OxyBreath Pro Review

Over the past few years, there have been growing concerns over the quality of air that we breathe. Especially for those living in the cities, the condition is getting worse due to the several vehicles and factories that are present there. The air that we breathe also contains several allergies, bacterias, and diseases which we are not aware of. One might neglect the harmful consequences of breathing in polluted air until we are affected by it, as what we breathe directly impacts our health.

These days, the risk of coronavirus is getting high. It can easily spread through the air that we breathe. Not just that. There are several other diseases that could affect us if we aren’t careful. The risk of getting Asthma and other respiratory diseases breathing polluted air is on the rise. The air pollutants are mostly found to be a carcinogen that increases the risk of cancer. The commonest symptoms due to breathing polluted air found in those living in the cities are coughing and wheezing. This polluted air is highly capable of damaging our immune system and reproductive systems. Breathing this air also gets stored up within our body as harmful toxins. High levels of some particles in the air are associated with higher cases of heart problems.

Getting a breath of fresh air is literally getting impossible as days pass by. But that doesn’t mean we stop living, right? Not getting fresh air can’t stop us from going out to work, schools or other places. Shutting yourself indoors is not a solution to the growing pollution outdoors as several studies show that there is twice the polluted air indoors than that is present outside. What should we do? One of the options is to try stopping the pollution or at least reduce it. But major changes will not be seen in the near future. That process might take a long time. Until then, you can take preventive measures such as using masks that filter the air that you breathe in. Today, there are several brands that manufacture masks.

Today we are reviewing a premium face mask that intends to keep you safe by filtering the air you breathe. It safeguards you from potential viruses in the atmosphere along with protecting you from the pollution. This mask is called OxyBreath Pro. What makes OxyBreath Pro special? Keep reading to know what this mask has got to offer you.

OxyBreath Pro

About OxyBreath Pro

OxyBreath pro is a high-quality mask that covers your face and mouth completely and helps in protecting you against allergens, bacteria, and viruses present in the air. This is possible due to the nanotechnology feature that is compatible with air filter PM2.5. It lowers the risk of allergic reactions and fatal diseases like coronavirus, H1N1, and several others. It is an extremely comfortable and lightweight mask that can be worn anywhere anytime. You can use this mask as many times as you want and is also easy to wash and maintain.

OxyBreath Pro contains active carbon filters that help to eliminate all the contaminants in the air. The OxyBreath Pro is designed using a nonwoven fabric which is very apt for filtration because of its thickness and complicated structure. The mask omits bacteria and other sediment particles using the advanced micro-filter technology used in it. The OxyBreath Pro mask closes its valve while inhaling to prevent the pollutants from getting inside. And the valve opens up during exhaling to let the air and moisture go out.

OxyBreath Pro ensures a KN95 level of protection. KN95 is an industry-standard which means that the mask provides effective filtering of more than 95% of particles. The mask can hence save you from PM10, PM2.5 and even the tiniest of particles. The mask has 2 layer polyurethane filtration that filters large particles and dust in the first layer and then efficiently absorbs the unfiltered dust and bacteria in the second layer. The approximate size of the mask is 27 x 14 cm. OxyBreath Pro has an ear rope that is elastic and doesn’t cause pain or stretch marks in your ear. It is highly comfortable and you can wear the mask anywhere for any outdoor tasks. It feels very light on your ears.

The OxyBreath Pro mask protects you from mist haze and fog. It protects you from cold air and hence saves you from catching a cold or cough. It prevents you from the surrounding bacteria and also the vehicle exhaust. The technology used in the OxyBreath Pro mask is reliable and ensures to provide clean breathing air and has a huge lifespan.

OxyBreath Pro review

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?

The OxyBreath Pro is designed to protect you from diseases that spread through the air as well as to protect you from pollution in the air. It has several components such as three-layered filters, 2.5 PM dust filter and built-in valves that work together to ensure that you breathe pure and fresh air. The mask takes in air, filters it, and the carbon dioxide is sent out through the valves. This happens through the various filtration processes.

Features of OxyBreath Pro

  • Full Protection – OxyBreath Pro gives complete protection from all the pollutants in the air. Protects you from every germs, allergens, and viruses present in the air. The mask filters the air and gives you safe and breathable air free from viruses and germs.
  • Extreme comfort – OxyBreath Pro is extremely comfortable to wear. It is stretchable and is made suitable to fit all face types.
  • Wash and Reuse – OxyBreath Pro is made of premium quality and is very easy to maintain. The quality of the mask allows you to wash and reuse it again without any hassles. You do not have to worry about the mask tearing off or any other such issues.
  • A multi-layer filtration system in OxyBreath Pro lets you breathe clean and purified air. The innermost layer that filters air in this mask is made of pure activated carbon cloth. The polyurethane makes sure that the particles in the air are finely filtered.
  • OxyBreath Pro is designed using nanotechnology filters and makes use of nonwoven fabric which serves as a durable, stretchable, washable and a great filter of germs.
  • Modern and Innovative look – The OxyBreath Pro comes in a look that is simple and yet innovative. The fine lines and design also make it appear stylish. It is bound to turn heads when you wear it out in public.

OxyBreath Pro reviews

Pros of Using OxyBreath Pro

You will get to experience a wide range of advantages of using OxyBreath Pro. Let us see the various pros of using OxyBreath Pro.

  • Complete Protection – OxyBreath Pro protects you from all the diseases, allergies and viruses that are contained in the air.
  • Coverage of Nose and Mouth – OxyBreath Pro completely covers your nose and mouth.
  • Washable and Reusable – OxyBreath Pro is easy to maintain. The quality of the mask lets you wash and reuse it.
  • Nanotechnology air filter PM2.5 protects us from dust.
  • The active carbon filters in OxyBreath Pro filters all the contaminants and impurities in the air.
  • OxyBreath Pro is designed using nonwoven fabric for filtration purposes.
  • OxyBreath Pro is durable and has a lifespan more than that of most masks in the market.
  • OxyBreath Pro omits the sediment particles using advanced micro-filter technology.
  • No risk of any kind – You will only reap benefits as you will stay protected from all kinds of contaminants in the air.
  • The OxyBreath Pro was designed keeping in mind the users who go for walking or outdoor activities and hence it is ensured that the protective mask is comfortable to wear.
  • The OxyBreath Pro mask is really inexpensive compared to other masks in the product.
  • Huge discounts are available now along with free shipping.

Cons Of Using OxyBreath Pro

Now let us discuss the disadvantages of using OxyBreath Pro.

There aren’t major disadvantages of using this mask that is reported by the users. However, the only negative part of this premium mask is that it is available only on the manufacturer’s website and not on other shopping sites. The masks available on other shopping sites are all duplicates of the original masks.

As you can see, the OxyBreath Pro masks are extremely efficient and useful for us in the current scenario of life-threatening pollution.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

You must, by now, be wondering if the OxyBreath Pro mask is going to cost you a fortune. Unlike other breathing masks, this mask is going to cost you just a fraction of the amount you would otherwise have to pay (excluding all those cheap and duplicate masks that are not efficient enough and does not protect you). OxyBreath Pro is currently offering a 50% discount per unit along with FREE shipping. You get to choose from three different offers provided by the company. The package deals provided are as follows:

Most users have opted for the second package where you get 2 OxyBreath Pro along with one free. Due to very high demand, the stock is limited. The discounts and offers are only for a very limited period. Avail the product before the offer ends.

Since the product is used for hygiene and needs to be quality-checked before sending it to a customer, returns are not accepted by the manufacturer. The no-returns policy of this mask helps to keep up the quality of the product. However, you do have the option to return the product if it is damaged or is defective. If you receive a product that is damaged, you can send the product back within 30 days of purchase with the original packaging intact.

For any further queries, you can contact the OxyBreath Pro customer service team at:

International: ‭+44 20 3808 9234 (available 24 hours)

Brazil: +552135003992 (available between 9:00am to 14:00pm/ Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

You can also send an email to [email protected]

Customer Reviews

The users of OxyBreath Pro have reported only positive remarks on the product. Below are a few of the users reporting their experience and opinions.

Lara – I used to suffer from allergies all the time. The increasing pollution made it even worse. At one point it was extremely difficult for me to step out of the house. I was then introduced to OxyBreath Pro by a friend. This mask has helped me a lot. Especially at this point where coronavirus is a huge threat to everyone, it is best to use a safe mask that can keep you protected. This mask is extremely comfortable and very efficient. You must definitely have this mask while stepping out of your house.

OxyBreath Pro reviews

Jason – I have been using OxyBreath Pro for two years now. I find it really useful when I travel through the dusty roads on my bike. I am extremely happy with this mask and would recommend it to everyone. Also, unlike other masks, the design is a perfect fit for me. You can definitely go ahead with the product.

Carol – I wear the OxyBreath Pro mask when I go cycling to prevent smog or seasonal allergies. So far I have only positive things to report about the mask. It was of great help to me. Earlier, especially during rain showers, fine dust and other gases that hung heavily in the air caused a lot of respiratory problems in me. It also made me nauseous. I usually like to smell the rain when everything is nice and wet and especially in summer I enjoyed showers very much. But the exhaust fumes in the air made it difficult for me to breathe. WIth the OxyBreath Pro mask, I can now enjoy the rain. It is also very convenient during the winter season as it keeps me warm.

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Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Is OxyBreath Pro worth the splurge?

OxyBreath Pro is definitely worth your time and money. This premium mask is providing you two health benefits in a single tiny package. To protect yourself from the growing threat of airborne diseases, secure yourself with this mask. This mask ensures to protect you from the various viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere as well as from the growing pollution and toxins in the air. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities, sports, or staying outdoors and if this increasing pollution has made your life miserable, then definitely opt for OxyBreath Pro mask. In fact, if you want to stay protected from the various diseases that are lurking around us then take the healthy step now. Get the masks before the website runs out of stock.

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