Coronavirus – How Does COVID-19 Transmit?

We have all been enjoying the millennial life to our fullest, haven’t we? Working dedicatedly from Monday to Friday that is five days a week and making sure we enjoy our weekends by exploring the world around us. All those frequent breaks from our studies or work which we take to travel and feel beautiful amongst new cultures and traditions. We have always concluded without any scientific testament that we are all living in a beautiful world.

Only a small percentage of us have realized that man, or the human race, in general, has explored our beloved Mother Earth to such an extent that we are doing more harm than good to it and to us. The Australian bushfires are an example of just that. It looked almost like Mother Earth was trying to show us how angry it is and who fell prey to it? The innocent wild animals and us humans. And just when we thought that we were preparing and contributing towards fixing the wildlife and forests on our Earth, another bolt struck us and this time it was more deadly than ever. Because this time the entire world was suffering as this particular bolt posed threats to mankind living in every single spot on this planet Earth—yes, we are talking about the novel coronavirus!

Nobody had imagined that a normal virus that appears to be nothing more than flu could actually take the lives of thousands of people worldwide, isn’t it? And the fact that there is no vaccine discovered to fight it yet only makes the world more vulnerable to the threats that we are exposed to because of this virus. This contagious virus is feared by many because it has been proved to be air born as well. And while the whole world has been observing a complete lockdown right now, we all know that the lockdown will end in a few week’s time. After that, what do we do? If you think that virus has been eradicated completely, no, you’re absolutely wrong here! The entire lockdown that is being observed by a majority of the countries worldwide is to only break the chain of the coronavirus from spreading. It doesn’t prove that we aren’t exposed to the threat anymore. And when we start working and living all over the world, in general, comes back to normal, that is when we ought to think that how do we still protect ourselves? The answer lies in our breath, how we breathe, and what we breathe! Because this novel virus dear friends attacks our respiratory system. Therefore, it is very essential for us to look after that we’re breathing right and protecting our breath. And that can easily be achieved with the help of air masks. We need to pick up air masks that are qualified enough to block air pollutants and viruses. Make note, that a mere surgical mask will do no good here. And if you ask us which mask then, you can picture us smiling as we suggest the best air mask, the OxyBreath Pro mask as it is very ideal to protect us during this pandemic situation that we are in right now. And now, before we start off to explain more about why wear such masks, let us take you through few facts about the novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Read on.


A Brief About Coronavirus

Our world has off late seen so many new viruses being discovered and we humans have often been their prey as well. The latest deadly one that has been given the title of “novel” and has also been declared as a pandemic worldwide by the WHO (World Health Organization) is Coronavirus aka COVID-19 (1). To get the facts right COVID-19 is apparently the name given to the disease that the deadly virus has been causing. The virus’s name is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). The word corona that has been given to this set of the virus is because these viruses usually circulate among the animals and some have been known to infect mankind as well.

The COVID-19’s outbreak has caused more than 700,000 cases worldwide and the numbers are only increasing every single day. This has forced almost the entire world to observe a lockdown and come to a standstill. This COVID-19 has resulted in many deaths worldwide. And not just that, the virus has also managed to kill the world’s economy as well.

How Does COVID-19 Transmit?

The mode of transmission is many as this virus has been declared as a contagious one. The original source, however, is animals. But right now, it is spreading because of human to human transmissions. The accurate information about the transmission of COVID-19 is yet to be dotted down as scientists and doctors alike all over the world are still learning and discovering more and more information and facts about coronavirus. And it is said that if you consider an average, then one person is capable of spreading it to two to three persons. And this virus is mainly transmitted through tiny respiratory droplets through coughing, sneezing, or whenever people interact with one another at close proximity without any social distancing. Now these tiny droplets could either be inhaled or it could land on platforms or surfaces and if a person ends up touching such surfaces, they can get infected. Let us also inform you that the incubation period for COVID-19 is 1 to 14 days.

How Do Air Masks Help?

Air masks like the Safe Mask fall into the category of masks that help protect people from health conditions that can spread through the air. What’s best about such masks is that they also do another work, that if of an anti-pollution mask as well. If you are someone who loves walking on the streets, exploring the tiny lanes, or even loves working out outdoors, then such air masks will protect you from falling prey to harmful viruses and bacterias.

These masks have inbuilt carbon filters that protect from allergens, dust particles, bacteria, and cold. Such masks are made using nanotechnology that will reduce the chances of contracting infections in times of pandemic situations like that of the COVID-19. Another good quality of such masks is that they are lightweight. Such masks like the OxyBreath Pro consist of the following components:

  • A Built-in Valve: The built-in valve serves various purposed. It helps to eliminate the carbon dioxide buildup which we humans breathe out. Secondly, it helps prevent air pollution particles and other dust particles from entering. Thirdly, it also provides a way for the moisture from your breath to escape.
  • A Dust Filter Of 2.5 PM: The PM here stands for particulate matter. These are nothing but microscopic pollutants that hang in the air. And the number 2.5 refers to the size of such particulate matter.
  • A Three Layered Filter: The fabric of such air masks come with a built-in three layers of filters. The outermost is referred to as the PM filter. The second one is referred to as the carbon filter which helps purify the air we inhale. The third one is referred to as the reinforcement filter which generally does the combined work of the other two filters.

After all these filtrations the air that finally reaches you is nothing less than the pure mountain air. Such masks are also very comfortable. They are snug fits perfectly and covers the areas of nose and mouth. And the fact that these air masks are reusable and also washable makes them a great investment in times like these. And we always back the fact that it’s a great idea to buy these masks from their original websites only. Doing so will keep you away from falling prey to duplicate products.

We know that times like right now, they are very challenging. But remember that precaution and prevention is better than cure. Therefore, wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds, sanitize your surroundings regularly, and wear good air masks to protect yourself from falling prey to COVID-19. Stay safe and also practice social distancing. And if you haven’t got an air mask yet, it’s best that you order one for yourself right away as you very well know that they are in high demand. Be strong, eat clean and healthy, stay safe! It only takes patience and perseverance to beat the COVID-19 outbreak that we find ourselves in right now.

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