Charger Boost Pro Review

Over the past twenty-five years, there has never been a more significant revolution than mobile phone technology. Every year there have been some innovations, and internet technology used. Today, we live in a world where we cannot live without a mobile. The access to the world is there in your palms, as mobiles were made more user friendly to its customers.

Graphics, downloads, multiple screens, movie watching, name it, it was there on the mobile. But there arose another issue, with all these excitements. It took a toll on the battery charge, and the full cost dilapidated to zero in a matter of hours. It is indeed challenging to carry your charger around, so a more natural system is sought. Then came the device, which would shed off its load into your mobile. Of course, that meant charging the mobile charger beforehand. Which did people use to forget conveniently?

Charger Boost Pro

What is Charger Boost Pro?

This has brought on the Charger Boost Pro, which was light and compact to carry around, and just placing the mobile on it, is enough for the charge transfer. It was the perfect solution; the world was waiting. The Charger Boost Pro uses an electromagnetic coil to create an electromagnetic field which in turn charges your phone.

How does the Charger Boost Pro work?

There may be many reasons why the charger boost pro outflanks its competition in charging the mobile faster, compared to the rest. However, the primary goal is the coils that are embedded within. These are copper in nature and energy travel faster compared to the cables.

Moreover, the distance between the two objects in connectivity comes down a lot, optimizing the charging time and speed.

The Charger boost also stores current in the receivers, and these are released while the mobile phone charges. It is yet another reason why the phone gets loaded faster.

Benefits of Charger Boost Pro

  1. No compromise in Restaurants

Imagine a situation where you have to dine with your favourite friends. You would book a table which has an electrical outlet since that is your priority. You and your friends would like to charge your phones while you dine, but that problem is that the view may be compromised.

Some tables do provide a beautiful scenic view; you may compromise for the requirement of plug points. But with the power charger, all these issues disappear. You charge your mobile at double speed, and all your friends can also do the same.

  1. Power restored in Minutes

Nowadays, even if you leave home with a fully charged battery, it is bound to lose charge by noon. These power charges come in very handy, as they are in your pocket always, and they are so light to carry. It would recharge the mobile within minutes, and avoid the desperation plus anxiety which follows.

  1. No worries while outdoors

One cannot stay all the time indoors, and you could relax on your lawn or at the beach. Just pack your power charger in your backpack and use the phone to the maximum, enjoying the breeze &sunshine with nature. Just recharge the mobile using the charger in your bag when you are running out of charge.

  1. Procrastination at work

Think of a situation that often gets on your nerves. You have a desk job, and you called for a meeting in the other part of the building, and you find your mobile is out of charge. You need to wait out the time till the phone charges slowly to a certain respectable percentage, but this comes at the cost of delaying the meeting, and others wait.

With the power pack in your pocket, you can start immediately by allowing the phone to charge itself from the pocket. By the time you reach the meeting rooms, the phone would have fully loaded.

  1. Hardly a weight to carry

The chargers are small and handy, and you may not even feel the pressure in your pocket. More is the delight when you realize that the mobile is running out of charge, and you can just slide the phone on against the charger and ensure it gets charged. Thus the physical size and the compactness are a pleasure.

  1. No worries For family!

One needs to travel out of town or country for their work needs. That is the time your family would be very concerned and would want to remain in connectivity as often as possible. With The Charger Booster Pro, the worry of powerless mobile ruled out, as it is always on in your pocket.

  1. No Cables, please!

We have already highlighted the usefulness of the Charger Booster Pro, but it has one more use too. You need not thrust your pocket with cables and USB and seen with it hanging out of your pockets. There are no such cable issues with the Charger Booster Pro, and it’s just one light device, which none would notice in your pocket.

How much does the Charger Boost Pro cost?

The consumer has three choices:

charger boost pro review

Does the Charging Boost Pro have a return policy?

The product comes with a 100 % money-back guarantee. Lest the customer is not happy with its performance, he has the option of returning the Charger Boost Pro, within Fourteen days from the day he received the delivery. Once the fourteen days are over, the company would not process his request, and would not accept the product back, nor issue a refund. The calculation of fourteen days is only calendar days and not working days.

In the case of cancellations, the consumer must deliver his intent not to go ahead with the purchase within twelve hours of booking the order. For example, if he reserves the order at 10 AM, then he must cancel the order by 10 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the charger boost pro shut down automatically once fully charged?

The charger has an auto system or a trigger. Every battery has a peak; it is 85% generally. Once the charger thrusts power at full speed into the mobile, it would ease the rate beyond 85 % charge. One can say it almost shuts off the charging. In other words, the boost pro has a charger init, which also has a voltage predefined.

What is the waiting period to receive the product once ordered?

It could take a maximum of 21 days or a minimum period of 15 days. It mainly depends on the location where you are, but even if you happen to be the closest, it will take at least ten days. We do inform the customers beforehand of the waiting for the transit time.

Do I receive a tracking number once ordered?

The customer would receive an email within three days of placing the order. This mail would confirm the exact details of the order placed, and he would receive yet another email confirming the tracking number once the order is processed.

Does the Charger boost pro weigh heavy?

No, not at all. It weighs only 68 grams and is so light; you would not even realize you are carrying it. You can put it in your pant pocket or your suit.

Does the charger boost pro require batteries?

No, this does not work based on batteries or having a precharge. It is the coils that create energy and pass on to your mobile.

Customer Reviews

By Penny Malcolm

I use my mobile exhaustively. Chatting, downloading, watching films, and I used to sit near the plug point. Ever since I’ve purchased the Charger boost pro, my life has changed a lot. Now I can sit outdoors and do what I do with my mobile because my boost pro would charge it back in a few minutes. What a relief!

By Henry Cooper

My mobile is my lifeline. I cannot continue my work life successfully without it, and I had to carry my Power bank, USB cables, wherever I go. The biggest problem was that I tend to misplace them in my client’s place, and it was embarrassing too. With the Charger Boost pro, my work life has become pleasant and less stressful. I do not have to worry about the charge on the phone because it is only a few minutes away to full cost. On top of it, I need not request my clients for a plug point anymore.

By George Ramsey

My favourite restaurant is a mile away, and they see that I get the corner most tables there since that has a plug point. But the problem is, we are far away from the scenic view of the sea outside the restaurant. Ever since I got the Charger boost pro, I book only that table and enjoy my meals with the belief that’s so pleasant.

By Smith Henrique

Most of my ten hours at work are spent in meetings. And when I attend these meetings, my phone is the information carrier. Since I am on it all the time, I tend not to charge it, and end up with a threatening battery, during the meeting. Ever since I heard about Charger Boost Pro and its offer of three for a low price, I bought all three. One is always at home, the other at the office. The other one is in my briefcase. Now I am sure; I will not miss a single minute of the action with my phone.

The final verdict

To assimilate all the benefits of the Charger Booster Pro, it is handy, weightless, and compact, charges on the run-rule out charging time skip the cables. And last but not least, one does not have to worry about a low battery anymore.

Charger Boost Pro Price

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