Leptitox Review

You have probably battled with maintaining a healthy weight from time to time. You exercise every day, eat healthy breakfast, and you’re on either a paleo, keto, or vegan diet. You may have consulted with your doctor, who has prescribed a perfect daily regimen. However, you are still struggling with weight. You are fatigued, your body aches, and you find yourself always hungry. Worse still, you are getting heavier.

Your doctor’s report may be getting worse as your vital organs get suffocated with visceral fat. Your self-esteem takes a dip as you cannot stand the sight of yourself in the mirror. Finally, your libido dies. You become psychologically drained and think of taking your life. This experience is not your fault. You do not need to be angry at God or yourself.

There is a new 5-second water hack to help you with your weight issue. Abandon all your diet plans and exhausting gym workouts and try out this water-hack. The 5-second water hack was discovered in a small Malaysian island. It helps lose fat from the belly, around your face, arms, hips, and thighs. You will no longer feel helpless again.


This little hack has astounded doctors. The truth is that the weight loss industry makes billions when you put on weight and are unable to lose it. In fact, it relies on your inability to keep the weight off. You have been ripped off blind as all of those diet plans are designed to keep you hooked to the system.

You, therefore, keep pouring in money while relapsing and gaining double the weight back. This compounds your situation, and the cycle continues. Dieting deprives your body of essential nutrients. Your body adopts a system of creating reserves for the fats to combat this. Therefore, you gain more weight.

Exercising will also not help you lose weight. You will experience higher levels of inflammation as the stress hormone cortisol is produced in large doses into your bloodstream. This will lead to your body holding on to fat. Just like dieting, exercising also will not address the root cause of your hunger and, thus, your excess weight.

To embark on this weight loss journey, you have to understand that a low metabolism does not cause you to gain weight. Your metabolism increases as you gain weight. Sounds the exact opposite of what you know, doesn’t it?

Research shows that your blood contains a dangerous foreign compound that causes your body to store fats. As you age, the amount of this toxic compound increases, and so does your weight. This water-hack, backed up by scientific and medical research, will help detoxify your body and stimulate the production of leptin, the hunger-pangs-killing hormone.

About Leptitox

This is a capsule containing 22 active ingredients that include distinct herbs, plant extracts, and nutrients. The original idea of these ingredients hails from Langkawi, a tiny Malaysian Island. 11 of the ingredients that go into the capsule are obtained from this island. They are clinically proven to rid your body of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC). This enables your body to overcome leptin resistance and stop food cravings.

The other 11 ingredients added to the blend have been medically researched and proven to detoxify the body. The entire blend is an ancient recipe, improved with modern science and technology. The product is manufactured in the United States of America in an FDA registered facility that is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

Ingredients of Leptitox

Here are the ingredients of Leptitox:

  • Milk thistle has anti-aging properties while supporting healthy cholesterol levels. It detoxifies of BPA, one of an EDC. BPA compounds are found in plastics, sports drinks, and food cans. Once in your body, they disrupt your intricate body functions. You become resistant to leptin, your food intake is not suppressed, and you gain weight.
  • Apium graveolens seed detoxifies DEPH, an EDC found almost in all types of plastics.
  • Jujube is another ingredient in the blend that detoxifies ZEA, an endocrine disrupter.
  • Grape seed maintains healthy blood pressure as well as gets rid of cadmium, a harmful EDC found in cereals, nuts, and vegetables.
  • Alfalfa is a flowering plant that heals and restores your liver and replenishes your body with vitamins. It is also a powerful antioxidant.
  • Chanca Piedra exterminates EDCs and improves kidney function. It also maintains a healthy digestive system and a healthy inflammation response.
  • Taraxacum Leaves are laden with vitamin K. They are highly effective in maintaining bone health and cleaning the liver.
  • Brassicas, a type of broccoli, is another powerful ingredient. It contains cysteine, a vital nutrient your body needs to make glutathione. This is one of your body’s most helpful antioxidants.
  • Barberry is a plant that produces an abundance of berberine. It prevents fat storage, gets rid of bad cholesterol, and maintains healthy brain functions.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteinereplenishes glutathione. It improves brain and fertility health, and also deals with chronic respiratory conditions. It is a free form of amino acid obtained from duck feathers.
  • Burdock Root is a highly potent ingredient that acts as a blood purifier, detoxifies the lymphatic system, reverses the effects of various chronic illnesses while improving overall health. It goes further to improve the functions of all the vital organs. Choline is an essential addition that greatly impacts your body’s metabolism, for healthy brain development, improved liver functions, and a healthy nervous system.
  • Chicory Root is included for a healthy heart, deals with all ailments affecting the digestive system and diseases therein. It is greatly appraised for its medicinal properties.
  • Methionine is an essential amino acid found in food and body proteins. It produces essential molecules that are important for the normal functioning of your body cells.
  • Feverfew is a flowering plant used traditionally as a medicinal herb. It will improve your stomach’s health, get rid of problems that cause infertility, improving your productive health, and eradicates inflammatory conditions.

All these ingredients work together to produce remarkable results.

Leptitox Review

How Does Leptitox work?

This supplement works to eliminate endocrine-disrupting chemicals, thus ensuring that your body is no longer leptin resistant. You will no longer be continuously hungry. Food cravings will stop, and you will begin to lose weight. The product targets the cause of the visceral fat and eliminates it.

How to Use Leptitox

Leptitox comes in the form of a capsule. You can take one or two capsules once a day. You simply wash down the supplement with water.

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Is it Safe to Use Leptitox

The supplement is safe for everyone. None of the ingredients are genetically modified organisms or derived from stimulants of any kind. The product is not habit-forming, and you are assured not to develop a tolerance to the capsules.

Benefits of Leptitox

Here are the benefits of Leptitox:

  • Leptitox helps lose weight steadily and keeps it off even while you are eating your favorite foods and not engaging in extreme workouts.
  • Your heart will become healthier, as bad cholesterol is eliminated.
  • Your brain functions will improve. You will no longer suffer from brain fog.
  • Your joints will be well lubricated, and inflammatory conditions will be eliminated.
  • You will get a boost in energy levels, enabling you to be more active and no longer fatigued.
  • Your tummy will flatten as you develop visible abs. You will look and feel sexier.
  • Your libido will go up, and your sex drive will improve.
  • You will lose the visceral fat that causes chronic illnesses.
  • You will naturally feel full after eating, and food cravings will stop. You will no longer be famished every other moment of the day.
  • All forms of stress, anxiety, and depression will dissipate. Your confidence will go up and moodiness will disappear.
  • Your blood pressure will be maintained at healthy levels.
  • You will no longer have persistent aches and pains.

Purchase and Price

  • The price of one bottle of Leptitox containing 60 capsules is $49. This is a 30-day worth supply.
  • If you buy 3 bottles of the supplement, you will get one bottle of Leptitox Colon Cleanse, worth $89 free.
  • If you decide to buy 6 bottles of this product, you will get 2 free bottles of the Leptitox Colon Cleanse worth $178.
  • Buying 6 bottles of the product will give you the best value for your money as you will be saving $396, the price being at $33 per bottle, and 2 free bonuses. Your purchase price for this package will be $198.
  • You will not be worse off with the popular choice of 3 bottles. You will be saving $180 and getting one free bonus. Your purchase price for this package will be $117. Whatever happens, you will be at an advantage with at least one of the products of this powerful supplement at $49 only.

You are also going to get free shipping services regardless of your location.

Once you make an order, you will make a one-time payment. You will not have to pay any charges that have not been stated. You will also not be liable for any subscriptions.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

You get a 60 days money-back guarantee if, by any chance, you are dissatisfied with the results.


How safe is Leptitox?

The product is completely safe. It is manufactured in pristine conditions in a cGMP facility and has been registered by the FDA.

Is the supplement addictive?

The ingredients are not derived from any stimulants or dependent substances. They are not habit-forming or addictive.

How should I take the capsules?

You can take one or two capsules once a day with plenty of water.

Is there an age limit for taking Leptitox?

There are no age or gender-related restrictions on taking Leptitox. It is safe for people of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, you can take the supplement.

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  • You will lose weight and visceral fat.
  • Your heart will be healthier.
  • Your reproductive health will improve.
  • Your sex drive will go up.
  • Your mood will improve, and self-esteem will increase.
  • You will experience higher energy levels.
  • You will no longer experience leptin resistance.
  • Your food cravings and constant hunger pangs will end.
  • Your brain functions will improve.
  • Brain fog will be eradicated.
  • You will be more alert and focused.
  • You will gain control of your appetite.


  • There is limited stock.

Customer Testimonials

“I struggled with weight for most of my life. This worsened in my early twenties and I could not see myself living past forty years of age. My blood sugar was high, my blood pressure was high and I thought I would drop dead of a heart attack at any moment. I did not have the will to live. My dating life was non-existent. I could not dare look at the opposite sex. I was ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted with myself. I thought it pointless to try and salvage myself. I had joined the gym and had gone through various diet plans that did not bring results. I was fatter and fatigued than ever. Several months ago, on the verge of giving up, I watched a video. I was promised no more diets and no more workouts. This was a tiny capsule of natural ingredients that would diminish my hunger and melt the fat away. I tried it. I have never felt or looked better. I have the confidence to date again.” Jack Stevenson 

leptitox before after result

“Five years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids. I suffered from hormonal imbalance. I had so much belly fat. It is only when I started getting very heavy menses that I decided to visit a gynecologist. I did not quite understand whether the visceral fat caused the imbalance or the hormonal imbalance caused the weight gain. The news was devastating. Neither workouts nor dieting was viable to me. I rejected the gynecologist’s recommendation for surgery. So I waited for a miracle and it came in the form of Leptitox. After only 3 months, my menses became normal. I went back to the gynecologist 9 months after being on Leptitox. I was now petite and quite confident in myself. I am glad to say that no fibroids were detected. This was a Godsend solution for me. The natural ingredients in the capsule are legitimate.” Joan Rice

“I always looked forward to having children. I had always been petite and athletic. I got my children in close proximity. I was only keen to start shedding the baby fat after my fifth and last born child turned five years old. By then, I had developed shortness of breath and I was on high blood pressure pills. I was a permanent member of an aerobics class and was always on a diet plan. I did not register any significant changes through any of these practices. It was, therefore, a relief to me when I came across this life-changing video. I took up the offer immediately and ordered a 6 month supply of Leptitox. I have been taking it for only 4 months now, and I must say I am a new woman already. I look and feel sexier now than I have felt for a long time. My marriage has newfound happiness. I am grateful for Leptitox.” Maryann Johnson 


Leptitox is a supplement with a combination of ingredients, discovered in a Malaysian Island. There are a total of 22 potent naturally occurring extracts, plant and herbs derivatives. All these have been clinically approved, and a great deal of scientific and medical research has gone into combining the ingredients. Your body will be detoxified of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), and it will no longer be leptin resistant.

The increased levels of leptin in your body will help you gain control of your appetite. You will no longer crave for food or suffer from unnecessary hunger pangs as you shed weight.

The product is manufactured in the USA in a cGMP facility. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you have a 60 days money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Go buy Leptitox today!

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