7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

It is a global mindset that life is a journey with vicissitudes. There is no one without pain. Life is complicated. You cannot be merry-making all the time. These humdrum thoughts are instilled into every individual since birth.

A healthy body, joyous marriage, sophisticated life, and abundance – all appear to be part of classic fairy tales only.

In reality, we experience brokenness, sickness, empty wallets, debts, anxiety, depression, strained relationships. The mind is clouded with darkness. As a result, the brain is filled with negativity- and you feel completely lost.

Would you believe if you were told that you could experience heaven on Earth? Do you think is it even possible? Yes, it is!

What you are going to learn will light up your life. It is time for a changeover.

Your tragedies can become miracles. Your broken marriages can turn to “happily ever after”.

If you are still skeptical, that shows good progress. You can read ahead, experience it yourself and you will know.

A simple yet very powerful, 7 Day Prayer Miracle is going to add sparkle to your life. It is not spiritual enforcement. Yet there is divinity involved with marvels awaiting you. A rich backup of scientific studies makes this 7 Day Prayer Miracle, even more miraculous.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

7 Day Prayer Miracle

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is a decorative journal, having a collection of powerful and potential prayers. These prayers will give you definite results. Most of the happenings in life are an effect of the positive or negative energies in life.

The negative energies from within and from the surroundings harm life. Positive energies empower your brain while negative energies drain you down. The negativity imparts low vibration in your brain, thereby putting you in the abyss of pain, struggle, and destruction.

When you focus on positive things, your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions become constructive. The positive energies attract high vibration signals in your brain. You become affirmative and constructive in every aspect of life.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is based on a startling principle known as ‘Vibrational Wings’. This principle draws its roots from the ancient sacred scriptures in the dusty annals. This Prayer is innovative, which combines the law of attraction with enhancing personal development and a life of Prayer.

Amanda Ross brings this Prayer Miracle to you. She got the mysteries revealed, and experienced astounding results herself, with this Prayer.

Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross received a marvelous revelation during the utmost adversity of her life. Amanda and her husband struggled with a tough marriage. They suffered a massive destructive car accident, which put her husband on the lifeline in the hospital. Amanda battled numerous condemning thoughts while she was in the hospital. Besides, she received a warning call from their landlord about their unpaid house rent for three months. A devastated homemaker, mother of three kids and a desperate wife, Amanda walked out of the hospital for a little relief. While passing by, her eyes caught an old second-hand bookstore with a signboard, “Heaven on Earth”. She met a man named Michael, who taught her the Prayer of Daniel.

The Prayer of Daniel is a simple, four-line prayer. In this Prayer, she asks for God’s favor over her pain. She asks God to listen and act upon her situation immediately, for she bears God’s name.

Taking this treasure back with her, Amanda said this Prayer through every difficult path. Her husband recovered well from the coma and even apologized to her for being rude. Her landlord showed compassion in them. Adding to these, she won a lottery miraculously, which helped her repay all her debts.

Her family became a joyous family, and their life was overflowing with abundance. Only later did Amanda realize that she had encountered Michael, the angel from the heavenly realm. He is the Archangel that God sends to help desperate people.

Michael’s favorite human is the Prophet Daniel from the ancient Babylonians. Amanda studied Daniel’s life and certain other scientific studies, which prove that Prayer is the most powerful launching pad to be rocketed high above the world.

In another deific meeting with Michael, Michael motivated Amanda to share Daniel’s Prayer with the people of the world.

Thus, the mission of sharing these divine prayers expanded.

7 day prayer miracle

How Does The Prayer Miracle Work?

The effect of the 7 Day Prayer Miracle can be seen explicitly in the amazing life of the Prophet Daniel, who lived in ancient times. His story has a remarkable transformation from a slave to a superior. A young Jewish captive brought to Babylon as a slave became the right hand for the King of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar. He was the powerful man of his time.

Who would have thought that a lowly servant would become a Prince in an unknown land?

The secret to Daniel’s victory was Prayer. Like every human being, Daniel suffered the jealousy of his counterparts. He became a victim, being thrown into the lion’s den. Yet he survived without any harm. His friends came out unharmed from the blazing furnace, only to astonish the jealous colleagues.

Daniel’s prayers helped him interpret dreams, transformations, kings, see visions and even speak with angels.

Daniel’s story that happened hundreds of years ago is real. This can happen even in the modern-day era. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle will work wonders when you pray with faith.

You will experience miracles beyond your comprehension. Keep saying the prayers repeatedly over every disappointment, failure, frustration, weakness. You will witness incredible changes.

How To Use The 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is lucid. When you receive your copy, follow the simple steps:

  1. Go through every Prayer.
  2. Say each prayer word by word like a mantra.
  3. Declare the Prayer over every shortcoming of your life.

With these steps, you will see instant constructive shifts. You become a prayer paladin. Your mind gets innovative, strengthened, energized and active. The change you experience will make you influential in your family, workplace, and society.

Is 7 Day Prayer Miracle Effective?

Yes, the 7 Day Prayer Miracle is very effective. It transforms you from being a chicken to an eagle. You will experience a colorful transformation like that of a caterpillar to the butterfly. The colors of your life will be reflected in every sphere of your life. Your thinking becomes more pro-active and affirmative. Not only this, you be prominent among the people around you. The positive energies will spread like water ripples wherever you go.

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The Benefits of The Prayer Miracle

The Prayer Miracle has scientifically backed up powers.

  1. The Prayer makes you ascend into the incarnate dimensions of unconditional love, joy, and light.
  2. It helps you turn away from all bitterness, pain, and anxiety.
  3. Hopeless situations turn into optimistic ones with the help of focused, intentional prayer.
  4. Prayer can transform the DNA in your genes. Negative emotions and thoughts shrink the quality of the DNA. With Prayer, a positive attitude emerges that rewires your DNA to your original healthy state.
  5. Your brain is wired to look forward to a journey filled with phenomenal changes. When you experience good things in life, you overflow with love, joy, peace, and healing from the inside out.

Purchase And Price

Buy the 7 Day Prayer Miracle for just $27. This is a special offer as you get the entire package at such an affordable price.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle package includes the following:

  1. 7 Day Prayer Miracle That Helps You Grab Heaven’s Attention

This is a collection of Amanda’s teaching on wisdom and a guide to Prayer. This will be the catalyst for you to resolve to pray. You will get a clear insight to lead a remarkable life and learn to get the help of Archangel Michael, when in trouble.

  1. A 7 Day Journal of Prayer

Maintaining a journal improves the activity on the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex part of the brain. This makes your brain primed up for more blessings in life. You will receive seven prayers that will empower and strengthen you. It prepares you to hope and expect spectacular miracles.

  1. Song of Shifts

Song of Shifts is a unique miracle frequency of 528Hz. In eleven seconds, you will reach the wavelength that only the angels recognize. Get tuned to this to connect with the angels and bid to them.

  1. Divine Hearing

Sometimes, the answers for your prayers come straight from the heavenly realm and you hardly recognize it. This training will help you discover and listen to the voice of the angels and heavenly beings. They will impart words of infinite wisdom, kindness, hope, love and crucial messages to help you in your journey.

  1. Divine Numbers

As people begin to work with their angels, unique number sequences become ‘Angel numbers’. The Angelic numbers carry vibration and pattern to access the magic in creation. You brand yourself into a renovated individuality. This document unveils all the secrets about the power of number patterns.

  1. The Prayers of Daniel

The Prayer of Daniel has 426 exceptional words that will help you experience heaven on Earth. It can lighten up your marriage, help you get over debts, sickness and move ahead with a complete revolution in your life.

In addition to these, you have an unexpected bonus of the Daily Blessings, which is optional for you.

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Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Your every order is securely backed up with a 60-Day guarantee. If you feel disappointed with the program at any point in time, in sixty days, you can request a refund. You will receive a full refund without any inquiry or explanation. There is no need to worry.


  1. Who can use the 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

Anyone can use the 7 Day Prayer Miracle. 7 Day Prayer Miracle will work wonders irrespective of your age, gender, people group or citizenship. You can experience miracles in unexpected ways.

  1. Does 7 Day Prayer Miracle work only at specific times of the day?

Not at all. You can pray anytime from anywhere. You can pray at the lowest and hardest times of your life wherever you are, and you will surely experience wonders.

  1. How to get the package of 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle series can be bought from its official website. You can buy them with special discounts. Just place the order, make your payment and you will get exclusive access to the complete package. You get all the materials in PDF format.

  1. How does the 7 Day Prayer Miracle work?

Once you receive the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, go through all the Prayer. Utter each prayer word by word. You will experience instant manifestation and a heavenly transformation. You are free to soar high.

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  1. Every crazy situation can have unbelievable turnarounds.
  2. This Prayer will empower you to manifest freedom from all kinds of anxiety, depression, and mental blocks as quickly as possible.
  3. Your strained relationships will turn into loving and fulfilling relationships.
  4. You can live your life in abundance free from all kinds of stress, anxiety, and debts.


This 7 Day Prayer Miracle is unique and has special copyrights. Hence it is available online only, on the official website.

Customer Testimonials

My two-year-old baby granddaughter, Kristen was on life support in the hospital. She is a beautiful princess loved by everyone in the family. My heart sank and I could not stop crying to see this little child suffer from so much pain. I received the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, prayed the prayers with ardent faith. In two days, the doctors moved her out of the ICU. The doctors said that she was progressing and responding well to medicines. I cannot express how grateful I am for the prayers, Amanda. ~ Evan Stevens

I was at the highest point of my life. Suddenly disaster took hold of me. I lost my job, my house, the car was mortgaged, and I ran into debt. My family was so dejected. We did not know where to go. We were referred to the 7 Day Prayer Miracle by a close friend. As a family, we prayed with the 7 Day Prayer Miracles. Miracles began to overflow into our lives instantaneously. I was astounded. This 7 Day Prayer Miracle works marvels. ~Mark Robbins

My marriage was on the verge of breaking up. My husband and I were going to file for a divorce in a week. We were in love and got married. However, it was not working out any longer. We could not stand the sight of each other. My mother presented the 7 Day Prayer Miracle to me. I began to pray the prayers. Amanda’s writing brought a change in my life. My husband and I have restored our relationship. We are a happy couple now, reliving the good days of our lives together. ~ Maclin Wills

Depression and anxiety took over me. I couldn’t face anyone in life. I discontinued college. Everything around me came tumbling down. The only thing I did was surfing the internet. One day I came across Amanda’s page on Facebook. There was something unique about her. I decided to try her 7 Day Prayer Miracle. My mind was rejuvenated and I got a new hope thriving from within. My self-worth is renewed. I have decided to soar into the sky to achieve my dreams. ~ Steffi Thompson

I always wanted to have divine experiences in life. I have read many ancient books on incarnation and people who have spoken with the angels. My curiosity got hold of me when I heard of Amanda’s experience and the 7 Day Prayer Miracle. As I pray these prayers, I experience the presence of God and the angels smiling at me. This has helped me experience my desire to have the divine experience. I have received countless blessings from God through Amanda’s prayers. ~ Samantha


An ocean of abundance, heavenly wisdom, health and wealth bring heaven down to Earth for you. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle creates high vibrations in your brain, building you into a charismatic and optimistic person.

The Prayer will put you in a theta state, enabling you to become achievers and eternal inheritors of peace and joy. You will become an exceptional personality. This 7 Day Prayer Miracle will be the game changer in your life.

Supernatural things have power, which still shows definite results. You are welcome to walk into a notable journey with heavenly experiences.

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