How Lockdowns Have Helped Improve Some Mother-Daughter Relationships

There’s no doubt that the relationship between a mother and daughter cannot be weighed down by anything at all. It’s the purest of relationships found among us humans. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Well, as it is a relationship that a mother has with her children is special and unbreakable. But when it comes to comparing it with a relationship between a mom and her princess daughter, it’s definitely a more special one. The reasons behind this could be many. Maybe it’s the fact that the mom knows that one fine day her princess daughter is going to become a beautiful lady and devour responsibilities of her family and kids just like her. Or maybe every mom sees their own younger self in their daughters. Or maybe it has got to do with the fact that daughters are more caring than sons. Well, the reason for this depends from one person to another in many ways.

Mother-Daughter Relationship

But we live in a very mean world, isn’t it? We’re saying this because this very world has the potential of bringing distance in a special relationship like this one. The competitive and engulfing world that we live in doesn’t give us enough time to bond with families. And if you are a working mother you definitely know that you cannot give enough time to your daughter even if you wanted to. It’s always the weekend when you might have some time but then maybe on weekends, your daughter might be having plans with her friends. And you certainly don’t want to come in the way of that. Therefore, you let go and just look at her pictures and reminisce about all the memories.

And if you are a daughter yourself, married, and living happily with your husband and kids, it’s a whole new tale to the mother-daughter relationship. Every single moment from the time you got married you must have compared most of the tough situations you faced with those of your mom. You must have told, “How could mom manage all of this on her own?” and those were the moments you must have really understood a mother’s unconditional love and sacrifices she does for the family. And in between all this, the hectic individual life that the two of your lead, somewhere, you end up losing touch with your mommy.

This pandemic situation that we all find ourselves in is very challenging and overwhelming at the same time. The number of cases that are rising in your country, state, city, neighborhood, and even the street is very alarming. We feel the threat of the virus and have no other option but to follow the protocols of the lockdown and stay at home with our families. The absence of a vaccine only adds on to the list of reasons why it is best for us to just stay at home. While all of this counts as negative marks, there is one positive side that has been seen—the bond between the families has seen a very positive change.

The Relationship Between Mothers And Daughter Saw An Improvement

American family experts claim that amid the rising of the coronavirus cases and the threat that it spread worldwide, families fought this alarming fear by being there for each other and staying connected. Families were literally seen making the most of this occasion which put the entire world to a standstill. And among the various relationships that were strengthened because of the lockdown, the one between mom and daughter saw the most positive improvement. It could be your daughter at home, a teen daughter or a grown-up daughter living on her own—owing to the various roles that you adorn as a mother you wouldn’t be able to show all the love and compassion to your daughter because somewhere in your heart you know that she can handle it on her own and is doing fine on her own. And if you are a daughter who is staying away from mom for study or job purposes, or with your husband, you might seldom get time to check on your mommy. You feel very caught up with everything that you have to do on your own. But with the entry of the pandemic in your lives and the lockdowns being introduced in your cities, it allowed you to go knock on your mom’s doors and live with her again. Moms became visible again. And with no household chores to worry about, both the moms and daughters have found ample time to just spend time with each other without any distraction at hand.

Maybe, The Trauma Bought This Duo Closer

We cannot dodge the fact that each one of us is in the middle of a world tragedy. And as horrible this situation is, the benefit that it provides is the manner in which people have found each other again and plastered the broken off relationships. And daughters and mothers might find themselves in difficult scenarios which must’ve resurrected the bond between them. They empathize more and be there for each other is these times. It has removed the disconnect that the two-faced.

So, Are These Improvements Temporary Or Permanent?

Many feel closer to their loved ones during this time of pandemic; and while they feel happy about this nearness a certain wave of doubt crosses their minds. It is the doubt of whether or not this improvement in their relationships will last. Experts say that it will last for the relationships, for example, that of a mother and daughter has become rich, vivid, and stronger than ever. Another way to think of this is how we as humans respond to the new normal ways of living life. If we once again depend on the women for everything, then, maybe the daughters and mothers will once again give way to their responsibilities and will not find the time of each other again. So, we can only hope that it lasts!


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