Smart eWatch Review

You might be thinking of buying a useful accessory for dressing up, which would add an elegance factor to your personality. A watch is one of the most useful yet statement inducing accessories one can invest in. The world has already adapted to smartwatches. However, the surprising fact is that classic watches are still in fashion, even in the era of smart devices. You will likely get confused about which type of watch you should go for – the classic watch or the smartwatch. Well, how about getting the best features of both the models in a single watch?

The Smart eWatch has the design of a classic watch and all the features of a smartwatch. It is a stylish accessory which will also help you to keep a track on your health all day long!

Smart eWatch

What is Smart eWatch?

The Smart eWatch is a fabulous blend of modern and classic watches. Wearing the Smart eWatch will make you feel distinct from the crowd. This smartwatch looks like a traditional watch with additional layers of fashion embedded within it. It has distinguishable features and valuable functions, making it one of the best modern watches one can wear!

Benefits of Smart eWatch

The following are the benefits of Smart eWatch:

  • You can watch out on your vitals throughout the day with the heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG monitor of the Smart eWatch.
  • The Smart eWatch has plenty of applications such as a calendar, stopwatch, calculator, and alarm clock. It also displays weather info.
  • You can improve your sleep quality with the Smart eWatch. To do the same, you need to analyze your sleep patterns and follow them.
  • The Smart eWatch will remind you to get up and walk around once in a while so that you don’t face the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • To encourage you to pay due attention to your fitness goals, the Smart eWatch has step and distance trackers.
  • The Smart eWatch has a battery of 300mAh, and so, you won’t have to charge your Smart eWatch every day. The battery can easily last for 3-5 days on just a single charge.
  • Whether you want to gain, lose or maintain your weight, the calorie count of the Smart eWatch will keep your calorie intake in check.
  • To ensure that you do not miss a single urgent call or SMS, the Smart eWatch is enabled with features like smart notifications and Bluetooth calls.
  • The remote camera, as well as music control of the Smart eWatch, will enable you to change a track or snap a picture easily from a distance.
  • The Smart eWatch has IP68 water resistance, and so, you can dive 1.5m deep underwater without causing any damage to your Smart eWatch.
  • The sleek design of the Smart eWatch will look incredible on your wrist.
  • As the Smart eWatch is compatible with both Android and iOS, you can use it with any smartphone.
  • If you lose your Smart eWatch, you can find it with fewer troubles through the Anti-lost feature.

How much does the Smart eWatch cost?

As of now, the Smart eWatch is priced at $109. The company doesn’t charge any shipping fees. If you order 2 Smart eWatch, you will get billed $199. You will get charged $239 if you purchase 3 Smart eWatch.

Smart eWatch review

Does the Smart eWatch offer any money-back guarantee?

You can purchase a 1-year warranty on your Smart eWatch at just $5 and a 2-year warranty for only $9.

If your order has any defects, you can return the product to the manufacturing company within one month. To start the ‘return’ process, you must first contact Ecomm Movadgency through [email protected]. The email should consist of the list of defects in your Smart eWatch along with the photograph of your Smart eWatch.


Is the Smart eWatch water-resistant?

– Yes, the Smart eWatch is water-resistant.

Is the Smart eWatch compatible with iPhone?

– Yes, the Smart eWatch is compatible with all iOS smartphones.

What are the additional shipping charges to be paid on ordering the Smart eWatch?

– The manufacturing company of the Smart eWatch doesn’t charge any shipping fees.

Will the Smart eWatch help me to keep a track of my sleep patterns?

– Yes, the Smart eWatch will not only help you to monitor your sleep patterns, but also your ECG, calories, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Customer reviews

By Lara Z.

The Smart eWatch has a plethora of amazing features! Some of its features, like sleep monitor and step count, have helped me to stay fit and healthy as I neglected my health for a couple of years. Make sure that you buy it only from its official website as it offers a considerable discount of 50%.

By Jack I.

This smartwatch is actually more useful than I expected it to be. Before ordering the Smart eWatch, I wasn’t aware that it has features that would help me to monitor my health. I ordered it just because I felt it would look great on my wrist. The highlights were a surprise for me, and they blew my mind!

By Victor P.

I was unsure if this smartwatch would be suitable for use in the office with formal clothing. When I received the compliments about this watch from some of my colleagues, I realized how this smartwatch is modern and classy at the same time! I’m amazed by the functions and features of this smartwatch as they are not only helpful in my professional life, but also in monitoring the vital signs of my body.

By Bruce S.

The touch screen of this smartwatch is smooth and lets me control the functions with ease. This smartwatch helps me to keep an eye on my heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. I recommend buying this smartwatch for its features.

The final verdict

The Smart eWatch is worth buying as along with being a watch; it is also a perfect device for helping you to keep track of your health and stay organized. Along with adding some style to your personality, the Smart eWatch will be your personal medical assistant throughout the day with its extraordinary features.

Smart eWatch price

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