Tone Your Tummy Review

How many of us struggle with our jiggly, soft tummies? Most, if not all. Why do bellies grow big? There are myriad reasons for this. There are almost no muscles in the midsection, and those that are there have to be trained assiduously. In the absence of exercise, belly muscles become weak, and tummies protrude out.

Tummies also start hanging out because fat settles in for a long slumber in the deep pockets under our skin. This fat is then called metabolic fat. Not only does this ‘fat gone bad’ make us look soft and older, but it is linked with metabolic disorders like type-2 diabetes as well as Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS in women. Scientists are researching the link between obesity and certain kinds of cancer too. Obesity is linked with cardiovascular disease, joint problems, and a host of other life-threatening diseases. That’s why obesity is labeled an epidemic.

The belly is very sticky. People who lose loads of weight from other parts of their bodies still have big wriggly bellies. How do you lose belly fat normally? You go for spot reduction exercises like crunches to reduce your waist size, only to be laid low due to a back strain, or you try out surgeries like liposuction where localized fat from the deep pockets in your belly are sucked out. It’s dangerous, costly, and you know what! The fat always comes back.

That’s because a fat cell can never die. It can and does become smaller, but it always has the potential to grow back into its maximum size. This is also perhaps what happens to our bellies. They retreat a bit while we work out like mad or crash diet till we lose it… only to bounce right back when we stop.

Do you see yourself in this predicament? If yes, there is some exceptional news for you. Tone Your Tummy is designed to get rid of obstinate belly fat and make it stay away forever. Read more about this system right here to make an informed choice today.

Tone Your Tummy Review

About Tone Your Tummy

The system is fashioned using a delicious tea recipe sourced from the mountains of Nepal and a sequence of gentle, simple, yet effective exercises designed for flattening your tummy without strenuous workout regimes.

The series of movements included in the protocol restores the natural flow of energy through your core muscles to rejuvenate your system and push it to lose weight. This is followed by a spicy, hot tea brewed from powerful roots, spices, and a slew of natural ingredients found in the Himalayas to unlock your body’s innate ability to flatten, strengthen, and tighten your abdominal core muscles. You have no need to diet or follow a grueling workout schedule to shed belly fat.

Tone Your Tummy: Components

What Todd Lamb, the founder of this protocol, has come up with after a lot of research and work is a foolproof tummy trim system. He includes these 8 sassy handbooks that are easy to follow in the package:

  1. The Tone Your Tummy Manual-This will give you simple steps to tone your core muscles and remove internal adhesions so that you can move smoothly again. And the natural movement patterns detailed here will also allow a perfect flow of energy through your core and activate each muscle group found here.
  2. Tone Your Belly -2-Week Quick Start System– This is a key to your success as it will motivate you to get up and engage in the simple exercises detailed by Todd for belly fat-loss. Also, this is a fast core muscle reprogram system that helps you to progress to the next phase of the program without a hitch.
  3. Super, Easy-To-Follow Videos For Each Phase of the Program– These are basically Tone Your Tummy exercise technique videos to work your core muscles. Following these simple synchronized movements will get rid of energy blockages in the belly area and make you lose weight here. These high- quality videos will feel like Todd is personally there in the room with you, coaching you personally.
  4. Flat Belly Tea Recipe– This is a recipe book detailing and explaining how you can prepare the super belly-fat melting tea. The recipes here are inspired by teas that Nepali hill people drink. These delicious teas can be made right in your kitchens. These teas are a big part of the flat-belly program and will give you a firm and a taut belly without it feeling like work even once.
  5. Complete Nutrition Plan To Make You Eat Mindfully– This will explain why the flat-belly tea recipe works so well to shape your tummy.
  6. The Tone Your Tummy Supplement Stack Guide– Todd is also including the supplements guide to provide you with a list of supplements that work for your overall health.
  7. The Tone Your Tummy Workout Calendars– This is the little but very useful trick that is a part of the package. It will help you track your journey with the Tone Your Tummy program. It has workout calendars that you can stick on a wall in your room and use for keeping up to speed with the program. These will show you what exactly to do each day.
  8. The Tone Your Tummy Whole Body Strength and Tone Workouts- This is a list of exercises that work with the Tone Your Tummy System to tone your entire body. These are extremely short workouts that will strengthen your entire body.

All the 8 guides will ensure that losing your tummy fat is not only easy but also safe and foolproof.

Tone Your Tummy PDF

How Does Tone Your Tummy Work?

The Tone Your Tummy protocol works on a simple series of exercises. These meditative movements work on the principle that if you focus on how you feel you will do much better at fixing your belly size. No, it’s not mumbo jumbo, but the truth. If a series of movements feel good, it means that the energy is flowing just the way it should be and it will work.

According to Todd Lamb, the creator of this protocol, most fancy workouts make you feel bad. You kill yourself to do one more plank, but all the hard work doesn’t really work because there are too many blocks to the flow of energy in your core. Todd also explains how doing more crunches or sit-ups usually makes those blockages worse. He also details the reasons why these blockages come up in the first place. Too much sitting and low levels of inflammation from processed foods, toxins, and chemicals that you are exposed to, plus too much exercise, and bad posture all are problems that prevent the natural flow of energy through your core. These disruptions lead your body to hoard fat around your middle and lose the muscle tone in the core which keeps your stomach flat. This also shuts down the flow of energy through your core which makes fat loss here impossible.

Once you remove these blockages, through exercises and by drinking the hot, spicy special brew, you are set for a flat, tight belly.

How to Use Tone Your Tummy?

Just follow the 8 guides and videos that explain how to do the exercises for a flat belly, as well the recipe book for making the miracle tea to get the flat belly of your dreams.

Is The Tone Your Tummy System Safe?

Yes, Todd has really worked hard to come up with this program after a lot of research. He has tried it on himself and more than 50,000 have already tried this protocol safely. So you are in good company.

Benefits of Tone Your Tummy

Tone Your Belly protocol is a miraculous new way to lose belly fat. It doesn’t rely on strenuous exercise or diets to get rid of belly fat but focuses on re-energizing your core much like traditional systems like yoga and Tai Chi do. The system also has other benefits like:

  • It tightens the abs and tones belly muscles
  • It flattens the stomach
  • It’s incredibly easy to The exercises are very simple. You actually train less than you were doing before to lose belly fat
  • Your training is also less intense
  • Results are visible from the first week onwards

Purchase and Price of Tone Your Tummy

Tone Your Tummy is available at the discounted price of $37. This is a limited period offer, so hurry up.

tone your tummy price

Returns and Refunds

If you don’t like the Tone Your Tummy System, you can get a 100 % guaranteed refund of the amount for up to 60 days of ordering the protocol.


What is the Tone Your Tummy System?

This system reshapes your belly by restoring the healthy flow of energy through your core muscles simply by doing a series of simple exercises. The system also chips away at the energy blocks by drinking a tea, which combines powerful spices and medicinal ingredients to set the natural balance of energy in your core right.

Who Can Use the Tone Your Tummy System?

Anyone who craves a slim, toned belly can use the protocol laid down by Todd Lamb. He has already helped over 51,000 people get a flat, taut belly in literally weeks by activating their core muscles.

How to Use The Tone Your Tummy System?

The system is incredibly easy-to-use. Todd has included 8 guides and videos that detail how you do the sequence of exercises for your core and how to brew the magical potion. All you have to do is to follow the steps and have a flat tummy in virtually weeks.

Where Can I Buy the Tone Your Tummy System?

This program can be purchased on the website only. Fill in a form and you are good to go for delivery of the parcel.

How Soon Can I See Results?

You can get rid of stubborn tummy fat in weeks. Just keep following the protocol to the ‘T’.

Is The Tone Your Tummy System Safe?

Yes, the exercises or movements advocated in this system are incredibly safe and easy. They can’t hurt a pup. They are not strenuous at all, too. 51000 people have used the system and lost their flabby bellies and transformed their lives and relationships until today.

Pros of the Tone Your Tummy System

  • The protocol is extremely easy. You don’t have to do planks, crunches or sit-ups to lose your belly fat. All the hard-hitting workout is not a part of this Tone Your Tummy S
  • The system is easy-to-use.
  • It is foolproof. It works for all.
  • There are two components- the gentle movements used to remove blocks in your core so that you can remove fat from there naturally and the tea. Both these are well-explained through videos and guides.

Cons of the Tone Your Tummy System

  • The protocol is only available on the official website of the developer of this system.

Customer Testimonials

Tone Your Tummy Result

Sylvia – I’ve had a weight problem since my teenage. I’ve also been top-heavy. This means my waist and middle are big. After 35, I started piling up weight around my middle. Anything I’ve done has not been able to make any difference to my belly. But, after just a month of this awesome belly tone system, I have seen a difference. My belly is visibly less wobbly and saggy. I can get into my favorite jeans again after a long time.

Lynda- My wedding was just two weeks away, but my stubborn belly fat was just refusing to budge. I had tried everything- aerobics, strength training, yoga, but nothing was working. My trainer suggested I try the Tone Your Tummy System and the rest is history. I have a super- flat, toned, flat belly for the first time in my life. And I am loving it.


Tone Your Tummy offers you freedom from a saggy, loose tummy. It helps to make your belly, lean, flat, and taut using an extremely simple yet effective system of movements. This is followed by a unique blend of spices and herbs that you drink as a tea.

Both of these help remove blockages of energy in your core muscles. When done properly, the energy blockages in your core are removed and you finally start losing stubborn fat from here.

The system does not rely on extreme workouts or targeted core exercises like crunches to level your middle. It also helps you in eating mindfully and strengthening your entire body for your full satisfaction.

The system has been tried by over 50,000 people to date. It also starts working within weeks to give you the body and energy you have been looking for. So, go for it.

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