DroneX Pro Review

One of the tech pieces every tech enthusiast should have at this time is a quadcopter, commonly called a drone. A few years back drones were a rarity, only admired from high-budget films. The reason they were rare was because of the hefty price tag that was attached to them. And even today, there are several drones that range in the $1,000 price range and above. But what about you who desires the advantages of a drone, but can’t quite afford it?

If you are a photographer or cinematographer, you know you have a great need for a drone. Maybe you have been a little tight on the budget to afford one, but you know the moment you do, you will enjoy a more significant following and better deals. And if you are just a lover of adventure, there is still that space that would love to be filled with a drone capturing an image of you at the edge of a dizzying cliff.

Investing in picturesque footage is something every professional should do. Sometimes that’s all it takes to take you to the next level of professionalism. If you have been considering adding a drone to your ensemble of equipment, then consider DroneX Pro, which comes with all the trimmings of a highly-priced drone and is affordable. Take some time and go through its specs, pros, cons, and pricing to help you decide if it’s worth your time.

DroneX Pro

About DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro is a piece of tech that has been made to give you all the benefits of high-end tech at the price of 3 bottles of good wine. You gain access to a drone that can give you 10 minutes plus of flight time, enabling you to get all the high-quality images you need easily. It is an improvement to its predecessor, the DroneX, having about 3 major upgrades to write home about. One major update worth noting is the FOLLOW ME feature that allows the drone to lock in on a target and follow its every move, keeping it in focus.

Another major upgrade that you should be aware of is the dual camera feature that allows you to process 2 different recordings at different angles. It also allows for a panoramic view with similar images recorded. This tiny drone weighs in at just 96 grams and is light enough to carry around easily. Cue in the third upgrade and you are dealing with a GESTURE CONTROL where you can control the photo and video taking of the drone with just your hands. Let’s take a closer look at its features.


  • Camera

The camera is probably the feature you are most curious about because that is the primary purpose of getting the drone. You will be happy to know that it comes equipped with a 2 MP high definition camera that can capture images at a resolution of 720p. This high powered camera ensures you get to have high-quality images and at a wide angle of 120 degrees. The camera also has a panoramic feature, which captures 3,600 images when you press the button once. You will need to activate the hover function of the drone so that you can take high-quality images without blur.

  • Foldable Design

One of the fascinating things about the DroneX Pro is its foldable frame. It is created to fold from both the propellers and the frames attached to the propellers. This is a three-part folding mechanism that allows the drone to shrink down to a minuscule size. This feature will enable you to transport or safely store your gadget.

  • Convenient

DroneX Pro has been made with a foldable design to make it easy enough to transport or store. Its weight also complements its size as it weighs in at a paltry 96 grams. You will barely feel its weight when carrying it. This feature comes in handy, considering you are using the drone for outdoor activities. You will not struggle with heavy equipment that you have to lug around.

  • Air Time

The drone has an impressive flight time of between 10-12 minutes. This flight time is pretty remarkable because the drone is pocket size and comes at a pocket-friendly cost. You will need to buy some spare batteries if you want to stay airborne longer. You will also need to set aside 70 minutes to fully recharge the drone’s rechargeable batteries.

  • Controls

You have 2 options with which to control the drone in flight. There is the standard remote control that comes with the drone. This remote control has 2 joysticks and several other controls we will get into shortly.

You also have the option of using APP control to control the drone. You can download this application on your smartphone. The application connects the drone to your phone using Wi-Fi which you can then use to fly the drone. You can use gravity control by tilting your phone in any direction and getting the drone to mimic the same moves. Another cool flight feature you can tap into with your phone is drawing a trajectory which the drone will follow once you press the trajectory icon.

The beauty of using a smartphone for flight control is you get real-time feedback on your phone’s screen of where the drone is flying to. The phone is then best used when you do not have a clear sight of where the drone is. The remote control is best used when you are in an open area and can see the drone well.

  • Remote Control

The remote control offers you several features that you can tap into at the click of a button. You have 11 buttons with which you can tap into 19 different functions. The first button you will be acquainted with is smack right in the middle of the remote control. It is the “switch” button that you use to power on the remote control. There are 2 main buttons of flight which are the “take-off” and “one-click landing”.

There is the throttle joystick on the left side of the remote control. It enables you to control the rise and fall of the drone as well as its right and left turns. The right joystick, on the other hand, controls the forward and reverse movements as well as the right and left fly patterns.

Right above the left joystick is a button that fine-tunes the drone’s path to the left. There is a similar button to the right of the remote control that fine-tunes the flight pattern to the right. The buttons farthest from your hands and adjacent to the antennas give you the options of shooting photos or videos. You can also make an emergency stop, get a 3D roll, 3 stalls or have the drone return, and a few other options.

What’s in the Box?

When you first open the small package you will get a manual that is sitting right at the top. It is a detailed manual written only in English. That probably means the product’s market is geared to English speaking regions only. Next, you encounter another packaging housing the drone and remote control. You also get a USB cable that is meant to be used for charging the rechargeable batteries. What is lacking is a charging head. You will then encounter a smaller package that houses 4 spare propellers and a small screwdriver.

The screwdriver is for changing batteries on the remote control. It uses standard replaceable AAA batteries that are not included in the package. The drone has the SD card slot placed on its bottom while the rechargeable battery is situated at the back. It is recommended that you buy 3 other rechargeable batteries to be safe when you want to record for long durations of time. That will enable you to record for about 40 minutes as each battery lasts about 10 minutes.

drone x pro review

How Does DroneX Pro Work?

DroneX Pro works simply. It gives you the option of using the remote control or your smartphone to control the drone. There is also a cool option of using both the remote control and your smartphone. You can be able to use the controls of the remote gadget while checking the direction the drone is taking through the screen of your smartphone. That makes taking photos and videos easier.

You get a cradle attached at the bottom of the remote control that you can use to place your smartphone so that you can use both of the devices simultaneously.

How to Use the DroneX Pro

You can use the DroneX Pro by using the remote control that it comes with or by using your smartphone. You have about 11 different controls which you can use on the remote control to control the drone. You will first turn the drone on using its power button. You will also turn on the remote control using the switch button in the middle of the remote.

Be sure to keep at a distance of 100 meters when you are flying the drone with the remote control. This distance is the range that the drone can go when you are still in control. Any distance beyond this and you may end up losing control of the drone. The drone usually goes on autopilot when it loses range with the remote control. It then lands wherever it is. The drone has a shorter range of 50 meters when it comes to transmitting video to your smartphone. So you will start to lose signal after 50 meters and decide whether to get closer or bring in the drone.

Be sure to charge the batteries you need 70 minutes before you need them. That way, you will give them adequate time to recharge. Note that you will need more than one battery for the drone if you intend to use it for more than 10 minutes as each cell has a flight time of 10 minutes. Ensure that you keep the drone in its pack when it’s not in use to prevent it from accumulating dust or getting wet.


Is DroneX Pro Safe to Use?

This drone has been made using durable materials and comes with a matte finish. It does not have any choking parts, and neither does it use any high voltage power sources. It uses Wi-Fi signals to communicate and therefore, does not emit any dangerous waves. It is a safe tech piece to have around you as you are sure it will not explode in your face or give you cancer through the harmful signal transmission. It is, however, recommended that 14-year-olds and above use it.

Benefits of the DroneX Pro

  • Portable: This drone is easy to carry around as it weighs a mere 96 grams. This weight makes it a very portable piece of tech.
  • Compact: This tech piece is made nicely trim as it has a small body. Its propeller frames fold into the body while the propellers themselves also fold in. It fits in the palm of your hand when it is folded in. You can store or transport it very easily because of its size.
  • Affordable: One of the things that stand out about this product is its price. It is priced as much as 10 times less than the high-end drones making it accessible to people on a tight budget.
  • Dual Remote Function: You can be able to control this drone with both the remote control it has come with and your smartphone as well. It is compatible with all phones as long as they have a Wi-Fi signal and AP, the app used to control the drone.
  • HD Camera: The drone has a powerful 2 MP camera with a resolution of up to 720p. This resolution ensures you get to have quality images and videos taken. Simple Control: The drone has been made to function with simple one-key commands. These simple controls make it very easy to control for anyone needing this tech piece.
  • Safety Features: The drone has several safety features that will help you keep it safe. It has an emergency feature that kicks in when the drone has lost range. It also has a one-key return function that commands it to get back to you so that it does not get lost. It also has a trimming feature which allows you to stabilize flight when it has tilted and lost stability.

Purchase & Price

The drone can be got from the official manufacturer’s website. It has been packaged with 5 different packages. There is the one drone package, the 2 drone package, the 2 drone package with a free drone, the 4 drone package, and the 3 drone equipment with 3 drones and 2 free drones. The packages come with incredible savings with the more the number of drones, the more you save.

  • The one drone package goes for $99. This pricing is definitely as the company says it is, below $100 for a drone.
  • The 2 drone package sells at $159. This price gives you a considerable savings of $39, which means you are getting one drone at $79.50 only.
  • The next package is the 2 drone package which comes with one free drone. This package goes for $197 only. You get to buy each drone at just $65.66 when you put the math together. Here, you get a savings of a cool $100.
  • The 4 drone package will cost you $249. This amount brings down the individual price for one drone to just $62.25, helping you save up to $147 this time.
  • The final package is where you purchase the 3 drone package and get 2 drones free. This package sells at just $297. This a crazy bargain as it brings down the price per drone to just $59.40. Your savings then come up to a whopping $198, which is the near equivalent of 2 new drones.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to send products back to them within 30 days of your having got them. The product should be in its original wrapping, be unwrapped and unused. You also need to have got a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to return the item. You need to attach the RMA number to the product before you send it back so that the warehouse can see it is indeed from there and it has been approved.


How Soon Can I Receive My Order from When I Place It?

You will be able to receive your order 30 days after you have ordered it. This is a variable time with 30 days being the longest time it can stay till it arrives.

Is DroneX Pro Waterproof?

This drone is not lauded to be waterproof. It is therefore wise not to put this drone in water to check its waterproofing capabilities.

Can I Give the DroneX Pro to My 10-year-old Son?

The manufacturer advises this drone to be used by those aged 14 years and above as they are mature enough to fly it safely.



  • It is compact.
  • It is portable.
  • It has a 720p resolution and 2 MP camera.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has safety features.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It has a limited time offer where you can purchase it at a discounted amount.


Customer Testimonials

“I was in the last semester of cinematography school. I needed to do a project of a short movie that would either help me succeed or get me coming back to the college to redo my course. I had seen many of my peers coming back to retake the course. I did not want to be one of them. I have always known tech equipment is too expensive for us guys who have not even started earning some good money.

But I was astonished to meet the DroneX Pro that was just priced enough for me to get it with my savings. That is the one piece of equipment that got me to pass cinema school with flying colors. I am now hiring it out to other students who want to do as well as I did. It has been a great success so far. I am so grateful.” Matt.

“I engage in a lot of extreme sports and activities. Sometimes the angles I end up in are sick. I never had anything that could safely take images of me in certain positions until I got the DroneX Pro. I had not got a drone before because it was always too expensive. But this one fit right into my budget and even let me get another one for the fun of it. Now I can record events from 2 different angles. That makes for amazing photography.” Ray.

“I had always fancied getting one of these gadgets for my husband. But the price always made me shy away from purchasing it as I’d have had to sell my car to get enough money to buy one. But I finally found a drone I could buy without breaking the bank. He was elated when he got it on his birthday. I think he might have slept after 3 days.” Cathy.


If you have been pressed tight on a budget but are still longing to get to that higher level of photography or cinematography, then this is a nifty gadget that will give you everything the big boys could give you. The advantage is that you get to have all this for a minuscule budget that you can afford. Do not hesitate to purchase this drone and tap into the power of high definition images and videos.

order dronex pro

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