BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags Review

Every human body needs fresh, clean air to survive on this planet. Air is, perhaps, taken for granted by many as it is freely available and in plenty. The rise in global warming has made millions aware of the importance of protecting the environment and controlling air pollution. According to a survey, more than 60% of Americans are living near cities that have terrible air quality levels.

You may have heard of people suffering from various respiratory disorders such as asthma, wheezing, lung damage, chest pain, and more. Breathing polluted air is one of the primary reasons for these health issues. Even the air in your house may be affected by dust, mildew, and molds besides other air pollutants. You can do your bit of keeping the air quality inside your home or car by using air purifiers. But how do you decide on which air purifier?

Most air purifiers are bulky and work on electricity. Also, while they trap allergens, they don’t destroy those allergens, which can continue to harm the air you breathe at home. If you don’t wish to use these hulking air purifiers, then a more natural choice is to use BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags.

breathegreen charcoal bags

About BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags

There are numerous benefits of natural purifiers, such as bamboo charcoal. You might be aware that charcoal is made from wood. You might have even used charcoal during a barbeque. Bamboo charcoal is made using parts of the bamboo plant and has natural detoxifying qualities. Activated bamboo charcoal is more potent in absorbing and retaining allergens and pollutants from the air.

BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags bring you high-quality, activated bamboo charcoal. These air purifier bags are easy-to-use and can be reused for up to two years. You can carry these sacks and place them in the smallest corners. You can protect your homes from molds and dust with these sacks and breathe fresh air while at home.

Dust, mildew, and other such particles are reasons why you may be breathing heavily, feeling asthmatic, or suffering from allergies. A bad smell can persist in your house if such toxic elements remain in the air for a long time. With BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags, you can keep these particles locked within the bags. So, you are not just breathing clean air, but you are also getting rid of the bad odor that comes along with specific allergens.

How Do BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags Work?

The bamboo plants used in producing the charcoal are grown for five years before they are harvested. The plant is then put through a pyrolysis process. This process heats the plant in a low oxygen setting at temperatures as high as 800-1000ยบ C. In the next step, the bamboo charcoal is treated with oxygen making it more porous or what is also called activated carbon. This process increases bamboo charcoal’s absorption abilities so that it can trap pollutants across a larger area and for a longer time.

This activated bamboo charcoal is what is used by BreatheGreen in their air purifier bags. The charcoal can absorb twice as much as any other air purifier. So, when impure air or foul air flows through the bags, the toxic elements and odors are confined by the bamboo charcoal. They then allow the purified air to flow back into your house while keeping the impurities locked in.

How To Use BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags?

You can purchase BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags in bulk if you wish to place it all-around your house. You need to locate areas where you need to place the bags and order accordingly. Areas such as near your garbage bin, or your shoe rack, or bathroom are the places which might have more allergens and, of course, terrible odor. You can consider placing two bags in these areas for a faster effect. You can also use these sacks in your living room, bedroom, cupboards, bags, cars, kitchen; the list is endless.

Once a month, the BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags need to be put under direct sunlight. This will refresh the absorption quality of the bamboo charcoal. This way, each bag can be used for up to two years. You can then open up the sacks and use the powdered charcoal as a natural fertilizer for your plants or just scatter them on your lawn. You can be assured that this all-natural air purifier has more added value than any other purifier you wish to try.

BreatheGreen Charcoal Bag review

Are The Bags Safe To Use?

Unlike other air purifiers, BreatheGreen does not use any chemicals to purify the air in your homes. BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags contain natural bamboo charcoal, which has antibacterial properties. It cleans the air you breathe and keeps it free from bacteria, mildew, mold, dust particles, and other pollutants. It also ensures the air is free from any foul smell. These cotton bags are incredibly safe and exceptionally efficient to use.

Benefits of BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags

  • BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags trap air pollutants such as dust, bacteria, mildew, and also moisture within its charcoal pores. It thus cleans the air that you breathe every second. It also keeps a check on the excess moisture in the air and prevents further development of molds.
  • The sacks can lock-in within the bag any bad odor. Generally, your garbage bins tend to stink or maybe even dirty shoes. A single pack of BreatheGreen can remove the stinking smell from these areas, so you no longer have to hold back your breath.
  • When you use air fresheners, or chemicals to clean or homes, or if you have painted your home, there are chemicals left in the air. These chemicals, such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and chloroform, can cause health hazards. BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags removes these chemicals from your home and traps them within the bag allowing only clean air to pass through.
  • These bags also keep your food fresh for a longer duration. The BreatheGreen bags absorb moisture, fungus, mold, and more, which tend to destroy food. So, now you can save your food and money.
  • Unlike certain other air purifiers that can contain toxins, BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags are all-natural and have no such harmful toxins. So, they only remove the toxic elements from your air without adding any back to the air you breathe.
  • If you have a pet like a dog or a cat, then BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags can help you remove the odor of urine or cat litter. Even though you may be cleaning the litter box time and again, at times, the smell stays back. With these charcoal bags, you can get rid of every last bit of that stench.

Purchase And Price

You can currently purchase BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags only from their official website. The website is offering excellent discounts on bulk orders. The offers are as mentioned below:

  1. If you buy 2 bags, then you get one additional bag free. The cost of each bag is $19.99, and with shipping charges of $6.99, the total comes up to $39.95 only.
  2. If you purchase 3 sacks, then you get two extra sacks free. The sum of that including the shipping charge is $59.95.
  3. For the purchase of 5 BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags for $99.95, you will get an additional 5 bags for free. You also have no shipping charge on this order.
  4. The most valued offer is if you buy 8 of these bags. You not only get free shipping but also get 12 extra bags for free. The cost of this offer is $159.95 only.

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Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

The BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product, you have to send them back the bags and receive your refund minus shipping and handling charges.


  1. Can the bags be reused?

Yes, BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags can be reused. Once a month, you have to keep the bags in direct sunlight for an hour, preferably at noon, as the sun is at its peak. The bamboo charcoal inside the bags will then refresh themselves and you can use the bags again. After 2 years, it is advisable to change the bags.

  1. Does this air purifier work?

Yes, this compact yet powerful air purifier does work. Bamboo charcoal is a scientifically proven method of detoxifying the air we breathe naturally. Since BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags use activated bamboo charcoal, the effect is more, and they can purify the air more efficiently.


  • BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags uses activated bamboo charcoal, which is more effective than regular charcoal. It can absorb more air pollutants and other particles, leaving only clean air to pass through.
  • The bamboo charcoal comes in machine-stitched linen bags with a metal grommet in the corner. So, you can hang the bag at height if you want to keep it away from your children or pets.
  • BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags are safe to use to purify the air you breathe. It will remove all toxic elements from the air.
  • The bags are eco-friendly and can be reused. After two years of using the bag, you can remove the charcoal from it and use it to fertilize your lawn or plants.
  • The bags are compact and can be placed anywhere. You can use them in your rooms, kitchen, under your sink, inside your cupboard, in your bathroom, your car, or even your gym bags.
  • If you order in bulk, then you will get these bags at a cheaper and more affordable price range.
  • BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags can only be purchased from their official website. It is not available on other e-commerce sites or in retail stores.
  • You may forget that it needs to be cleaned every month to reuse it. You will have to set a reminder to clean it and also to remove it from under the sun.
  • In some places, you might need more than one bag to absorb the odor completely.

Customer Testimonials

BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags are exceptional. My cat had decided to carry in a rat, and the stench was beyond anything I have ever had to smell. Despite cleaning, the stench remained. A friend loaned me one of her BreatheGreen bags, and within the hour, the smell disappeared.

Having tried the product, I bought myself a bulk order. Now I use the bags everywhere, especially near my cat’s litter box. I can feel the difference in the air that I breathe now. It is an excellent buy. – Patricia Carmichael, 37, Chicago

I live in a shared apartment, and while I try to keep the house clean, my house-mate isn’t the best at cleaning. So, there were times when I would enter the house and breathe the unclean air. Every weekend I spent cleaning the house of dust and mildew. My house-mate was the one who brought home BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags as an easy solution.

I was very skeptical about using it, but she insisted, so we put the bags in all our rooms. The next time I came home from work, I noticed the change in the air immediately. Now, I am in love with this product and recommend it to everyone. – Nicole Moore, 32, New York


BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags are a natural way in which you can purify the air you breathe inside your homes. You can save yourself and your loved ones from various allergies and respiratory disorders using these simple and compact bags. The sacks are environment friendly and have no chemicals or toxins, which can cause you any harm.

BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags uses activated bamboo charcoal, which has natural antibacterial properties. Besides, this charcoal can be scattered on your lawn or your plants after two years of using it as an air purifier. So, you don’t just need to throw away these bags, and you can continue using them as fertilizers. This product is a must-try if you want to breathe clean air and live a healthy life.

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