Tricks to Make Your Computer Run Faster


With the advancement of technology, PC and laptop are a very crucial part of an individual’s life. From online conferences to watching a movie, playing games to making outstanding presentations, and school assignments, everything could be done using a laptop and computers. With the emergence of the internet, the use of laptops has increased gradually since most of the functions could now be managed using the internet and laptop.

The term work from home becomes successful only because of the presence of a laptop or computer and internet at home. As the pc becomes aged, its processing speed becomes slow, and pc starts hanging. The slow pace of pc irritates people, but with proper care of your pc and some tricks, the performance of computers could be improved significantly.


With the following trick mentioned below, one can make the PC run faster and as smooth as butter:

  1. Closing unused applications, software, and files:

The computer will become overloaded if various programs are using simultaneously on the PC. For example: if an individual is working on Microsoft office and simultaneously listening to music on YouTube, then the use of various software can overload your PC. And thus, the processing of your PC will become slow. To make PC run faster, one can close the unnecessary applications, software, or files by either pressing the red-cross button present on the top right corner of your screen.

Programs currently running can be viewed by pressing the ‘ctrl+alt+del’ command; a list of programming presently working will be displayed on the taskbar, after which one can close the unused programs by pressing the red cross button at the side of list viewed in the toolbar. In windows 10, one can also avoid unnecessary application using privacy option in settings which allow the user to set up the command of closing programs that are not used from a particular amount of time. It is well said that various applications running in the background can make your PC crawl.

  1. Delete unused applications, software, and files:

RAM could be cleared by closing all the apps that are currently running on the PC, which can improve the processing of PC. However, there can exist programs stored in the PC that are never used; they are just for one-time usage but occupy the same amount of memory all the time.

Once all the memory is consumed, the processing of computers becomes slow, and thus PC starts hanging. To avoid the slow processing of PC, clearing its RAM from time to time by uninstalling the applications of deleting photos, videos, music, which isn’t required, is also essential. Keep an eye on the memory consumption PC is critical for good going of PC and smooth processing of PC. It also supports long life to PC.

  1. Adding more RAM to PC

Upgrading hardware can help in increasing the processing speed of the PC. To control more and more background applications, good RAM is the basic necessity. In a modern computer, at least 8GB RAM is available, but still, it doesn’t support various apps that are heavy to load because of there large size.

Various games are available in the market, which requires 16GB and more of RAM; all the high-tech works, coding requires a PC or a laptop with good RAM. One can externally add RAM in their CPU’s or laptops by directly adding the extra RAM into the column present for RAM over there. With additional RAM, applications with high memory consumptions can quickly be loaded to the computer, or more and more background apps are supported by the PC or the laptop.

  1. Using fewer applications at a time to reduce the high load on the PC

The individual owning the PC knows the configuration of that particular system since all the systems consist of different settings in terms of internal memory, processor, RAM, etc. As per the configuration settings of your PC, try to use as few applications as you can. Use the software programs to a limit in which your PC can load them; otherwise, the processing speed of the computer will be distributed among all the apps which are working in the background, and thus the overall processing speed will be reduced.

In windows, the processing speed of the PC can be monitored using the task manager. Under the task manager, there exists a column of performance tab under which an option of memory is available, which shows the number of applications running in the background the amount of memory they are consuming.

  1. Check for malware in the PC or check whether the window is corrupted or is infected by a virus or not

Nowadays, everyone continuously needs to transfer the data or to use various internet services, visit multiple websites. All these can lead to the introduction of numerous viruses, malware, and spyware into the computer. A “Corrupted Window” is a term used for the messed application or an application that is misbehaving due to the injection of some malicious software code.

Malware can be very harmful to a PC since it can reduce the processing speed of the PC; it can even lead to hacking of an individual’s PC. So, one may always avoid the chances of getting malware on their PC. Once a system is attacked by any malware, not only the applications, start to behave incorrectly, but it began to consume most of the PC’s internal memory and RAM, which leads to the slow processing of the system.

To get rid of malware, there are various antivirus packages available that fight against the malware present inside the computer and don’t let the laptop getting affected by any malware. It works as a safeguard for your PC by creating an antivirus wall against the malware in the PC.

  1. Reboot your system regularly

Another critical task to be continuously done is rebooting your system or shutting it down when nit requires. Most of us don’t bother to shut down the system after using it regularly, because if you don’t let your computer reboot for a long time, it starts behaving abnormally and starts responding slowly.

Rebooting system or shutting it down after use is the best way to improve the PC performance, as every time the computer is restarted, the basic input-output system of the PC is freshly loaded in the PC, making the computer operating system to set polices a fresh and fast as well.

Also, always shut down your computer by closing all the background running applications and using the button available in the start menu instead of just hitting the power button because, with that, you lose some of your data which is going on in the background.

  1. Always keep your system updated

Always try to keep the system updated because technology is advancing day by day, and there is a very high need to stay advanced to compete with the others. The new technology or the updates which arrive are usually fast and more reliable than the previous one.

Thus, updating the system on time will keep your OS faster, advanced, and more secure. Also, the new technology will provide more functioning in the PC, along with better processing and less time consumption.

  1. Using a third-party app to increase the processing of system or any USB

Various third-party apps are present on the app store, which improves the processing speed. XTRA PC is a USB available in three different versions designed to experience the best internet surfing, video watching, and gaming experience. Thus using these apps, which are verified, can also improve the performance of the computer system.


All of us rely on pc or laptop for our day to day work, and it has become an essential part of daily life. And to keep the system healthy and fast is also really important. The more one uses the computer harshly, and the less becomes the processing of the operating system. But humans with the advancement of technology have somewhat left behind the patience, and they need everything as fast as light. But to get fast processing, it is imperative to keep in mind that keeping the care of a computer is also essential after using it. Taking care of the PC OS will lead to a long life of your system with much better processing and best working. Using the above tricks, one can get a healthy system with no more wait for loading of various applications or slow windowspeed of PC.

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