How To Protect Your Health During Pandemic?


Pandemic is a term that means “for all the people.” Pandemic (Pan means “for all” and Demi is formed using the demo, which means “people”). Thus, Pandemic is a situation that affects all the people around the world. We are currently facing such a situation, COVID-19. All the people around the world are under quarantine, to avoid the chances of getting sick. COVID-19 is a contagious disease identified first in China during November 2019 and is still taking the lives of many of the people all around the world.

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“Everyone is looking forward to adequate food, water and medicines, and other grocery items.” But, this unplanned vacation can become disastrous for mental as well as physical health of the individual. In this self-quarantined period, various people are stuck at the place where they were living for a job or education-related purposes, away from their families. Also, try to stay away from the infected person. Staying away for the family can take an individual into depression as well as can gain weight quickly, which will directly affect their physical and mental health.

Thus, it is vital to protect your health during Pandemic, living happily during the time of trouble. The following mentioned are the ways to protect you mental as well as physical health during Pandemic: 

  1. Sleep well:

During the time of this unplanned holiday stuck into your house, taking a sound sleep is very important. Almost everyone apart doctors, nurses, police officers, some other workers like cleaners, sweepers, etc. So, this is a very crucial time to sleep well, which is for more than 8 hours a day. Provide full rest to your body, away from anxiety. To get sound sleep, meditate right before sleeping.

One can also listen to sweet soothing music right before sleeping to get a sound sleep. Instead of binge-watching all night, try to sleep till midnight, to keep you fit and maintain your daily routine. Sleeping on time helps you to stay the whole day active, will help you to get engaged in various self-enhancing activities like reading a novel or learning some new activities like dancing, cooking, or singing.

  1. Beware of too much social media.

       Staying isolated leads to spending more time on social media and is the only way to stay connected to your friends and other closed ones. Social media is also a perfect way to get an update about the newsfeeds and activities going all around the world. Social media has powerful influence all over the world.

People of all age groups are engaged in social media. The person not using social media is entirely left out nowadays. But social media also shockingly spreads rumors, and many people got influenced by these rumors and started agreeing with the same. Various rumors are spreading in the time of COVID-19 related to the medicines that can keep one away from coronavirus. However, all rumors and effects less because no specific vaccine of COVID-19 is invented until now.

But people got influenced by the remedies suggested on social media and start applying them. Thus, social media can have positive as well as the negative impact of daily life. And, in this free time, it is essential to stay away from too much social media. Have an appropriate meeting with your friends, colleagues, and even teachers suing video calls, conference calls, or chatting apps.

  1. Keep physically active with various exercises and Yoga

In this free time, staying lazy can make you gain body weight; it is essential to stay physically free. A 10 minutes exercise a day will keep you fit as well as active. Exercising will also help to keep and individual mentally fit. Yoga, which is ancient and a very crucial part of our history and is also beneficial to keep an individual mentally and physically fit.

Yoga also helps solve various health-related issues as well. Now, since people have time for themselves, it is essential to keep and the best time to maintain their health. Instead of spending time in packed gyms and exercising, it is the time to help your body grow spiritually along with an all-round development.

  1. Make time for fun

It is the best time to enjoy staying with your family and spending time with them and enjoying it. It is the time to perform all the activities which one always wants to. The Pandemic has created a time where instead of going out, one can stay at home with their loved ones, spending time with them, cook for them, playing games with them, watching movies with them, and have a comfortable space with your loved ones.

It is the best time to get an introduction with your skills; instead of spending time on binge-watching, try to spend a happy time with your family along with improvising your skills.

  1. Eat well to maintain your immune system

The best way to fight any disease has a perfect immune system. With a healthy immune system, your body is capable of fighting against all the diseases from typical cold to very critical diseases like malaria. A sound immune system can be acquired with a proper and balanced diet. In the time of crises, try to eat healthily and inadequate amount to get a sound immune system, a fulfilled tummy, and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Try to help others

In the time of this Pandemic, it is tough for some people to get adequate food and essential daily-life articles. The group of daily wage workers, farmers who are forced to stay indoors, will not be able to earn their living in this hard time. Although the government is helping them, everybody must help the one who needs it at this hard time.

Taking responsibility for a single-family will help everyone to get rid of this hard time with lots of best wishes by those whom we helped. Thus, in the time of this Pandemic, think about others as well. Try to avoid panic buying as well. In this quarantine period, resources are limited, and thus, instead of panic buying, try to purchase the items which are required so that everyone gets their share.

  1. Get destressed

Try to keep your daily routine maintained to avoid any kind of stress. Try meditating as well. In this hard time of the Pandemic, instead of getting stressed, try to stay calm with a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating, sleeping, bathing, and even working.

  • Taking showers help to stay away from the stress.
  • Yoga also helps to get distressed.
  • Focus on your goals.
  • Try to read novels or books.
  • Spend more and more time with family.
  • Try to get fresh air.
  • Walk on your terrace and balcony.
  • Support police and government officials.
  • Take a sound sleep.
  • Avoid overeating because that can also cause stress.
  • Get dressed instead of staying whole days in Pajama.
  • Try to do gardening activities to avoid boredom.
  • Stay in line with social media updates to get rid of stress.
  • Try to perform at least 75 minutes workout a week to stay healthy, active, fit as well as healthy.


Pandemic is a hard time for everybody since it has bounded everyone in various manners, and thus it is essential to face this hard time effectively and efficiently. Following all the activities mentioned above can help stay active in the time of the Pandemic.

COVID-19 Pandemic, it is crucial to stay away from the contact of any infected persons and thus try self-isolation and obey the orders of social distancing. Wearing a mask like that of OxyBreath pro mask are also very crucial to avoid any kind of infection.

Try to avoid contact with hands and mouth, wash your hands regularly with soap. Keep a sanitizer and mask always with you to stay safe and come out of this Pandemic together. Pandemic is a nice break, to enhance your skills, learn something new, study, prepare for exams, spending time with family, and one should take full advantage of this opportunity. But try to stay healthy as well, in this hard time and avoid all the mistakes which can make you infected with the thus deadly coronavirus.

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