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There is no end to the number of diets and fads one will find on the internet. They often have you restricted and unhappy. Founder of Custom Keto Diets, Rachel Roberts, has the solution for you, a diet that is easy to follow, affordable, and convenient! This diet plan is customized for you and requires you to do nothing more than follow through it. Eight weeks later, she guarantees results!

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custom keto diet

How does it work?

If the name hasn’t given it away, the program is customizing an 8-week diet plan for you. Nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs are here to help give you customised meal plans. These plans are made based on you, your dietary requirements, fitness goals, food preferences, it’s all about you.

The eight-week-long programs are based on an eating style known as keto. The diet involves no carbs, some protein, and large amounts of dietary fats. For those confused about what dietary fat could mean, just imagine ribeye steak with roasted garlic and butter. It goes entirely against traditional diets that claim eating no fat is equivalent to gaining no fat. However, it is scientifically backed up. The lack of carbs throws your body into a state of ‘ketosis.’

This means that with the lack of carbs in your body, there isn’t enough glucose running around. The lack of glucose means that your energy levels will drop and you won’t be able to function as much. To keep the glucose available, your body reaches for a chemical called ketone, which is produced in the liver. This chemical is used in place of glucose when it is scarce. So, when in a state of ‘ketosis’, when your body is primarily using ketones and fatty acids as fuel, you’re bound to lose more weight.

If you’re still skeptical about this being the answer to your prayers, read on!


The ingredients used in the customized recipes would contain some of the following:

  • Seafood
  • Low carb vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Avocadoes
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Eggs
  • Plain Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Butter and Cream
  • Dark Chocolate

custom keto diet reviews


Keto diets are extremely beneficial, and let us tell you why:

1. Significantly faster

How is eating fat-filled foods going to help you lose weight and fat faster, you ask? As mentioned above, it is because your body is going into ketosis. The diet is not only pushing your body to use ketones instead of glucose as a form of energy, but it is also drastically reducing your insulin levels.

Insulin reduces fat burning and instead provides fat cells with more energy. By lowering the insulin levels, you’re significantly boosting fat burning. Still not convinced?

Randomized trials conducted, concluded that those individuals following a ‘very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet’ achieved more significant weight loss when compared to those on a ‘low-fat diet.’ It was also concluded that a keto diet reduces belly fat and weight three times as much as a high-carb, low-fat diet.

2. Simple and Easy

Based on your food preferences, dietary requirements, and nutritional requirements, you will be provided with lists of food you can eat. While this is normal with any diet plan, the keto diet becomes more comfortable to follow because you’ll enjoy yourself.

You’re not restricted to sad amounts of food or cut off from your favorites, you’re going to be losing weight while eating satisfying quantities of your favourite foods!

3. You won’t crave

Diets don’t work because of the cravings. You restrict yourself in the plans that it’ll make you lose all the weight you’ve planned to and find yourself always hungry and craving food. You’ll start to question if it’s worth it at all, and then up giving it all up a few days later.

The binging to make up for all the hunger you’ve been through will only add to the weight you intend to lose. Keto diets don’t leave any room for hunger cravings. The diet is not only rich in fats, which will keep you satisfied and full but allows you to eat reasonable amounts. You’ll not only be able to maintain the diet and lose weight but keep it off after. There can’t be any binging if there haven’t been any cravings.

4. It isn’t dependant on you exercising

If you aren’t the kind of getting a few hours in the gym every day and are worried this diet will require it, stop worrying. The diet will work for you regardless of your workout routine, or lack thereof.

On week into a keto diet, you’ll find yourself extremely energetic. You’ll find yourself naturally more active. If this motivates you to exercise, so be it, but the diet isn’t dependant on you exercising. The weight will melt off of you regardless!

5. It’s Not Harmful

Most diets have your body revolting. You’ll find your immune system compromised, at risk for diseases, feeling low. You can be assured that none of this will happen on a keto diet. Keto isn’t meant for just fat-loss but as a healthy thing.

It can reduce the risk of heart disease, helping your blood pressure and in maintaining your cholesterol. It is also shown to boost mental health, help with type 2 diabetes, and even prevent and help fight some cancers. It’s a safe and healthy choice of diet.

6. You’ll see results

You’ll often find yourself giving up diets because of the lack of results. You’ll restrict your diet, go through the hunger cravings, and working out, all to have no consequences. With keto, you’ll notice instant changes.

Fat will be melting off you automatically, and you won’t have to worry about not receiving the nutrition you need. You don’t even have to worry about hunger! While it sounds almost too good to be true, we guarantee you it is.

7. The program is customized for you

There is no more following the crowd or suspicious internet sources. These meal plans are not randomly picked out from Pinterest pages, but handpicked and customized for you. It considers your dietary requirements, nutritional requirements, and fitness goals to build the perfect meal plan for you.

The program ensures that all the recipes, along with the necessary grocery list, are emailed to you. All you need to do is follow-through.

8. There’s a lot of variety

Diets are synonymous with restrictive at this point. You are allowed a certain few items, no variation whatsoever. That is no way to live, and this program is aware of this. The meal plan provides you with a range of foods to eat and cook, not forgetting the nutritional element. Nutrients, along with your food, make sure your dieting isn’t interfering with your health.

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9. Crystal Clear Instruction:

The program knows it is required to educate as well as provide a service. It provides you with information regarding your diet before you get to the actual cooking. Even for someone who hasn’t stepped into the kitchen before, the preparation of meals will be a breeze. There are crystal clear instructions that come with the recipes that make sure that you will face no difficulty preparing your meals and reaping your rewards.

10. It’s Just Eight Weeks

The program isn’t taking too much from you. It is providing you with a healthy, customizable diet plan for eight weeks. After this program, you will be left to continue based on the knowledge you have gained on the way. It doesn’t ask you for months on months of vigorous exercising and restrictive diets. Eight weeks are going to fly by before you know it.

11. It is a guarantee

The program is guaranteeing; this will work for you. As long as you work with it and do as the instructions say, it is guaranteed to have the fat melting off your bones like clockwork. If it doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, despite following the diet as instructed, a quick message can get you your money back! The founder of the program is confident about the program she has created.

12. The program has an affordable

Even with the guarantee, you’re worried about it being too pricey, and you have nothing to worry about. The program is priced at $37. Compared to the almost $900 you would’ve had to spend; otherwise, this program is a steal!


The custom keto diet seems like the perfect diet plan, and it can be considered that. However, even the most flawless dieting plan has exceptions.

  • Women who are pregnant cannot use this diet plan. Pregnant women need to consume more in every sense. She is not just providing for herself instead of for two. Following this, those with health problems that require you to eat certain foods and have special needs cannot use this diet. Special dietary requirements mean this high-fat diet may not be a good option for you.


As mentioned above, the whole program is extremely affordable. When you compare it to the hundreds of dollars you would have to spend on nutritionists, fancy groceries, follow up appointments, gym memberships, and the like, $37 seems like absolutely nothing.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The program even offers a refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the program or it hasn’t worked for you, they will give you your money back! However, there are some conditions. They explicitly state the kind of consumers they cannot help. Namely, those that spend all their valuable time looking for the right diet instead of taking action, those that are unwilling to follow through with the instructions from an expert, and those that would rather go with whatever the most popular dieting fad is.

If you are none of these people and go through with the expertly customized diet plan, and you’re still unsatisfied, with a quick email with your receipt later, they’ll return your payment!

custom keto diet review

Customer Reviews

“In a time where I had lost all hope of achieving my ideal body type, this program revived me. I had tried every diet available on the internet, but nothing worked as well as this did. From the variety of food to how easy it was to follow, this program made losing fat seem like child’s play! Not to mention the results! Nothing I had tried before worked as well as this program, and I’m sure nothing ever will!” ~ Sara

“I’ve never been able to follow a diet, just because of how much they restrict you. When I heard about custom keto diets, I was sceptical at first, but quickly realised just how good it was! There were no more hunger pangs and odd cravings that had me quitting my diet. The food was perfectly customised for me and so easy to make! More so, I had to spend virtually nothing! To think I had spent hundreds of dollars on diet plans that did nothing for me, only to find this gem!”  ~ Mark


Starting a fitness journey is no joke. The pressure to get the perfect body is on these days. You often end up going along with restrictive, sometimes harmful, diets, exercising to the point of harm, and hurting your mental health. These diet fads often take more out of you than they can provide with results. They will sap your willpower and have you feeling like you’re incapable of achieving your goals because they just don’t work.

All hope is not lost. Custom keto diets are not only going to help you achieve your fitness goal but is going to make it easy and fun for you. With its science-based diets and crystal clear instructions, there is no room for you to fail, and it’s affordable!

With this hope in mind, it’s time to start your journey to fitness. Go ahead and try out the custom keto diets, then sit back and watch as the fat just melts off your bones!

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