Blaux Portable AC Review

Since summers are going on, we all are tired of outside heat and intense sun rays. As every day the temperature is getting higher, it is becoming tough without a fan or air conditioner. Even these days, fans are also not coming due to high temperatures. We all wait for summers to come to sit in a park or have a picnic with our family and friends, but since every year summers are getting worse, it is getting harmful and tough to sit in such humid weather. While fans are always available, but usually when few people surround us, the temperature gets higher. It is hard to survive in summers now without an air conditioner. Day by day, it is getting more humid, even sun rays are so intense that people are getting many health issues. We all know that the sun gives us Vitamin D. Is it possible to sit under the sun to get vitamin D these days, well no, it won’t be easy. When we are at home, things are better, but the weather gets on our nerves as soon as we get outside. To get rid of summers, we are introducing one of the best and portable devices that you can use anywhere, whether you are sitting in an office or going for a picnic, it is known as Blaux Portable AC. In this review, we will explain all the critical information about the product that will help you understand the device better.

Blaux Portable AC

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux Portable AC is a revolutionary device that gives you the fantastic speed of cold air. It is the most selling product in recent years. The Blaux portable AC is a perfect device that works at hurricane speed, and it is well known as a mini desktop air conditioner that you can take anywhere you want to. There is no doubt why Blaux Portable AC is in high demand because the humid temperature is getting high every day, and it is getting easy to have ample cool airflow through this excellent portable AC. It is the best device to beat the humid weather and high temperature. The portable AC is easy to install, and there are no complications present in AC’s working. If you are using a Blaux Portable AC, undoubtedly it can get in use in case of emergency, like if there is no electricity, you can anytime use the AC. Blaux Portable AC is a small cooler that is not only responsible for giving cool airflow, but it also works as a great purifier and excellent humidifier. Well, there are no worries of using Portable AC, as it can be used outdoors and indoors both, even you can charge the device through a USB port or any electrical outlet, and it works on batteries. Like other AC’s, there are no chemicals in use in this Blaux Portable AC; you only need water to start the AC and enjoy the cold air. Now, no matter whether you are at home or in the park,

you will get fresh cold air with Blaux Portable AC’s help. It is a fascinating device that will change your living in summers significantly. You can even place the AC in your table or car to get fresh air.

How does Blaux Portable AC work?

Blaux Portable AC is not at all complicated; it is the most comfortable device we have come across for providing cold air. The working of Portable AC makes your life easier and comfortable during summers. The work starts when you will pour only 300 ml water in the device, just like coolers of older times, you need to add water in the machine to let it pass cold air. The tools work with three fan speeds; according to your needs, you can adjust the airspeed. The Blaux Portable AC continuously works for 8 hours if it is ultimately charged and gives a cooling effect non-stop. Even if you are traveling a long distance, you can take this portable AC along as it will work for long hours without any interruption because it works on lithium batteries that you need to charge with the help of a USB port or electric circuit. The device only works on water, and you have to add water, nothing else, and see the fantastic working of Portable AC. Apart from airflow, there is another leading working of the device, where it works as a humidifier. The device also gives fresh air and improves air quality in your room or any other place where you will place the widget. It helps in the filtration of the low quality of air, and the conditioners present in the device comes with unique humidifying technology.

Blaux Portable AC Review

What are the instructions to start Blaux Portable AC?

Once you install the device, the process is easy and quick. Within 30 seconds of installing it, you will get fresh and cold air. In the following points, you will get the instructions on how to see the working of the Portable AC.

  • There is a refillable tank on the top of the device, open the tank’s lid, and add 300 ml water directly.
  • Now you need to place the water container back to the device, make sure you do not add warm water. It is essential to know that you can fill tap water or purified water both. The water container contains a filter that may have to change after 6 to 8 months of use. Usually, the filter lasts for long.
  • Now you can adjust the fan speed according to your requirement and turn on the device; within 30 seconds of turning it on, you will get cold and fresh air.

Features of Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC has unique features, and indeed you will be excited to buy the device once you read the features. Now in the following points, let us read the details about the unique features of Portable AC:

  • Easily Chargeable

If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars as your electricity bill during summers, then this is a perfect device for you. It is an easily chargeable product that does not require much electricity, and you can save your hard-earned money. It is an ideal solution for you to get rid of the giant electricity bills. You can quickly charge your device through a USB port and set it anywhere before turning on the device.

  • LED Screen

The Blaux Portable AC comes with an LED screen, which means you can have a peaceful sleep with dim light. Moreover, if the battery is low, the LED screen will show a low battery on the LED screen. Once you see a low battery on the screen, you need to immediately charge it and then use it continuously for 8 hours.

  • Cost-Effective

The Portable AC is cost-effective, as it does not require any electricity. So you can easily save on electricity bills. The AC works on water, and you can also save energy by adjusting the fan speed. You can quickly adapt your fan settings according to your room’s temperature and your requirement. This personal Portable AC is also not expensive; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase the device.

  • Effective Filter Mechanism

The Portable AC comes with a unique filter system that filters the germs and dirt particles from the air and gives fresh and cold air.

  • Noise Free

The fantastic feature of Portable AC is it works and gives fresh air without any noise. It does not provide any mechanical sound like other AC’s present in the market.

Technical Specifications of Blaux Portable AC

There are impressive technical specifications of Portable AC, which makes it robust and useful for high temperatures during summers. The following are its specifications:

  • It contains Lithium Batteries, which gives powerful supply
  • It comes with an inbuilt USB charging port
  • The device works great as a 3-1 product, where it works as a humidifier, purifier, and a cooler.
  • The Portable AC has three adjustable fan speeds.
  • The technology used in the Portable AC is 40 decibels, which makes it a noise-free device.

Price of Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable AC is available at its official website; if you want to avoid getting duplicate or low-quality products, it is always better to buy it only. Even the manufacturer offers many discounts on the unit’s purchase, whereas you will not get the same value if you buy it from any retail store. The following are the packages available on the sale of Blaux Portable AC:

  • If you want to buy one unit of Portable AC, then it will cost you $89.99. At the same time, the retail price of one unit is $138.45.
  • Now comes the package, where you want to buy two units of Blaux Portable AC, you will have to pay $179.98. While in retail stores, it will cost you $276.89.
  • If you want to purchase three Blaux Portable AC units, it will cost you $202.48, and in retail stores, you have to pay $415.34. It is the most popular package of Blaux Portable AC.
  • Now comes the value saver pack, where you will purchase four units of Blaux Portable AC, you will need to pay $247. 47 instead of $553.78.

You can select the best package from the above offers as per your requirement and budget.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer of Blaux Portable AC gives 30 days money-back guarantee, which says if you are not satisfied with the device for 30 days of its purchase, then you can claim your full refund from the company. If you want your device to be eligible for a refund, make sure the device should be unused and in new condition with original packing. It would help if you had intact the machine and ship it to return the customer service address given by its customer support.

Customer Reviews

By Jason

I bought a Blaux Portable AC two months back for my office, as in my office, I have one monitor and one desktop since the room is not huge, so it usually gets too hot. Even I had AC, which was attached to the wall and made a lot of noise, because of that, I was getting distracted. Then through one of the online websites, I got to know about the device. And it is incredible with no noise; it gives excellent cold air. 

By Heren

The Blaux Portable AC is fantastic as it sits on my table and keeps me cool for the whole time when I am in my office. The best thing I like about the device is it purifies the air, is responsible for filtering impure and dirt particles from the air, and always provides me a fresh perspective. I would love to say it. Thank you to the manufacturer of Blaux portable AC. 

By Rachael

I was amazed to see this fantastic device, Blaux Portable AC. Modern technology is getting advanced daily, but I never thought someone would introduce such a life-changing tool. It is a device that allows me to have cold air anywhere and whenever I want. It is a perfect device for summers. I will be recommending this device to everyone for getting cold air during high temperatures.

By Lina

I have small kids; they are excited to go to the park and enjoy the surroundings during summers. But I was worried about the intense sun rays outside; then, I got to know about the Portable AC. Now I am stressfree, and every day I take the device to park to give my children cold and fresh air.

The Final Verdict

Blaux Portable AC is a perfect substitute for traditional air conditioners. It has unique features like wireless, works on batteries, 3 in 1 function device, and more. It is a must-buy for summers. Moreover, you can take the widget anywhere, whether in your office, another room, or park. The only thing you require to see the fantastic working of Portable Ac is water.

Blaux Portable AC Price

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