8 inches to 2.6 inches. This is visible after just 6 months. Male Extra delivers results thanks to a powerful combination of natural, proven, and safe ingredients.

This increases the sustainability of erection, with increased hardness and penis growth. All this combines to deliver paradise-like effects on a woman.

The presence of Nitric oxide in Male Extra widens and relaxes the blood vessels in the penis. It improves the flow of oxygen and blood.

This lets you thrust better, penetrate better and give a woman unbelievable orgasm. Improved blood flow also leads to more oxygen flow, thereby reducing fatigue. This enhanced stamina lets you perform harder and longer in bed.

The secret to a harder penis is simple. Erection leads to tissues being filled with blood. The more blood held by tissues makes the penis harder and bigger. Male Extra expands the blood vessels. This means more blood flow to the penis during an erection.

Male Extra Review

Why should you order Male Extra?

Male Extra’s effective formula is backed by medical experts. It is the only male enhancement that uses 40% of pomegranate ellagic and L-Arginine HCL. These libido-enhancing, erection-increasing ingredients are not found in any other product.

You must buy Male Extra with no doubts in your mind. Every single ingredient is 100% safe and natural. You get proven results with zero side effects.

Male Extra’s unique and powerful formula cannot be found in another male enhancement product. The following reasons should be enough to convince you,

  • Moan-full orgasms – Give your woman intense and pleasurable orgasms thanks to increased blood flow to your blood vessels
  • Insane sex drive – Boost your sexual drive by getting you in the mood for marathon sex. Your libido will be itching for some thrusting action
  • Long-lasting erections – Erections will become solid and stay reliable, making your partner notice the massive bulge in your pants
  • Controlled intercourse – Be in control of your bedroom sexcapades. Give your partner more than what she wants

What is the dosage for Male Extra?

Simply take three Male Extra capsules daily. Take them after a meal. Over 30+ days, the natural ingredients within the pills will work its magic in your system.

You will notice a harder and stronger penis. Your erections will last longer than they usually did. Orgasms will be out-of-this-world. You will see tremendous improvement in your sexual stamina.

You will benefit from these as long as you keep taking Male Extra. Keep taking the pills daily. There are no side effects. The moment you stop, the sexual enhancements to your life will start reducing.

What is Male Extra’s superhit formula made up of?

maleextra Ingredients

Male Extra is made from a unique mix of ingredients. These ingredients are,

  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg – Popularly known as a natural aphrodisiac, it boosts sexual desire. It is a natural Viagra, letting increased blood to reach a penis’ blood vessels.
  • L-Arginine HCL 600mg – This amino acid supplement increases the production of nitrous oxide, which helps your body to relax. This lets you spend less time between numerous orgasms.
  • Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg – Without Zinc, the quantity of testosterone in your body will drop. Zinc maintains libido and can get you aroused the moment your woman touches you.
  • L-methionine 100mg – Another amino acid compound that helps reduce the speed of ejaculation. This lets you increase the length of your sexual sessions.
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg – A mineral that is uncommon in other male enhancements. Your cells stay healthy encouraging increased blood flow to the penis.
  • Niacin 18mg (Vitamin B3) – Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3. It is an important nutrient that lets your blood vessels relax. No Niacin means no back-to-back orgasms. You don’t want that do you?
  • Cordyceps 25mg – Cordyceps is a mushroom that is also an adaptogen. They are a type of herbal supplements that are beneficial in boosting energy and building endurance.
  • L-Methionine 100mg – Another amino acid, it blocks the conversion of histidine to histamine. Histamine delivers increased climax. The more histamine in your body, the quicker you ejaculate. You don’t want that do you?

What are the benefits of taking Male Extra pills?

The list of benefits for Male Extra is as long as the size of your penis will be once you start taking it.

  • Longer-than-usual erections that are as hard as a rock
  • A heightened sex drive that is perfect for longer bedroom lockdowns
  • A high number of ejaculations that will make you hoard more tissue rolls
  • Enhanced libido to let you perform sex night-after-night
  • Growth in confidence (just like your penis) that will breed masculinity
  • Increased stamina that will make your woman beg you to stop
  • Deliver insane orgasms to your partner

Which is the best place to buy Male Extra?

Male Extra is only available through its official website. Buying it directly from Male Extra’s website also has numerous benefits.

If you order a 4-6 months supply of Male Extra, you get a FREE Fast-Acting Erection Gel. Rubbing this gel on your bulging penis will deliver an erection so hard, your woman won’t have enough of it. Its active ingredients will stimulate blood flow and penetrate deeper.

It is also odorless, with a quick-acting formula.

Purchasing Male Extra from its website can let you avail of a SPECIAL OFFER.

  • Order four bottles of Male Extra and get one tube of erection gel FREE
  • Order six bottles of Male Extra and get two tubes of erection gel FREE

Not just this, you get an eye-whopping 100-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That is more than what other products offer.

The entire price, excluding shipping charges, will be refunded within 100-days. If you are unsatisfied. We highly doubt that though.


  • Buy a 1-month supply for $64.95

You save – $10.00

  • Buy 6-months of supply + 2 free erection gels for $249.95

You save – $349.70

  • Buy 4-months of supply + 1 free erection gel for $179.95

You save – $194.80

  • Buy 12-months of supply + 4 free erection gels for $395.95

You save – $803.30

order male extra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Does Male Extra pills come with any side effects?

Answer – No, there are no known side effects for Male Extra pills.

Q.2 How quickly can I expect results?

Answer – Results may vary based on individuals. Usually, it can show results between 30-60 days.

Q.3 Will, I see a decline in results if I stop taking it?

Answer – Yes. It will continue performing for you as long as you take them daily.

Q.4 Will Male Extra permanently enlarge my penis?

Answer – No. It is not a permanent penis enlargement remedy. Male Extra increases the amount of blood to the penis during an erection. It lasts for continued orgasms.

Q.5. How many capsules come in each bottle?

Answer – Each bottle contains 90 capsules. One serving comprises 3 capsules. This means a bottle will last you a month.

Q.6 Is Male Extra suitable for senior citizens?

Answer – Yes. Men of all ages can use Male Extra. In case you are taking any medications, consult a doctor before taking Male Extra.

Q.7 Where does Male Extra ship to?

Answer – Male Extra is shipped worldwide. Shipping is free on all orders irrespective of order size.

Q.8 How quickly can I get the order?

Answer – Orders are packaged and shipped within 24-48 hours from order confirmation. You will receive the bottles in discreet packaging.

 Q.9 Can I trust Male Extra?

Answer – Yes. Male Extra is developed by a company that has dedicated close to 15 years in research and development. Customer service is available 24/7.

Customer Reviews

“My sex life hit a dead-end at age 30. I lost my libido and was embarrassed to face my gorgeous girlfriend. After research, I found Male Extra to be 100% natural. Now, after taking it for months, my girlfriend begs for sex every day” – Tristan J

“My boyfriend struggled to get his penis up. It hurt our relationship. He is a chain smoker, which was the major issue. I ordered Mail Extra online and asked him to take them religiously. He didn’t have to stop smoking, and smokes me in bed all night long”. – Trish K

“Please stock more. I love taking Male Extra. My penis needs it so much. I am your customer for life”. – Derek L

“My ex-girlfriend made fun of me when I couldn’t deliver in bed. It hurt my feelings. I searched online for a herbal cure. I started taking Male Extra a year ago. I just wish I could make love to her one more time to show her my crazy sexual performances” – Lewis P

“The effect of Male Extra is unbelievable. It ripped a hole through my pants. My sex life has gone off the charts.” – Rudy C

“I am 77 years old. Although my age is ripe, my sexual desires never waned. I needed something herbal to keep my penis harder. After taking Male Extra for the past 1 year, sex lasts longer with a rock-solid penis. My poor old wife can’t get her hands off me” – Fred M

“My tool is turbo-charged all day long. I bought a trial bottle a few months ago as I doubted its results. Now I purchase a yearly supply. It falls cheaper and I need that in my sex life”. – Cassius J

“I secretly ordered a month’s supply for my husband. I want to surprise him for our anniversary. I read all the reviews on the website and wanted to try it. I know it will work wonders”. – Julie C

Final Verdict

A Yes. I am the writer of this article and am a customer as well. I have enjoyed my sex life tenfold since taking Male Extra. It’s 100% organic with guaranteed results.

Try it now!

order maleextra

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