Wolff: ‘Newser’ on Threshold of Breaking Even

Media critic and Newser founder Michael Wolff informed Fast Company‘s founder Alan Webber that Newser is on the “threshold of break even” and that the Web site could “probably get to break even the next couple of months if [Newser] cuts [its] costs more” at the We Media conference in Miami this week.

During their session, he also offered his take on “some of the biggest names in media today,” “pulling no punches” in WebNewser‘s opinion with quips such as:

  • Rupert Murdoch: I think Rupert has gone off the reservation. I think he’s raging against the darkness. All of the Murdoch kids are really smart, really talented and they really wish their father would go home.
  • The Sulzbergers: Just the stupidest people who have ever walked the earth. They are not just hopeless, but hapless. The people who run [The New York Times Company] are ill-equipped to do it.